30th Chinna Shodha Yatra


Day 1 - 19/04/19,  Friday
9.30 : Introduction of yatries. 
10.15: walk started at System College Ponduru. 
11.15 : Interaction with Aasri babu the Weaver. (Khadi)  and his felicitation
12.15 : Story about Abdul Jammel Innovation (Guntur)  at Ponduru railway station. 
13..00 : visit to Brick making kiln at Thungapeta. 
13.20: Ms Duba Raju Innovation story. 
13.40: Lunch at Thungapeta Govt school. 
14.50: Interaction with villagers at Gorinta. 
15.15: Innovator Baburao interaction with villagers about his innovations. 
16.20: Babu rao Interacting with yatries about his Innovations. 
17.50: Shiva kumar weaver, Innovation story. 
18.30: Rajendra prasad Innovation story. 
19.30: Why some yatries return to CSY? Impressions of old yatries at Valtheru. 
20.10: Raju scout Innovation story. 
20.30: Dinner in a village home 
21.30 : Impressions of the day  at Zilla Parishat school,  Valther. 
Day 2 - 20/04/19, Saturday
7:30 Display of innovations at Valther.
8:30 Breakfast 
8:40 walk started. 
9:00 Walk in the Nagavalli river. 
9:10 Discussion about helping the farmers in marketing at River side. 
10:15 Discussion on Postivity on Crack ( source of light) 
10:20 Sritailam Innovation Story. ( clean plant) 
10:30 Discussion about Nematodes. 
11:30 Tea break at Kothavalsa. 
12:30 Gobar gas formation discussion at Vedulavalsa. 
13:00 Discussion about sheep reproduction and Income with shepards and their felicitation. 
14:00 Lunch at Bobbilipeta. 
14:40 Hyacinth ,Narshima Innovation story. 
15: 20 Sheshgiri Rao Innovation story (Dish washer) from Anakapalli. 
16.15 Interaction with school children at Zilla Parishath School, Aakkulapeta. 
17:40 Panduranga Rao Innovation story. (Description of pain is definition of the problem) 
18:15 Tea break at Konagam. 

20:15 Silent walk at Palavalasa
20:45 Silent walk Impressions. 
22:00 Dinner at Purushothapuram Govt school. 
2230 Impressions of the day. 
Day 3 - 21/03/19, Sunday. 
6:00 Bath at Vamsadhara river. 
7:30 Breakfast at Zilla Parishath school, Purishothapuram. 
8:00 Display of Innovations at Purushothapuram and interaction with villagers. 
9:30 Interaction with 90 year old sundar rao garu. 
10:20 Mallesham Innovation Story. 
11:30 Nose filter – Bhoomiah Chary Innovation story. . 
13:40 Lunch at Ramachandrapuram primary school. 
14:20 Final Impressions of the yatra. 
16:00 Yatra concluded :)

Sodh Yatra