Reflections of Volunteers


Palle Srujana expects volunteers to choose the task they want to do, how to do, when to do, where to do, time lines etc.

Some of the tasks we offer are:


  • Visit Palle Srujana and meet the coordinators.

  • Look at website and suggest improvements.

  • Update the innovator database.

  • Write stories of innovators, take videos, pix etc for entrepreneurs, investors and customers.

  • Nominate the innovators for various awards Nationally and Internationally.

  • Scout the innovators in villages by regularly going through the district supplements of Telugu news papers such as "EENADU", "SAKSHI", "ANDHRA JYOTHI". "VARTA".Connect them to Palle Srujana.

  • Visit schools and motivate them to participate in IGNITE annual innovation competition.

  • Visit Innovators and write your views.

  • Participate in Chinna Shodha yatra.

  • Link Palle Srujana with farmers, colleges, entrepreneurs etc.

  • Subscribe for Palle Srujana magazine.

  • Obtain subscriptions for all villages of your district.

  • Please write to us or talk to us to know more about the above and also more tasks for volunteering.


Brig P Ganesham,VSM


What can you do ? 

Voluntarism is a matter of both; the choice and chance

Palle Srujana welcomes you to contribute your skills, talent, and experience through wide range of opportunities in identifying, aiding, promoting and supporting grass-root innovators in Andhra Pradesh. If you are somebody who is passionate about creativity and innovation; and willing to support the idea of entrepreneurship by making a difference through your contribution; if you are a person who would like to leverage your knowledge for growth of society, then we welcome you to be a part of Palle Srujana's initiatives.

We are looking for enthusiastic people to become volunteers of Palle Srujana. You could be:

         An individual who can contribute his/ her time in promoting Palle Srujana and its activities.

         An individual who would like to maintain a social, ecological connect with society.

         An organization which desires to employ its CSR resources in a more meaningful and impact based activity.

         An Institution which aspires to involve itself in building a sustainable world.

         A student who would love to get a real-time experience in working with innovations

         A student who would love to get involved in a developing a world-class enterprise.

         A student who would love to work with innovators,

         A faculty member in an educational institute who is passionate about innovation,

         A facilitator/ student counsellor who loves to work for/ with grass-root innovators,

         A professional who wants to bring to fore experience and wisdom to guide grass-root innovators and entrepreneurs in their growth,

         An employee who can spare part of your free time for a social change,

         An academic coordinator who would like aid and promote students in our academic activities,

         A technology expert who can put his/ her experience in use to support and aid grass-root innovators to improve/ enhance their innovations.

         An entrepreneur who would like to use his/ her experience in marketing, scaling, and developing the innovations to marketable products.

We expect Palle Srujana volunteers to enjoy in helping others to succeed

 If you think you are likely to share the ethos that Palle Srujana aspires to build and promote, then please get in touch with us. Put an email to :


Or call us on +91 8297179535/ +91 040 27111959

Our current requirements

Currently, we are looking forward for volunteers to join hands in the following activities:

         Identify and admire grass-roots innovators in Andhra Pradesh:

▪    Identifying innovators around us,

▪    Admiring their innovations through recognition and promotion,

▪    Documenting their innovations,

▪    Connect Palle Srujana and grass-roots innovators.

▪    Palle Srujana conducts several programs and initiations to promote and aid grass-roots innovators. We need volunteers to support us in planning and organizing such events.  

         Provide linkages, and promote Ignite and Techpedia:

▪    Identifying individuals/ programs/ organizations that work on goals similar to those of Palle Srujana.

▪    Provide linkages to such organizations with Palle Srujana.

▪    Promoting NIF and HoneyBee Network activities.   

         Participate and promote Chinna Sodha Yatra:

▪     Participate in Chinna Sodha Yatras

▪     Documenting the Yatra findings and experiences

▪     Maintaining relationships with other yatri's and personnel involved. 

         Forming and maintaining Student Clubs for Augmenting Innovations (SCAI)/Palle Srujana Clubs

▪     Forming student clubs to promote innovation in students

▪     Promote and support grass-roots innovations

▪     Connect student clubs with Palle Srujana 

         Engineering and Documentations of innovations

▪     Document the innovations, so that everybody can understand and communicate with ease.

▪     Provide assistance in engineering and technology developments on innovations. 

         Building Student Project Bank (SPB)

▪    Students/ individuals interested in working on innovative ideas as their personal or academic   projects.

▪    Maintaining and promoting Student Project Bank.  

         Supporting and aiding in promotion of CSR activities for grass-roots innovations

▪    Identifying companies/ industries interested in promoting their CSR activities towards development of grass-roots innovations.

▪    Promote Palle Srujana and grass-roots innovators innovations and activities to reach the corporate segment.

▪    Building relationships with corporate segment that can aid and promote Innovators. 

         Assisting at any stage of the value chain of innovations

▪    Providing assistance to Palle Srujana innovators in designing, validation of their innovations, building prototypes, developing a viable business plan, and marketing, mentoring and other entrepreneurial activities.  

         Translation of documents/ innovations

▪    Translation of innovations from Nationwide HoneyBee Network database into Telugu.

▪    Translation of documents in Palle Srujana Magazine into English.  

         Promote innovation based entrepreneurship by students

▪     Supporting and promoting innovations by students

▪     Promoting entrepreneurial activities by students.

▪     Mentoring students in technology and entrepreneurship

▪     Aiding and supporting sustainable farm based technologies and enterprises.

Palle Srujana is not restricted to above mentioned initiations, we also welcome enthusiastic people to become a part of our organization and can aid in any areas they are interested. We are always open to hear your opinion and evolve new initiatives. Please let us know through an email to  President@pallesrujana.org or by Phone to  (+91) 8297179535 or (+91) 040 27111959, or visit our Palle Srujana office (122, Vayupuri, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, AP.) at your convenience.

Brig P Ganesham,VSM