" Impressions of Executive Interns from Japan @ Palle Srujana "

Itou San, Yokogawa Electronic Coorporation (YEC_GRP1)


Dear Mr. Ganesham Pogula,
Thank you very much for yesterday's meeting with us. That was very impressed me. I reminded the importance of someone's happiness. I forgot the purpose of production at all. Your activities made me aware.

And in the meeting with an innovator, Mr. Mallesham, I found his spirit and kindness for someone's happiness. Please keep these activities until there are no problems in all villages.
I hope everything is going well for you. The best of health to you.
Akihiko Ito
Yokogawa Meter & Instruments Corporation
General Purpose T&M PMK Gr. Marketing Dept.
2-9-32 Nakacho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180-8750 Japan
Phone:81-422-52-3433   Facsimile:81-422-52-5609


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