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Events done for the year 2017

May 2017 Events
01 May  - Honeybee network meeting at Ahmedabad
03 May  - Demonstration of wind mill at NAARM
03 May  - Interaction with Chinna shodha yatries at Palle Srujana
04 May  - Route Finalization for 23 China Shodha yatra
05 May  - Visit Innovators in karimnagar dist
06 May  - Meeting with Subrahmanya raju garu from Agriinfoindia
09 May  - Visit KVK, Jammikunta
11-18 May  - 39th Shodha yatra in Odisha
19 May  - Presentation of two NIF Internees ex IIMs
19 May  - Core group meeting
23 May - Presentation by NIF Internees
23 May - Interaction with a group of mentors from Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust
23 May - Visit of J2iC team
20-23   - Science Express​ @ Kothavalasa 
24   - Innovators from Sattenapalli visiting Palle Srujana  
24-26   - Science Express​ @ Gudivada  
27-30 May  - Visit Science Express - Miryalaguda
28 May  - Interaction with 400 Teachers of Telangana at SCERT, Hyderabad on Children Innovation
29 May  - Meeting with NSDC at CIPS, ASCI
30 May  -  Interaction of Innovators and Volunteers with Prof Anil K Gupta
April 2017 Events
04 April - Meeting with Mr Subrahmanyam, Ekalvya Foundation
04 April - Innovator Tirupathi rao visiting Palle Srujana
07 April - Woman Innovator Sridevi visiting Palle Srujana
08 April - Half a day workshop at Palle Srujana
10 April - Innovation exhibition at Kolanupaka for farmers
10 April - Meeting with Commissioner, Handlooms, GoTS with Ch Mallesham for Asu machine subsidy
11 April - Meeting with Padmaja, J2IC and a film maker
12 April - Visit nnovator in Mahbubnagar dist
13 April - Meeting at IICT to discuss the progress of MoU
15 April -Deliberation with Commissioner, GHMC on lake cleaning
16 April -Grassroots innovator Narasimha meeting with Commissioner, GHMC
16 April  -Melu  Kalayiaka at IICT
17 April  - Core Group meeting at Palle Srujana
18 April  -Visit Innovator near Zaheerabad
22 April  -Felicitation to Ramesh- Seed Innovator by CGR, Hyderabad
25 April   - Interaction with Balabadi Team at Achampet
27 April   - Address OU Alumni on Development of villages
28 April   - Core group meeting at Palle Srujana
29 April  -Signing of MoU with MLRIT

March 2017 Events
01 March - Innovation display at HITAM, Hyderabad
01 March - Visit to an innovator near Zaheerabad
04 March - Award function at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
05 March -Sristi Samman award function at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
06 March -Participating in a National Round table conference on "Innovation in Public service" at Rashtrapthi Bhavan, New Delhi
7-9 March -Participation in Agri Biz Agri clinic at Peoples' Plaza organized by MANAGE, Hyderabad
7-10 March -Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
20 March -Interaction with with Mr Kannan - Mikrospin
20 March -Visit of Innovator Patan Saida to Palle Srujana
21 March -Visit of Innovator Adigoppula Ramudu to Palle Srujana
22 March -Meeting with Commissioner handlooms, GoT with Mallesham
22 March -Visit of Innovator Ch Mallesham to Palle Srujana
22 March - Interaction with Commissioner, Handlooms, GoT
23 March -Participation in a panel discussion at NIRD in the Rural Incubator Start up Conclave
23-24 March -Rural Innovations Start up Enclave at NIRDPR, Hyderabad
24 March -Brain storming -I with Volunteers on "Social Enterprise'
26 March -Brain storming- II with Volunteers on "Social Enterprise'
28 March -Core group meeting
30 March - Interaction with Scientists @ NAARM, Hyderabad
February 2017 Events
01 - Mallesham talk at Hitachi Consulting Campus @ Gachibowli 
02 -Visit of 20 Women scientists from ASCI, Hyderabad to Palle Srujana
03-5 - 7th Gyan Shodh
07-8 -Visit to Pratyusha Girls Home
09 -Visit to Visakhapatnam
12 -Demonstration of an innovation for grassroots at Palle Srujana
11 -Conducting Creativity workshop at RSC, Tirupati
17-19 -22nd Chinna Shodha Yatra in Dist Bhoopala Palli, Telangana
21 -Interaction with children at School in Aler
23 -Second Follow up meeting  of 7 Gyan Shodh
23 -Interaction with farmers at NIPHM
24 -Visit of 40 farmers from all over Telangana
24 - Visit an innovator near Zaheerabad, TS
25 -Interaction with Students and Faculty and innovation display at VISIT, Tadepalligudem
26 -Visit Innovator at Parvatipuram, AP
27 -Visit of ITI, Kolluru students and faculty to Palle Srujana.
28 -Palle Srujana Kutumabam Mini Meet and Dinner at Palle srujana office.
28 -Innovations display at MLRIT with innovators.

    January 2017
    09 January Visit innovators in Warangal dist
    10 January Visit of IIT, Hyderabad Students and Faculty to Palle Srujana
    11-12 January Participation of two teachers and four school students from Telangana and AP in a National workshop on "Creativity" at Ahmedabad organized by SRISTI
    16 January Visit RDSO, Lucknow
    17 January Validation trials of Mini tiller
    18 January   Visit Herbal healer in Nizamabad dist
    18 January   Meeting with Scientists of IICT-CSIR for discussing the progress of MoU.
    18 January   Interaction with IICT-CSIR at Palle Srujana 
    21 January Route planning for 22 Chinna Shodha Yatra
    23 January Visit of Prof Gupta to Kakinada
    25 January  Interaction with students and faculty of NIT, Warnagal
    26 January Flag hoisting and interaction with students of HITAM, Hyderabad
    28 January Participation and interaction of a poor children school near Jawahar nagar, Hyderabad
    28 January Felicitation to the two grassroots Padmasri awardees by NAARM,  Hyderabad.
    29 January    Interaction with school children in an event organized by a young group from former Teach India group 
    26-29 January Participation in Science city Festival at kolkatta
    29 January Team of Professors from NITW discussing about Incubation of grassroots innovations at their Incubation centre. 
    30 January Farmers Mela at Kazipet