Shodha Yatra

Shodha Yatra is a pilgrimage to the forgotten temples of Knowledge. We believe that the villages and villagers are highly knowledgeable and qwto understand their expertise in living in harmony with the ever changing nature is the mission of Shodha Yatra. We walk for 2-3 days and interact with the nature and the people live in the VILLAGES. Palle Srujana organizes Chinna Shodha Yatra in Andhra Pradesh. The inspiration for Chinna Shodha Yatra came from National Innovation Foundation (NIF). Please visit, for details on Shodha Yatra.

First Chinna Shodha Yatra  was held in April- May 2011 in Duggondi Mandal of Dist Warangal. 23 students from NITW, MRIM and others participated. The feedback indicated that the objectives were fully achieved. 

Second Chinna Shodha Yatra was organized during 18-20 November 2011 in Kothaguda Mandal of Warangal Dist from the historic Pakhal Cheruvu (Reservoir) constructed by the Rulers of KAKATIYA Dynasty, 800 years back for irrigation purposes to Gangaram through tribal belt and reserve Forest.

Third Chinna Shodha Yatra was organized during 24- 26 February 2012 in Achampet Mandal of Mahbubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh from Achampet to Bakaram village.

Fourth Chinna Shodha Yatra was organized during 15-17 June 2012 in Chintur mandal, Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh. from Achampet to Bakaram village Chintur to Motugudem. 

Fifth Chinna Shodhaa Yatra was organized in Dist Karimnagar from Kataram to Mahadevpur during 02-04 November 2012. 32 participants explored the agri-belt and forests besides enjoying the flooded rivers and rivulets. Bath in the mighty Godavari River was the highlight of the yatra. Walking more than half the route in mud was a great experience. Interaction with people mostly farmers was unique.

Sixth Chinna Shodhaa Yatra was held in Adilabad district mostly in Tribal belt. During March 1-3, 2013 the yatra journeyed from DhannuraB to Indravalli. Age group ranged from 65- 16 years. Great interaction between the participants besides learning from the nature and people. 36 participants spent very useful three days interacting extensively with women, children, farmers and elders. Our local anchor Mr Manohar was the highlight of the yatra who walked with us all three days and made the yatra meaningful.

Seventh Chinna Shodhaa Yatra was conducted from Palakonda to Veeraghattam villages of Srikakulam District during 21st – 23rd June, 2013. 26 participants walked through a scenic green hills for a distance of about 52 km. Yatries were composed from different fields – social entrepreneurs, civil a service aspirant, students, lawyer, innovator, entrepreneur gurus, practicing engineers, IT guys–both working and retired, an artist and an architect.

Eighth Chinna Shodhaa Yatra was held from 27-29 September 2013 from SriKalahasti to Kotha kandriga in Chittoor District. 34 participants actively involved in the yatra and walked 51 kms. Few foreigners also participated in this yatra and shared their experiences as memorable and meaningful.

Ninth Chinna Shodhaa yatra went through the remote areas of Medak District from Nizampet to Narayankhed for 52 Kms. 26 Participants with an age bracket of 20-74 years participated. Two young guests from South Korea and Japan were also actively interacted with yatris and villagers. Local spontaneous support and overwhelming hospitality was the highlight of the yatra.


Tenth Chinna Shodha Yatra was held from Feb 28-Mar 2 2014 from Rajapet to Aleru in Nalgonda District. 30 yatris participated in the 50 km walk culminating in the residence of Innovator Mallesham.


Eleventh Chinna Shodha Yatra was held during May 9-11, 2014 Atmakur to Kapileshwaram, Kurnool District, About 20 yatris participated in the 50 km walk. For the first time, we’ve found innovators in the yatra.


Twelth Chinna Shodha yatra was conducted in District Rangareddy from Ibrahimpatnam to Mall during 20-22 June 2014. 18 Yatris from various parts of India and one from US participated. Innovations such as Solar sprayer and coconut climber were demonstrated live by the volunteers. The distance covered was 52 Kms and the area was very scenic with hills, lot of greenery, and valleys.


Thirteenth Chinna Shodha yatra had seen a lot of rain and yatris enjoyed walking in the rain for almost 4-5 hours at a stretch. The scenic Nizamabad district area from Varni to Tadakapally enthralled the participants with hidden treasures of knowledge and amazing people. It was conducted during 5-7 September 2014. 25 yatris including two from US participated.


Fourteenth Chinna Shodha Yatra - 24 participants went through an exciting route from Ulavapalla to Racharlapadu in Nellore Dist from 26-28 December. Shodha yatries had the privilege of seeing the process of salt making from ocean water. They visited astonishing "Child Ashram" on the last day and were moved by the pioneering work done for the rejected children of the society. In all the walk was 55 Kms long.


Fifteenth Chinna Shodha yatra was conducted from Parvathipuram to Sambara during December 26-28, 2015 in Dist Vizianagaram. 24 participants walked 52 Kms and interacted with the people of that region.


Sixteenth ChinnaShodhaYatrawas conducted from Sunnampadu to Ramanayyapeta in East Godavari Dist.  The area was scenic and nature was in great display. 36 participants interacted with people from 12 villages during the three day walk from 25 to 27 September 2015. The area and the people offered immense knowledge to the shodhayatris during the walk of over 55 kilometers.


Seventeenth Chinna Shodha Yatra - 46 participants walked 52 Kms from Kannapuram to Kondrukota from 8-10 January 2016. The route was through the Sanctuary and the yatries had experienced walking through thick forest and solitary spaces. Majority of the area we walked would be in the waters of Polavaram reservoir. It was an unique experience for the yatries to interact and learn learn the difficulties these people wface in their rehabilitation.


Eighteenth Chinna Shodha yatra was conducted in swelterng heat during month of April 2016 in a valley of Prakasam District. The yatra started from Cumbam and reached Gannepally after three days. Over 22 participants interacted with people from 18 villages and enjoyed the hot and cold days in the region. Hospitality of the people stole the hearts of the yatries.


Nineteenth Chinna Shodha Yatra was held in June 2016 from V.N Palle to Gangireddi Palle in Kadapa dist of Andhra Pradesh. 36 participants walked 55 kms and enjoyed the hospitality of the locals, interacted with villagers to learn and share the grassroots knowledge and enjoyed the nature found during the route. Children creativity was documented by the yatries. Interaction with women in the villages was very meaningful. Three scientists from CSIR also walked in this yatra.


Twentieth Chinna Shodha Yatra - over 45 participants got together on 24 September at RDT premises in Atmakur, Dist Ananthapur. Next 3 days upto 25 September, yatries walked over 50 kms starting from Hanimireddypalli and concluded at kambalapalli. This was a very meaningful yatra where yatries could meet innovators, herbal healers and were overwhelmed with their knowledge and hospitality. Weather was perfect for walks and green fields with mountains as an excellent backdrop. The drought prone area gave yatries an insight into the inner strength of the people to survive and live in harmony with nature.

21 Chinna Shodhaa yatra Guntur district around Repalle offered a serene, cool and green ambience for the 21st Chinna Shodha Yatra. 36 Participants including 4 women, 6 boys and 4 faculty from local ITI,Kolluru walked for around 52 Kms from 9-11 December 2016. MCA, Repalle provided valuable local assistance led by Dr Prakash rao. Yatries could meet innovators, herbal healers, farmers, and local business people and interacted with them to learn the conditions, perspectives, traditional systems and the modernisation. Weather was perfect host and also the highly creative children who kept us spell bound by their innovations. Hospitality, openness to learn and collaborate, willing to experiment, care and concern for the people and nature are in abundance in this route we walked from Repalle- Bhattiprolu- Palle Kuna- Repalle. A meaningful and satisfying journey in search of knowledge."



Twenty Second Chinna Shodha Yatra - Twenty SecondChinnaShodhaYatrawas planned to be in the forest region of northern Warangal dist. 42 of us spent more time with trees, bushes and birds than with people. Lunch on a hill overlooking JampannaVagu curving through the reserve forest skirting hills and the discussion followed were exciting and inspirational. Interaction with school children and children was thoroughly enjoyed by yatries. Passed through the very popular shrine and Mela location "SammakkaSarakkajatara"  and interacted with moolikavaidyulu. As the Yatries walked over 50 Kms, there was a great exchange of knowledge with Nature and people.  Many questions regarding the human behaviour towards the nature were raised and some found answers and some were left unanswered. Nature in its pure and gigantic form presented to the Yatries during this Yatra remains the most memorable experience.  

Twenty Third Chinna Shodha Yatra From Nirmal to Khanapur in Nirmal District of Telangana, 22 yatries walked over 52 Kms for three days. This Yatra was unique in the sense that each day we met one innovator and one old person above 90 years. Yatries learned from them with excitement and also were stunned to note the quality and depth of the knowledge these people possessed. Interaction with the young farmer Prabhakar was one of the highlights of the yatra. 

Twenty fourth Chinna Shodha Yatra -26 Yatris  joined this yatra which commenced from Zaheerabad to  Basanthpur in Sangareddy District, Telangana. Experiences during yatra were amazing as the journey included visiting “Aranya” – a permaculture Institution, Meeting Smt Tuljamma - a simple but extremely helpful to the society, Konda reddy a septugenerain who walked faster than all the yatris and shared amazing anecdotes of his times. Yatrisalso visited DDS – a four decade old organization dedicated to preserve and promote local seeds and millets for farming and consumption. We found few innovators too and  documented the knowledge of herbal healers. Interaction with children was least due to School holidays. 


Twenty Fifth ChinnaShodhaYatraThis was a unique yatra for many reasons. Firstly, 46 participants with 11 women/girls was a record for all yatras. It had two youngest YatriesRudra and Nilaya in their fifteenth year. The yatra also saw very low temperatures upto 4 degrees centigrade at Lambasingi on the second day night. The group walked 58 Kms and passed through some very remote, pristine and with simple people inhabiting the place. Every yatri was excited to walk and learn through interaction with people and witnessing the nature and love of the locals. We had some amazing moments when a dog - nick named CSY followed us for 16 kms on the last day.


Twenty Sixth ChinnaShodhaYatra- 46 yatries from various walks of life and of all ages with a dozen girls and ladies started the yatra from Nagayalanka in krishnadist from the banks of River Krishna. Three days walk uptoHamslaDeevi included visiting over dozen villages, interaction with students in 3 schools, crossing River Krishna twice ona ferry with many vehicles and people, spending a night on an island, walking in the moonlight on KARAKATTA which runs parallel to the Bay of Bengal, visiting SorlaGundi village which lost over 600 people in two hours during 1977 cyclone. Finality was when yatries immersed themselves  in the sea at Hamsaladeevi on the last day before the yatries bid farewell to each other. Interaction with women was very significant and the life of fishermen was the focus of the yatra. Walking through mangroves was an experience having understood how they help people living in its to proximity.


Twenty Seventh ChinnaShodhaYatra- 34 yatries walked over 58 Kms in Nagar Kurnool dist starting from Peddakothapalli to Somasila. They interacted with school children, farmers and women. We met a farmer in the village who expressed his anguish at the unviability of farming due to high input costs and low price for farm produce. A women shared how happy she is being in the village as everyone knows everyone and care for each other.  Somasila - a scenic place located on the back waters of Krishna from Srisailam Dam was the best place for culmination of Yatra.


28th ChinnaShodhaYatra
36 Yatries gathered at Valivetivaripalem in a Brick making farm ten kms away from Ongole, the district capital of Prakasam Dist. An unlearning session in the morning brought us together for the first time. Next three days journey followed was a memorable as the nature and people opened their arms to extend hospitality, share their knowledge, displayed their skills, described the pains underlying the livelihood practices, humbly convey the apathy of the system and formal people. Women, men, children and elders were very kind to us all through the Yatra. Night halts on the side of the river and in Temple were the most peaceful. Small hotels provided the best and tastiest food at unbelievably low cost.  All through we could see the emphasis was on people - their happiness and wellbeing. Yatries learnt about brick making, river fish catching, sea fish catching, crab catch and their process before sale, farming in sandy soils etcduring the Yatra interacting with fishermen, farmers and brick makers. We met elders above 90 years and took their blessings and listened to their life stories. This Yatra also saw 5 inmates from local Orphanage "Bommarillu" participating very actively and gave all of us tremendous joy and an intellectual company.


29thChinnaShodhaYatra: 34Yatries collected at the Innovator ShanmukhaRao’s house in Kambalapally village on the morning 21 December 2018. The journey began with an intense interaction with students of local school. Yatra went through a fairly cultivated area, beautiful hills and river beds, mostly through Pakhal reserve forest. Another innovator S Babu interacted with yatries and described his simple but very useful innovation. Enroute,yatries met many young farmers, which is rare nowadays, shepherds, school students, women and teachers. Visit to Bheemunipadamwas a bit disappointment as the expected water fall  was missing. Walk in the pure moonlight was bliss for all. Silent walk and walk through dark nights in unknown villages with utmost safety and security made all of us feel that villages by default are safer than over protected urban areas. A 48 Km walk was worth it.


30th ChinnaShodhaYatra: The coastal district of Srikakualam was in the news lately for not so good reason. Cyclone Hudhud caused substantial damage to the age old coconut and cashew trees and took away the livelihood from thousands of farmers in the coastal region of the district.  The route we took was closer to the cyclone affected area. People appeared to have overcome the loss and resumed their lives as usual. Ponduru , the starting point of the Yatra is famous for Khadi and in the last century, majority of politicians wore kurtas made of Ponduru khaddar visit started from a weaver's house and ended at Naira north east. We had the privilege of crossing the flowing rivers Nagavali and Vamsha dhara. Yatries bathed in the river and overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. Villages were clean and the plastics are seen less. To our surprise we found no liquor or meat shops in villages, though towns still house them. Young men and women have migrated to cities mostly Hyderabad leaving the seniors and elderly to cultivate the lands and hold on to the village property. In this region only one crop is possible due to rain fed irrigation and mostly Seasame, Minimulu (Urd), maize besides paddy are grown . People are very jovial and their unintended sarcasm in normal conversation is something to experience. Most of the villages depend on ground water tough bore wells for drinking and irrigation. Schools have newly constructed compounds and each village has a modern cremation ground besides a waste recycling unit. These were constructed by the Govt using NRI funds.  Purchasing power of people in this region is high and generally found them happier and healthier. Local hospitality was overwhelming.  


31st Chinna Shodha yatra :Area we walked was adjacent to the Nallamala Forest and  Mahanandi with its perennial water flow irrigates many acres of this region. Locals are fortunate to have KC canal in the  region providing irrigation to large farm lands. 39 yatries from various parts of the Country participated in this yatra organized in the hinterland of Kurnool dist.  The major crop is Paddy and the soil is mostly black cotton. Animals are few and farmers depend upon tractors and harvesters for cultivation. While the advantage of mechanization is evident, hidden losses caused by engaging heavy automation even for small holdings.  One unique feature which disturbed all the yatries was almost total absence of trees beyond village periphery. Our walk was painful as no shade was available and this is the  first experience for us among all the yatras so far. 


32nd ChinnaShodhaYatra - We found it a blessing to see the entire route fully green with crops, water flowing streams, slushy path, hills and valleys, walk in dense forests in rain and under the starry light in the night amazing children with bubbling energy and simple and creative people in the villages. In Pocharam we met a farmer innovator - Pichaiah who not only shared his innovation but also made a new one and presented to us for display in other villages. How simple can an innovation be? 36 Yatries walked with spring in their feet, enjoying the surrounding nature as blessing, engaging with villagers, children and the co-yatries.  The walk was a bliss with nature providing us amazing experiences every hour, every day and all days. Good thing about the region is that there is plenty of work in the villages and hence migration appears to be least.


33 ChinnaShodhaYatra : This was by far the yatra with maximum participants. 62 Yatries from the age 8 to 70 was the enthusiastic group which walked from RamachnadraPuram to Gangudupalli in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. Junprecourney passed through small villages, vast fields, hills and streams, sometime empty canals. The nature was astounding with its diversity and variety. Yatries met, Sheppards, potters, farmers, women and children who shared their knowledge and  creativity with unprecedented care and affection. Our big size was never a problem for them. Hospitality was its peak and all yatries were totally impressed by the villagers’ friendliness to invite us, talk to us and share what they have on their own to unknown people. Three days and nights were full of life, activity, energy and knowledge. Participants shared their mazing observations with all others every night and let all know what each one had learnt. This has been a second yatra in Chittor district and surely remains memorable.


34th ChinnaShodhaYatra– Yatra started from Bhupalpally with an interesting interaction with the collector of the district. Yatries almost 60 in number had a great diversity in terms of age, education, professions and perspectives. Youngest was a girl 7 years and the oldest was of course 70 years old Brigadier. Together, yatries travelled through thick forests, valleys, green hills, crossed streams and walked alongside the green fields. Rains come suddenly and lift the spirits of those who felt tired of walking and none goes to hide from rain. Bright Sunshine follows and each yatri enjoys the bliss of nature all the three days. Silent walk in the night taught all yatries something unique. People were friendly and they looked content with what they have. Nature has been very generous to them in terms of plentiful flora and fauna besides Godavari river flowing through the district. Yatries found a young innovator and also few eminent herbal healers.
Yatries interacted with women, elders and children besides farmers in over a dozen villages.  This being the biggest group in any yatra, our apprehensions of logistic hiccups did not happen as each yatri contributed and cooperated extremely well.


35thChinnaShodhaYatra : About 60 kms of walk through reserved forest filled with hills, valleys, dense forests and small inhabitations of tribes was witnessed by the 41 Yaries of participated in 35thChinnaShodhaYatra. It started on the Christmas Day  and continued till 27 Dec. Yatra commenced at Bayyaram and ended at Gangaram of Mahabubabaddist of Telangana. Seven women yatries comprising of students, scientist, professors and social activist were part of the group and brought the women perspective into the discussions very effectively.  Yatries could meet an innovator, a child prodigy who makes amazing models, few herbal healers and agrand old man “Papaiah – over 85 years” who blessed the yatries with his knowledge, and experiences of his long life. Despite the pandemic, villagers welcomed us with warmth and shared their aspirations and hurdles to achieve them. Village sarpanches were very cordial and organized the interaction of Yatries with villagers. Moonlight made ournight walks highly pleasant and memorable. Various discussions among the yatries added value to the overall outcome of the yatra. Another memorable three days spent in the lap of nature, and most hospitable people.


36th Chinna Shodha Yatra

35 participants comprised of children of age 7 and 9 years. It was unique in this context. The route was a mix of hills, valleys, streams and plains. Plenty of horticulture farms, and  organic farms. Interacted with permaculture, organic farmers who are seriously practicing their beliefs and took pains to explain their philosophy. A great deal of interest generated in the yatries while interacting with these practitioners. Visit to few villages was beneficial and interacted with few elders above 90 years and  took their blessings. Visit to schools was exciting  as the children not only enjoyed the innovation display but expressed many creative solutions to the problems they found around them. Scientists who participated in the yatra shared their experiments and enlightened the yatries.


37th Chinna Shodha Yatra

Nalgonda district offered a soothing weather all the three days. 33 yatries with the support of loal volunteers have visited villages, thandas, Krishna river and concluded at Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. 18 Gates of the Dam were opened at the time of the conclusion of the yatra. Yatries visited a rice mill, talked to the migrant labour and comprehended the nuances of making paddy into rice of different varieties. Interacted with elders nearing hundred years and sought their blessings and knowledge. Witnessing the Tribal festival being celebrated in tandas was the highlight of the yatra. Villagers have shown a lot of interest in the innovations displayed by the yatries. Interacted with three innovators enroute and impressed by their passion to solve the problems of locals by their creativity. Few Tandas have stones in their fields and Palle Srujana offered a simple machine to remove the stones from the field. The variety a as you do always fir the CSY. nd diversity of people and nature made the yatra learnings very rich.