" Impressions of Executive Interns from Japan @ Palle Srujana "

Kondo San, Hitachi High Technologies Coorporation(HHT)

Dear Brigadier P. Ganesham,

Thank you very much for making time in your busy schedule.

Because of a lack of English skill, I couldn’t say or ask something a lot, but I was so surprised, amazed and impressed.
All what I saw in your office was not only very useful but also made from low cost material.
So I felt that these must be results of many trials and errors.

After visiting your office, we went on to see one of grass innovations, called as Laxmi asu machine which is used by villagers to make sarees.

In a village, I tried manual asu process by hands.
I felt that it was a physically and mentally hard operation.
I had to move a hand a long distance, keep counting the number of times a thread is wound around the same stick, remember which stick is wound around and keep the string tension.

Since actually I’ve experienced, I could know that “pain”.
Therefore I could understand the wonderfulness of innovator of Laxmi asu machine
And there must be a lot of pains in similar villages.
Then I re-recognized the importance of the activity of Palle Srujana.

After I’ll return to my company in Japan, I’ll introduce about Palle Srujana and innovations to my company in activity report.

Best regards,
Kazuya Kondo

Kazuya Kondo
System Engineer
Finalcial Information System Division
Hitachi Ltd.


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