30th Chinna Shodha Yatra


The coastal district of Srikakualam was in the news lately for not so good reason. Cyclone Hudhud caused substantial damage to the age old coconut and cashew trees and took away the livelihood from thousands of farmers in the coastal region of the district.  The route we took was closer to the cyclone affected area. People appeared to have overcome the loss and resumed their lives as usual. Ponduru , the starting point of the Yatra is famous for Khadi and in the last century, majority of politicians wore kurtas made of Ponduru khaddar visit started from a weaver's house and ended at Naira north east. We had the privilege of crossing the flowing rivers Nagavali and Vamsha dhara. Yatries bathed in the river and overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. Villages were clean and the plastics are seen less. To our surprise we found no liquor or meat shops in villages, though towns still house them. Young men and women have migrated to cities mostly Hyderabad leaving the seniors and elderly to cultivate the lands and hold on to the village property. In this region only one crop is possible due to rain fed irrigation and mostly Seasame, Minimulu (Urd), maize besides paddy are grown . People are very jovial and their unintended sarcasm in normal conversation is something to experience. Most of the villages depend on ground water tough bore wells for drinking and irrigation. Schools have newly constructed compounds and each village has a modern cremation ground besides a waste recycling unit. These were constructed by the Govt using NRI funds.  Purchasing power of people in this region is high and generally found them happier and healthier. Local hospitality was overwhelming.  

- - -

Day 1 - 19/04/19,  Friday
9.30 : Introduction of yatries. 
10.15: walk started at System College Ponduru. 
11.15 : Interaction with Aasri babu the Weaver. (Khadi)  and his felicitation
12.15 : Story about Abdul Jammel Innovation (Guntur)  at Ponduru railway station. 
13..00 : visit to Brick making kiln at Thungapeta. 
13.20: Ms Duba Raju Innovation story. 
13.40: Lunch at Thungapeta Govt school. 
14.50: Interaction with villagers at Gorinta. 
15.15: Innovator Baburao interaction with villagers about his innovations. 
16.20: Babu rao Interacting with yatries about his Innovations. 
17.50: Shiva kumar weaver, Innovation story. 
18.30: Rajendra prasad Innovation story. 
19.30: Why some yatries return to CSY? Impressions of old yatries at Valtheru. 
20.10: Raju scout Innovation story. 
20.30: Dinner in a village home 
21.30 : Impressions of the day  at Zilla Parishat school,  Valther. 
Day 2 - 20/04/19, Saturday
7:30 Display of innovations at Valther.
8:30 Breakfast 
8:40 walk started. 
9:00 Walk in the Nagavalli river. 
9:10 Discussion about helping the farmers in marketing at River side. 
10:15 Discussion on Postivity on Crack ( source of light) 
10:20 Sritailam Innovation Story. ( clean plant) 
10:30 Discussion about Nematodes. 
11:30 Tea break at Kothavalsa. 
12:30 Gobar gas formation discussion at Vedulavalsa. 
13:00 Discussion about sheep reproduction and Income with shepards and their felicitation. 
14:00 Lunch at Bobbilipeta. 
14:40 Hyacinth ,Narshima Innovation story. 
15: 20 Sheshgiri Rao Innovation story (Dish washer) from Anakapalli. 
16.15 Interaction with school children at Zilla Parishath School, Aakkulapeta. 
17:40 Panduranga Rao Innovation story. (Description of pain is definition of the problem) 
18:15 Tea break at Konagam. 

20:15 Silent walk at Palavalasa
20:45 Silent walk Impressions. 
22:00 Dinner at Purushothapuram Govt school. 
2230 Impressions of the day. 
Day 3 - 21/03/19, Sunday. 
6:00 Bath at Vamsadhara river. 
7:30 Breakfast at Zilla Parishath school, Purishothapuram. 
8:00 Display of Innovations at Purushothapuram and interaction with villagers. 
9:30 Interaction with 90 year old sundar rao garu. 
10:20 Mallesham Innovation Story. 
11:30 Nose filter – Bhoomiah Chary Innovation story. . 
13:40 Lunch at Ramachandrapuram primary school. 
14:20 Final Impressions of the yatra. 
16:00 Yatra concluded :)

Sodh Yatra