" Japanese executives undergo Internship @ Palle Srujana "


Palle Srujana organizes internships with a view to highlight the grassroots creativity by showcasing the grassroots innovations and innovators. Since 2014, Executive internees are participating in this internship programme. The programme contains a visit to Innovation Diffusion Centre (IDC) at Palle Srujana premises and a visit to one grassroots innovators in their respective villages. At the village, grassroots innovator will explain the genesis of the innovation, interact with the villagers, and assemble one innovation. Often, the assembled innovation is purchased by the Internee and is gifted to the local deserving person as advised by Palle Srujana. Innovator gets due honorarium.


We seek their impressions of the Internship. We found their views very interesting. Kindly enjoy the Japanese perspective on our grassroots creativity.


S.No. Name Company Name Impressions
1 Tamura San  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.Ltd (MHI)
2 Kamei San  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.Ltd (MHI)
3 Tanigaki San  TokyoKaijou  (TK_GRP1)
4 Tanji San TokyoKaijou  (TK_GRP1)
5 Kakurai San TokyoKaijou  (TK_GRP1)
6 Nagasaka San TokyoKaijou  (TK_GRP2)
7 Wakamastu San TokyoKaijou  (TK_GRP2)
8 Iwase San TokyoKaijou  (TK_GRP2)
9 Dustin  Nitto Denko Coorporation (NDC_GRP1)
10 Ishihara San Nitto Denko Coorporation (NDC_GRP1)
11 Heo San Nitto Denko Coorporation (NDC_GRP2)
12 Yamamoto San Nitto Denko Coorporation (NDC_GRP2)
13 Ichii San Hitachi Solutions Limited (HSL)
14 Shoyta Nakadai San Hitachi Solutions Limited (HSL)
15 Okatomoto San  Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC_GRP1)
16 Yamada San Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC_GRP1)
17 Katsu San Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC_GRP1)
18 Itou San Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC_GRP1)
19 Sanada San Hitachi Ltd, Urban planning and Development System (HHL)
20 Mizutani San Nitto Denko Coorporation (NDC_GRP3)
21 Harada San Hitachi Kokusai Electric Coorporation (HKE)
22 Kondo San Hitachi High Technologies Coorporation(HHT)
23 Kiyofuji San Meji Yasuda Life Insurance (MYL)
24 Araki San Nitto Denko Coorporation (NDC_GRP4)
25 Ogawa San Nitto Denko Coorporation (NDC_GRP4)
26 Ando San Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK)
27 Ikemizu San Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC)
28 Houkitha San Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC_GRP2)
29 Tsuchiya San Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC)
30 Kimura San Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC_GRP2)