We the members of “PalleSrujana” sangham resolved to pursue the following immediate objectives:

  • Scouting to spread to all the districts of  Andhra Pradesh and Telanganaespecially to remote areas

  • Involve students, teachers/ faculty of schools and colleges in scouting

  • Build a strong team of volunteers in each district. At least one per Mandal.   Both the Telugu states have over 1200 Mandals.

  • Pursue NIF for awards, patents, validation, Fund support and commercialization of scouted innovations from Telugu states.
  • Leverage local resources for incubation and commercialization

  • Involve Academia, Private organizations, DRDO and other scientific Research Institutions for validation and advice on innovations and Traditional knowledge

  • Use CSR for seeking help of Industry in whatever the way the innovations could be promoted

  • Interact with CII, MSME and NABARD for their support in nurturing grassroots innovations.

  • Organize ChinnaShodhaYatras each quarter.

  • Participate in farmer exhibitions all over the state by displaying grassroots innovations.

  • Pursue and propagate Gyanshodh – A social Internship to all the students of colleges as a new initiative for creating awareness in them regarding rural knowledge and creativity

  •  Build a strong and synergistic network with Govt, Non- Govt, private, individuals, and villagers for influencing the policy and implementation towards sustainable development.

  • Specifically, interact actively with TSIC, T Works, AP Innovation Society, TSCHE and APCHE for pursuing the aforesaid objectives with the System support.

  • Make PalleSrujana a household magazine across the state and for all Telugu speaking population including those who live abroad

  • Evolve synergy by cooperating with other Voluntary and NGOs operating in the rural, agriculture, women, children and sustainability of environment