" Impressions of Executive Interns from Japan @ Palle Srujana "

Harada San, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Coorporation (HKE)

Dear Ganesham-san,

Good afternoon.
I'm Manabu Harada, working for Hitachi Kokusai Electric.inc

Thank you for the invitation and introducing the creative activities of Palle Srujana.

Actually, I didn't expect such a high-technology machine (e.g. mini tiller, asu machine).
These machines have shocked me and I want to apologize to India!!
Because, till now, I thought Indian people don't posses enough technical skills and few people have knowledge of products.

I will also report to my boss and CEO about Palle Srujana activities and the technology of India (I have to report them about my activities in India) .

If grassroots innovators want to do business, and grow their company, I think Operation Procedure and QC process charts would be helpful to them.
The Operation Procedure is an instruction document that makes possible to manufacture products uniformly.
The QC process chart is a check sheet for quality and it makes possible to manufacture good quality products.

These documents are used by major companies (e.g.TOYOTA,HONDA). So these documents may be unsuitable for the grassroots innovators but I hope they will be useful for them if they want to undertake large scale production...

You can research about these kind of things on internet, For your reference,
I am including two sample links below.


Best Regards

Manabu Harada

Hitachi Kokusai Electric.inc


Response of Palle Srujana

Dear Harada san

Greetings from Palle Srujana.

We are delighted to see your honest views on grassroots innovations from India. A perspective from a foreign country is very valuable. We appreciate your time and effort to comprehend the significance of grassroots innovations to the society.


I appreciate your suggestions on process and QC procedure. We are aware of it. I personally used them extensively when we made missiles and Torpedoes for the Defence forces of India for over 3 years. As you observed rightly, we may not import them in toto for grassroots innovations, but utilize the principle behind them without increasing cost and affecting affordability. It is also important to remember that standardization does not always deliver best results. Nature is customized and a person is part of nature. Effectiveness of a standardized device varies from person to person. Such is the characteristic of nature and when we make devices for farming, we are actually dealing with soil, moisture, people - all are part of nature. Hence standardization has a flip side and we need to notice it. Yes standardization makes mass manufacturing easy, but that is the direct benefit to the corporate. We cannot be one sided when we make goods for people. 


Thanks for your assurance of sharing your thoughts on grassroots innovations with your colleagues and bosses. As I mentioned to you, we are seriously looking for corporate to step in to manufacture and market thousands of grassroots innovations developed by our people after suitable reengineering. We are open to any suggestions in this regard.


It was wonderful interacting with you. We wish you the best in the years to come.


Brig P Ganesham, VSM (Retd)
Founder President, Palle Srujana


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