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Events done for the year 2019 to 2021

August, 2021
3rd Aug - Visit Innovator at Jagtiyal alongwith two industrialists
4th Aug -Webinar 35 on Raitu innovationlu
4th Aug -Interaction with CEO, Navam Foundation
5th Aug -Deliberations for synergy with NGO "Mana Ooru Mana Badyatha"  and shooting of Innovations for a Youtube Channel
6th Aug -Deliberations with a team involved in organic farming
6th Aug -Discussion on engaging college students with society with Inquilab Foundation
6th Aug -Presentation of three Grassroots Innovations to MLRIT for taking them from POC to product.
7th Aug -Making documentary on Innovator G Ashok nurtured by Palle Srujana by TV Bharat
7th Aug -Raithu Sadassu 11 at Palle Srujana
11th Aug -Webinar 36 on Raitu innovationlu 
12th Aug -Visit Maddikunta Village in Kamareddy Dist with NAVAM Foundation for a possible Gyan Shodh.
14th Aug -Sadassu at Palle Srujana for Goshala/Dairy farm owners and Conveners of Crematoriums to appreciate the products from Dung
14th Aug -Raithu Sadassu 12 at Palle Srujana
15th Aug -Virtual Interaction with students and Parents of Bhavitha High School, Kamreddy
18th Aug - Webinar 37 on Raitu innovationlu
21st Aug - Raithu Sadassu  13 at Palle Srujana
24th Aug - Virtual Interaction with Students, Teachers and parents of Kamareddy, Nizamabad dists organized by Navam Foundation
25th Aug - Webinar 38 on Raitu innovationlu
27th Aug - Visit Innovators in Jagtiyal dist.
28th Aug - Raithu Sadassu 14 at Palle Srujana
July, 2021
3 - July - Raitu Sadassu 6 @ Palle Srujana 
7 - July - Webinar 31 on Raitu innovationlu
9 - July -Participating in a Panel at the Roundtable meeting on AI & Emerging Technological Solutions for Grassroots School Education Post-Pandemic at Rajireddy Centre, IIIT, Hyderabad
10 - July -Raitu Sadassu 7 @ Palle Srujana
14 - July -Webinar 32 on Raitu innovationlu
17 - July -Interaction with an entrepreneur for manufacturing grassroots innovations
17 - July -Raitu Sadassu 8 @  Palle Srujana
20 - July -Visit to Innovator Kishan Kumar , Jagtiyal dist
21 - July -Webinar 33 on Raitu innovationlu
24 - July -Raitu Sadassu 9 @ Palle Srujana 
28 - July -Webinar 34 on Raitu innovationlu
31 - July -Raitu Sadassu 10 @ Palle Srujana   
27 - July - Interaction with faculty at NTTTR, Chandigarh
31 - July - Participation in Community Partners Meet at CMR College, Hyderabad
June, 2021
4 - June - Webinar of Palle Srujana Parivar " What we did during 2020?"
12 - June - Webinar of Society Advisory Group on Children during Pandemic (SAGPC) on " Loss of learning by Children during Pandemic"
15 - June - Second Meeting of SAGCP
16 - June - Webinar 28  on Raithu Innovationlu
18 - June - Palle Srujana - SAGCP webinar on 'Loss of Learning during Pandemic" with school children
19 - June - A webinar for interacting with school children on creativity
20 - June - Participation in "Vijayee Bhava" webinar to address Teachers on "How to nurture creativity in children"
21 - June - Second Meet of SAGCP
23 - June - Webinar 28  on Raithu Innovationlu
26 - June - Participation in a FDP programme at Govt College, Anekal, Karnataka
30 - June - Webinar 29  on Raithu Innovationlu
May, 2021
1 - May - Interaction with SAC, IEEE, Hyderabad thru webinar
1 - May - Participation of Palle Srujana in BoS meeting of HITAM, Hyderabad
1 - May - Visit of Mr Uday Kuma fro KVK, Narsingi to IDC, Palle Srujana
5 - May - Webinar 24  on Raithu Innovationlu  
12 - May -  Webinar 25  on Raithu Innovationlu  
19 - May - Webinar 26 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
26 - May - Webinar 27 on Raithu Innovationlu
28 - May - Participation as guest speaker in Women Entreprneuership workshop organized by AgHub, PJTSAU, 
April, 2021
10- Apr - Farmers Exhibition at NTR Garden, Hyderabad, Organizad by TSIC. 
14- Apr - Saturday Workshop 6 for Farmers (Raitula Innovationla Sadassu) at Palle Srujana office
24- Apr - Saturday Workshop 7 for FPOs (Raitula Innovationla Sadassu) at Palle Srujana office
28- Apr -Webinar 23  on Raithu Innovationlu  
28- Apr - Mr Subhash Chander as Resource Person for Two-day Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) for SC students at PJTSAU, Hyderabad
30- Apr - Interaction with Dr Sampat Kumar, Agri Extn officer, Mudhole  
30- Apr - Conversation on Covid 19 between Dr Pradyut Waghray and the villagers  through webinar
March, 2021
3- Mar - Webinar-21 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
6- Mar - Display Innovations organized by TSIC at I Max, Hyderabad
8- Mar - Mahila Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
9- Mar - Participation in a “CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE -TOGETHER WE  CAN” National  Workshop (on line), IIIT, Tiruchirapalli,  08– 12 Mar 21
10- Mar - Webinar-22 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu 
13- Mar - Sadassu FPO-2 for farmers of FPOs
13-20 Mar - Participation in Indian Social Science Conference at Vidisha, 
14- Mar - XLIV Indian Social Science Congress @ Vidisha, MP
16- Mar - Invitation to participate in a webinar organized by NABARD on "Rural Development through Bank Credit"
17- Mar - Webinar-23 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu   
20- Mar - Raitu Sadassu - 5 @ Palle Srujana
22- Mar - Display of Innovations at CMR College of Engineering, Hyderabad
24- Mar - Webinar-24 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
30- Mar - Signing of MoU with Ramachandra College of Engineering
31- Mar - Webinar-25 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
February, 2021
2- feb - Webinar-17 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
2- feb - Visit to madanapalli, Dist Chittor to meet Innovators 
4- feb - Interaction with 35 participants of  in Youth Sammelan @ Manav Tirth, Chhattisgarh
4- feb - Addressing youth seminar at Manv Tirth, Chhattisgarh
6- feb - Raithu sadassu-3 at Palle Srujana
9- feb - Webinar-18 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
10- feb - Pitching Grassroots initiatives at TSIC event
9- feb - Interacting with PG diploma students at NAARM
13- feb - Farm Innovation workshop-1 for FPOs
16- feb -Webinar-19 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
18- feb -Virtual Interaction with Faculty and students of VJIT, Hyderabad
20- feb -Raithu sadassu-4 at Palle Srujana
20- feb -Executive Council meeting, Indian Social Science Academy @ Vidisha, MP
21- feb - Virtual Interaction with Voluntary Group, USA
22- feb - Visit of Faculty Team from Gitanjali College of Engineering, Hyderabad
23- feb - Talk to Telangana Teachers through "Mana TV" 
24- feb - Webinar-20 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
24- feb - Interaction with Scientists  at ASCI, Hyderabad
26-28- feb - 36th Chinna Shodha Yatra in Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram dist, AP
January, 2021
5- Jan - Participation in the Golden Jubilee event of IRDE, Dehradun
6- Jan -Meeting with Team TSIC
6- Jan - Webinar-13 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
7- Jan -Inauguration of Nannam Pole Climbing Training centre at Hyderabad
8- Jan -Interaction with faculty and students at Vignan Pharmacy College, Vadlamudi, Guntur Dist
12- Jan - Meeting of Innovator with ab Agriprneuer at Palle Srujana
13- Jan - Webinar-14 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
14- Jan - Visit to Akshara Vanam at Kalwakurthy 
16- Jan - One day Rural Internship for students of TISS, Hyderabad
16- Jan - Raithu Sadassu-1 at Palle Srujana
17- Jan -  Address Impact foundation
20- Jan -  Webinar-15 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
21-22- Jan -  Two day interaction with faculty of KGR Engg College on "Understanding Villages"
23- Jan -  Rural Internship (RIPS 3) online for PG students of TISS, Hyderabad
27- Jan -  Webinar-16 on Palle Srujana Innovationlu
28- Jan -  Meeting with Team IICT-CSIR, Hyderabad for pursuing a grassroots innovation under MoU
30 - Jan -  Raithu sadassu-2 at Palle Srujana

December 2020
2 - Palle Srujana Innovationla Webinar- 8 on " Farm and Non-Farm Innovations" 
2 - Interaction with freshers of RGKCET
3 - Motivation lecture to winners of competitions held by PJTSAU on Agriculture Day
3 - Visit of Team from Water and Livelihood Foundation
3 - Display of Assistive Technologies  at NTR gardens. Grassroots innovators participated.
4 - Participation in a webinar by CIPS, Hyderabad on "Monitoring the utilization of  District Innovation Fund"
5 - Interaction with faculty and students of Sphoorthy Engg College.
5 - Interaction with "Thought works" executives
9 -  Webinar with freshers of MVSR Engg College
9 -  Interaction with Faculty and students of MVSR Engg College
9 -  Palle Srujana Innovationla Webinar- 9 on " Farm and Non-Farm Innovations" 
10 -  Interaction with  Scientists  through ASCI, Hyderabad
10 -  Lecture to freshers at OU Engg College 
11 -  Webinar with students of Nannayya University
12- Visit- Management of RGK CET, Hyderabad
12-13 - Visit to Central Tribal University at Vizianagaram
14- Virtual Interaction with IAS and All India Service Probationers (Batch CD)
15- Virtual Interaction with IAS and All India Service Probationers (Batch AB)
16 - Presentation of Raitu Nestam awards to Innovator By Honble Vice President at Hyderabad
16 - Palle Srujana Innovationla Webinar- 10 
20 - Participation in Executive Committee virtual mtg of ISSA
21 - Visit of Akshay Krushi Parivar (AKP) Team
23 - Innovation Display at Karimnagar organized by TSIC, Govt of Telangana
23 - Palle Srujana Innovationla Webinar- 11 
25-27 - 35th Chinna Shodha Yatra (CSY)
29-12-20 to 03-01-21- Rural Internship for PG students of TISS, Hyderabad-
30- Palle Srujana Innovationla Webinar- 12 

November, 2020
1 - Palle srujana Volunteer Meeting
3 - Interaction with DST scientists at ASCI through WEbinar
4 - Palle Srujana Innovavationlu Webinar 4 on Bio Pesticides
5 - Interaction with Shri Jitendar Singh, MoS, PMO on an invitation at Newdelhi
7 - Visit of Team NABARD, Telangana State Regional Office 
8 - Interaction and discussion of new initiatives for Grassroots innovations with Sri Nikitha, Dinesh and Nishant
11 - Palle Srujana Innovavationlu Webinar 5 on Nematicide and weedicide
18 -Palle Srujana Innovationla Webinar- 6 on " Nutrition Food and Herbal liquids"
18 -Executive Committee virtual meeting of ISSA 
23 - Discussion on Community based learning with faculty of KGRCET
24 - FDP on "Rural Entrepreneurship" at Mahatma Gandhi University
24 - Deliberation with Dinesh and Nishant from Mars Film Productions
24 - Visit of Vice Chancellor, AP Tribal University
25 - Interaction with students of Stanley Girls Engg College
25 -Palle Srujana Innovationla Webinar- 7 on " Farm and Non-Farm Innovations"
25 -Interaction with students and faculty of Stanley Engg College
26 -Webinar with scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
26 -Meeting with Faculty from MVSR Engg College
29 -Interaction with students  of Siddhartha Pharma College, Vijayawada
October, 2020
13 - Brainstorming by Volunteers of Palle Srujana
14 - Palle Srujana Webinar on Weeders. Click here for Flyer
15 - Vijayeebhava Talks : Tributes to Dr APJ Kalam on his birth day
15 - TSIC meeting
16 - Interaction with TSIC Team
16 - Meeting with GM, NABARD, TSRO
21 - Palle Srujana Webinar on Sprayers
27 - Participation in webinar by India Next and Farmer connect
29 - Launching of book on C Venkata Reddy, Padmashri Awardee
September, 2020
31st agust to 05th Sep - Sep Rural Internship online for Students of MVSR College, Hyderabad
3rd - Webinar with Teachers of Narayanpet Dist, Telangana.
4th - Participation in launch of Telangana Social Innovation Network
5th -Celebrate Gurus on teachers day  by Sristi.org
6th - Interaction with Teachers of Peddapally dist
7th to 12th -Rural Internship online for Students of MVSR College
8th - Interaction with teachers of  Hyderabad and ranga reddy dist
14th to 19th - Rural Internship online for Students of MVSR College 
16th - Interaction with students and faculty of HITAM to discuss 'What Engineers should do?'
17th - Discussion with TSIC team on Assistive technologies
21st - Visit of Innovator Kishan rao to palle Srujana to pursue his innovation to help farmers across the country
21st to 26th - Rural Internship online for Students of MVSR College 
22nd - Demonstration at Palle Srujana of a grasscutter by Shri Balaram
23rd - Participation in TSIC team meeting as Advisor
28th Sep to 03 Oct - Rural Internship for MVSR College students 
August 2020
5th -   Interactive Webinar with teachers of gadwal Dist
6th -   TSIC organized webinar with Dist PROs of Telangana state
9th -   Online meeting of AKshay Krishi Parivar
10th - 16th -   Rural Internship @ Palle Srujana (On line) for 120 students of MVSR Engg College, Hyderabad
11th -   Webinar with Vijayeebhava  - a NGO
17th -   Interaction with Teachers of Mahbubnagar Dist
17th - 23 rd -  Rural Internship to 120 students (Batch 2) of MVSR Engg College, Hyderabad
18th -    Speaking to Teachers of Mahabubanagr and Wanaparthy districts
20th -    Participation in Brainstorming for Social Innovation Policy organized by TSIC, GoT
24h - 29th - Rural Internship to 120 students (Batch 3) of MVSR Engg College, Hyderaba
30th - Natural Eco Living (NELP) webinar 
July 2020
11th July, 2020- Discussion with Mr B K Singh, Former DFO 
12th July, 2020- Deliberation with MD, YES TV 
13th July, 2020- Visit of farmers from Medak Dist 
14th July, 2020- Visit of four farmers to IDC, Palle Srujana from Medak Dist 
16th July, 2020-  Interaction with nfw Fellows of TSIC as part of their orientation programme 
16th July, 2020-  Participation in a Webinar on "Dissemination of Agriculture and animal husbandry related innovations" by Honeybee network Collaborator Mr P Vivekanandan, Madurai
18th July, 2020-  Meeting with Core Volunteers
20th July, 2020-  Interaction with volunteers at Palle Srujana
21st July, 2020-  Web  Participation in a workshop on World Entrepreneurs Day by Sristi, Ahmedabad
June 2020
1st June , 2020 - Publication of second ecopy of Palle Srujana Magazine.
02nd June , 2020 - Visit KVK, Narsingi, Telangana to deliberate on the synergy between both organizations.
9th June, 2020 - Webinar with young enthusiasts of Visakahapatnam
9th June, 2020 - Sridhar Volunteer visit to Palle Srujana
15th June , 2020 - Interaction with scientists from IICT on the progress of windmill.
16th - 30th June, 2020- Online Rural internship for IIIT, Idupulapaya students organized by Ihub at Kurnool
23rd June, 2020- Interaction with Dr Ranganayakulu for fund support to grassroots innovators
29th June, 2020- Webinar with TSIC 
April, 2020
10 -  Discussion with Team TSIC on conference call
12 -  Tele discussion with SIBM, Hyderabad
14 -  Palle Srujana Volunteers meet Virtual  from 1.30 to 2.30 PM
15 -  Webinar organized by IEEE, Hyderabad on "Innovations in Rural India" at 1130 am.
March, 2020
2-3 - Interaction with JICA and TSIC
3 -    Meet with SVP local chapter
4 -    Visit Mahipal Chary @ Parkal
5 -    Visit of Mr Suresh Babu from LEEDS
5 -   Visit of a Faculty Team from Aeronautical Engineering college, Hyderabad
6 -   Meeting of Innovators to discuss on JIGAR nad GRIPS.
6 -   Visit of Mallesham Padmashri awardee to Palle Srujana.
7 -    Display of grassroots Innovations at Loyola Agri College, Hyderabad
7 -    Interaction with Management and faculty at HITAM, Hyderabad
7-8 - Participating in Namaste Kisan event @ Kollapur  
8 -   Herbal Healers meet at Achampet
9 -     Visit Ravindra College of Engineering for Women, Kurnool. 
10 -     Volunteer Team GRIPS meeting with SVP partner Shri Paparao garu for mentoring
12 -  Display of Innovations at ICC Event in Hotel Mariott, Hyderabad
13 -  Interaction with Scientists from IICT on windmill for water lifting
13 -  Participating in Consultation Workshop with Stake Holders for UK-India Tech Hub
14 -    Visit of farmers from Kisan sangh, Telangana
15 -    15 Mar Presentation of 7th Gyan Shodh @ Bodlanka participants  to CEO, CDR and the Team.
16 -     Deliberation with Team Ekalavya Foundation for synergy
16 -     Visit of ETV team
17 -      Core group meeting
18 -      Display of innovations at CMR College, Hyderaba
19 -    Visit of President Akshay Krishi Parivar to Palle Srujan
22 -    Executive Committee meeting of Indian Social Science Academy at Delhi
February, 2020
01 -   Display of Innovations at IIIT, Basra
01 -   Felicitation to Padmashri awardee - Farmer Innovator Chintala Venkat Reddy by Raitu Nestam Foundation at hyderabad
01 -   Visit of Mr Srinivas Global Transformation
01 -   Visit of Mr Srinivas Rachakonda from Nigeria, Dr Ranganayakulu, Thrive energy
04 -   Route reconnaissance  for 34 CSY
04 -   Visit Mahipal chary at Parkal
05 -   Interaction with Scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad 
06 -   Visit to NALSAR, Hyderabad for interaction with law students
06 -   Journalist from Telangana Today visited Palle Srujana
06-07 -   Visit of Me Gowtham from Sahyadri College of Engineering, Mangalore
07 -    Core Group meeting
08-09 -   Palle Srujana Kutumba Samavesham @ Hyderabad
18-19 -   Meeting of Akshay Krishi Parivar at Jalgaon
20 -   Interaction with Teaching staff at OU Education Department
22-24 -   6th Gyan Shodh @ Boddulanka by 16 Volunteers in four tribal villages in collaboration with local NGO CDR.
26 -   Visit of Team from Social Venture promoters (SVP), Hyderabad rujana
26 -   Deliberations of Volunteers and Core group on Proposal to JICA
27 -   Interaction with Scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
27 -   Participation in "Science Day" at Bhaskara Auditorium
27 -   Meeting to discuss agri grassroots innovations with Dr Kalpana Sastry and Dr Varaprasad
28 Feb to 01 Mar -    34 Chinna shodha Yatra
January, 2020
2-  Visit village with Vijayram garu and G Narasimha - Innovator.
4-  Interaction with Maharshi Goshala, Hanamkonda , IEI - Warangal Chapter and NIT, Warangal.
6 - 12-  45th Shodh Yatra in CHmba Valley, Himachal Pradesh, Visit sristi.org for more details.
7-   Participation in a School event in Madugula Village RR Dist
8-   Interaction with students of Vardhaman College of Engineering
9-  Deliberation with TANA representative and Mallesham garu on implementation of MoU on distribution of Asu machines
12-  Participation in a Meeting at AHF, Hyderabad
13-  Core group meeting
16-21-   Participation in a National Seminar of Indian Social Science Academy @ Bengaluru University
22-  Meeting with "Humans of Hyderabad" Team
22-  Interaction with Start up TV
22-  Film maker from Maharashtra visited palle Srujana
23-  Visit to Siddipet to interact with teachers and students of Govt High School
24 -   Shooting by Start up TV
24 -   Herbal healers awareness meet organized by TDU, Bengaluru and Palle Srujana.
25 -   Visit of Mr Manohar Prasad, Director CDR
26 -   Interaction with poor students at Miyapur, PSS Trust 
26 -   Flag hoisting at Benjamin Franklin club, Secunderabad
27 -  Meeting of Palle Srujana trust
27 -   Visit of Chief, Grambharati and his team
28 -   32 Faculty from Vardhaman Engineering College, Hyderabad for one day workshop
29 -  Interaction with PG students of Managemnt in Agriculture at NAARM, Hyderabad 
30 -  Interaction with Scientists and women entrepreneur at CFTRI@Mysore
31 - Finer details deliberation of Palle Srujana Kutumba Samavesham  
31 - Visit of Ashish Dewan from Netherlands representing World vision
December, 2019
1 - 3  -Participation of grassroots innovations in IIIF, Hyderabad 
2 - 3 - Presentation by PG students, TISS  
7 - 8 - Participation in "Seva Sangam"  in Vijayawada
10 - Interaction with JICA @ T Hub coordinated by TSIC
11 - Interaction with Scientists at ASCI,Hyderabad
11 - Visit of Women Scientists to Palle Srujana from ASCI, Hyderabad
12 -  Presentation at ICC summit on "Design Challenges for grassroots"  at Hyderabad
14 -  Meeting people at Dharmapuri
17-18 -  Meeting of Akshay Kisan parivar at Bardoli, Gujarat
19 -  Meeting with Team TSIC
20-22 -  33rd Chinna Shodha yatra in Chittor Dist
21 -  Display of Grassroots innovations at KBN College, Vijayawada
21-25 -  SAATVIK - 2019 at Ahmedabad organized by SRISTI,  Visit sristi.orgfor more details.
24 -  Meeting with IICT and innovator
24 -  Deliberations with Volunteer Prashanti
24 -  Interaction with Team from CMS and Europe India Centre for Business and Industry
24 -  Meeting with CEO, BVIC
25 -  Visit of grassroots Innovators Uday Bhaskar and Jayaprakash
25 -  Interaction with CEO, Growth Labs
25 - Deliberations with Volunteers Akhila, Sai and Omkar
26 -  Core group meeting
27 -  Interaction with management of HITAM
30 -  Signing of MoU with Vardhaman College
30 Dec - 1st Jan 2020-  Display of grassroots innovations at State level Science, Maths and Environment Exhibition at K.B School, Turkayamjyal, RR Dist
31 -  Deliberation on certification for herbal healers with Dr Bapuji ex CSIR
31 -   Interaction with Volunteers - Priyanka, Gayatri, Prahanthi and Kranthi at Palle Srujana
November, 2019
1 -    Interaction with Social entrepreneurs and agriprenuers at ALC India, Hyderabad
2 -    Participation and display of grassroots innovations at NIT, Warangal during Annual Technozion
5 -    Interaction with Team from Dr Reddy Labs Foundation
6 -    Core Group Meeting
9-10 -   Display of innovations in Makers Faire, Hitex, Hyderabad
7 -    Interaction with Faculty and students of IARE, Hyderabad
8 -    Meeting with Dr Hariram Murthy, FRLHT, TDU, Bengaluru
8 -    Visit of Team from IICT- CSIR, Hyderabad
9 -    One day Workshop for Facutly, Sphoorthy college
9 -    Meeting with Team from Padmashali Association, North America  and Mallesham Garu
10 -    Radio talk on " Palle Srujana" for NRIs
11 -    Meeting with Dean, TISS to finalize the programme of Internship
11 -    Deliberations with Team TSIC
11 -    Meeting with Inqui-lab team
12 -    Deliberations with Team TSIC
12 -    Visit to Innovator in Vikarabad dist
14 -    Opening of an organic shop and interaction with entrepreneurs in agri-business sector
14 -    Interaction with Scientists, NGRI
14 -    Interaction with scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
14 -   Conclusion of Internship to TISS, Hyderabad students
17 -   EC meeting of ISSA at JNU, New Delhi
19 -   Visit of Innovator Madhu from Warangal and Dr (hony) Mallesham Garu
20 -   Meeting with Agri Scientists Dr Kalpana Sastry and Dr Varaprasad on agri related innovations
21 -   Palle Srujana events at Vijayawada
22 -  Preparatory one day Workshop for 30 PG students from TISS, Hyderabad 
23 -  Preparatory one day Workshop for 30 PG students from TISS, Hyderabad 
25 -   Visit innovators in Khammam Dist
25-29 -   Field work for PG Students, TISS  
26-28 -   Display of grassroots innovations at Jignyasa-2019, Hyderabad
29 -  Visit Social women Entrepreneurs from ALC   
29-30 -   Visit to Dist Visakhapatnam   
October, 2019
3 -   Visit of IICT Team to Palle Srujana.
4 -   Meeting with Dr Kalpana Sastry group pix is attached. Place it on the Home page.
4-6 -   Display of grassroots innovations at National Organic Agri Products at Vijayawada.
15 -   Interaction with Agri scientists at NAARM
17 -   Interaction with DST scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
20-21 -   Display of Innovations at PJSTAU, Hyderabad 
24 -   Visit of Scientists from IICT, Hyderabad to study the Mastless windmill installed by Innovator Patan Saida at West Gogulapalli, Dist Nellore, AP 
26 -   Display of grassroots innovations at Kurnool
31 -   Internship to six students from TISS, Hyderabad commences
31st oct - 3rd Nov -   Display of grassroots innovations in Gadwal Constituency, Telangana 
September, 2019
1 -   Visit of 4 farmers from AP and Telangana
5 -   Route recce for 32nd Chinna Shodha Yatra
5 -   Visit Khammam to meet Ramaiah garu and A srinivasa rao garu
6, 7 and 9 -   Visit to IDC by School Children from Pragathi Central School, Kukatpally, Hyderabad  
8 -   Second phase survey for weaver beneficiary for Asu machine in Nalgonda dist by Volunteers of Palle Srujana.
7-8 -   Sub committee Meeting on "Seeds" at Yeotmal, Maharastra
11 -   One day workshop for 30 Faculty from Sphoorthy college
17-18 -   Sub committee meeting on Hand and animal driven equipment at Wada, Maharastra 
24 -   Team of Prof from PJSTAU to discuss the participation of Palle Srujana 
20-22 -   32nd Chinna Shodha yatra in Bhadradri Dist, Telangana
22 -   Display of ten grassroots innovations at TEDX in Narsingi, Hyderabad
25 -   Participation in Green India Enclave at Atal Behari Vajpayee Farm, Muchhintala.
27-28 -   Participation in RISC 2019 at NIRDPR, Hyderabad
30 -   Gopi Chand - Research Scholar from Bengaluru Agri Univ visit to Palle Srujana
30 -   Visit of CEO, YesSV Solar to Palle Srujana
August, 2019
1 - Final interaction with Interns from IIT, Basara.
1 -Innovator C Venkata reddy on All India Radio in  programme 1000 Wala in FM 101.9 from 8-30 to 9 am.
2 - Innovator Godasu Narasimha on All India Radio n  programme 1000 Wala in FM 101.9 from 8-30 to 9 am.
4 - Visit of Princ Secretary to Muktapur .
5 - Innovator Alladi Prabhakar on All India Radio in programme 1000 Wala in FM 101.9 from 8.30 to 9 am.
5 - Interaction with students and faculty of Stanley College of Engineering .
6 - Innovator B Ramesh on All India Radio in programme 1000 Wala in FM 101.9 from 8.30 to 9 am.
6 - Interaction with Faculty and students of SIBM, Hyderabad and display of grassroots innovations.
6 - Interaction with Scientists from across the country at ASCI, Hyderabad
7 - Signing of MoU with TANA and Govt of Telangana for supply of Asu machines.
10 - Dispatch of Hyacinth removal machine to Kenya from Innovator's village Muktapur.
13 - Interaction with Faculty and students of CMR Engineering College.
14 - Briefing on Palle Srujana to grama sabha at vill Bhoompally, dist Siddipet.
15 - Participation of Palle Srujana in the Independence Day event  at 33 districts of Telangana state in collaboration with TSIC and District Collectors.
15 -Display of grassroots innovations at respective dist HQ by grassroots innovators on Independence Day in 33 districts of Telangana
17 - Visit of Mr Soyode, Chairman of Nigeria Academy of Engineering and Industries
19 - Deliberation on cooperation between SIBM, Hyderabad and Palle Srujana
20-22 -Visit to Visakhapatnam, Vijayanagaram, Vijayawada in AP
22 -  Interaction with 100 women at Warangal coordinated by Access Livelihood Consulting India
22 -  Visit of 15 Faculty from Anurag group of colleges for one day workshop at Palle Srujana
23 - Shoot on Palle Srujana by "on the ground"
23 -  Interaction with Faculty and students at Osmania Engg College
25 -  Khammam to meet Padmashri Ramaiah Garu and A Srinivasa rao garu
28 -  Discussion with Manish  Jaiswal, Fellow, TSIC 
30 -  Interaction with volunteer Srinikitha
30 -  Interaction with Team TISS, Hyderabad
July, 2019
1 - Presentation by Interns of IIIT, Basara 
2 - Visit of 11 PG diploma students from Dayal Bagh Educational Institute 
4 - Discussion with Director, NIPER, Chandigarh for incubating herbal remedies. 
5 - Final day : Impressions of the PG Diploma students from DEI, Agra 
6 - Participation in GYTI award event at New Delhi for Rajendra Prasad - a Shodha yatri 
9 - Interaction with Scientists at ASCI
9 - Participation in an International seminar on"Role of NGOs in Education" at CMR College, Hyderabad. 
11 - Interaction with Faculty and students at LBR College, Mylavaram, AP
11 - Visit innovators in Vijayawada and Suryapet dist
12 - Interaction with innovators in Guntur dist
13-14 - Interaction with innovators of Prakasam Dist.
14 - Participation in "Go Adharitha Vyavasayam, Telangana State" Deliberations.
15 -Participation in"Think & Make" Innovation Programme launch BY iNQUILAB at TISS, Rajendranagar.
16 - Interaction with Priya Iyengar, Faculty, Symbiosis Institute, Shamshabad.
16 - Meeting with Ekalavya Foundation.
17 - Brain storming with 27 Faculty from CMR college on " Effective interaction f students with villagers".
18 - Meeting with Dr Jyothi, Management Institute, UoH.
18 - Review Internship by IIIT, Basara.
18 -  Deliberation with an Investor for Modha Device.
20-21 - Meeting of Akshay Krishi Parivar at Nagpur.
22 - Interaction with Dr Mahalakshmi, UoH. 
23 - Deliberation with Team TSIC, GoT. 
24 - Interaction with Scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad. 
26 - Visit of Mr Jayesh Ranjan, Prin Secy, Govt of Telangana to Muktapur to see the hyacinth removal machine made by Godasu Narasimha for Kenya. 
27 - TGTF event at SR College, Warangal. Three grassroots innovators are narrating their story  
25-31 -Interaction with Dist Collectors of Telangana along with Team TSIC.
28 - Executive Committee Meeting of Indian Social Science Academy at New Delhi.
29 - Meeting with ATREE, Bengaluru.
30 -  Interaction with Dr Giridhar, NIN at Palle Srujana.
31 - Visit innovators in Nizamabad and kamareddy dists.
June, 2019
2 June - Grassroots Innovation display  "T Innovation Utsavam" at People's Plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad, 4 to 10 PM.
3 June - Meeting with Innovators and Interns.
4 June - Meeting with Innovator M Satyanarayana and Interns from IIIT, Basara.
5 June - Visit of Mr Atul and Mrs Sangeetha from BIBOX and Mr Shivaraman from New life foundation.
5 June - Visit of Engg students from Stanley college  for Internship.
5 June - ETV interaction with Palle Srujana.
6 June - Mr Swami  Deva, CEO visit to Palle Srujana.
7 June - Interaction with Innovator Dhanunjaya.
7 June - Interaction with school children.
10 June - Meeting with Principal Secretary, GoT alongwith Shri Mallesham.
10 June - Eenadu interaction with Mallesham biopic team at Palle Srujana.
10 June - Meeting with T Works along with Innovator Jameelullah.
11 June - Visit of IICT scientists and Palle Srujana to West Gogulapally, Dist Nellore to assess the efficacy of Mastless windmill by Innovator Patan Saida.
17 June - Praja Sanmanam (Public Felicitation) to Ch Mallesham, Padmashri awardee by Pochampalli weaver community at Pochampalli
18 June - 44th ShodhYatra, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
18 June - Journalist from "The Hindu" visiting Palle Srujana
18 June - Visit to Innovator Godasu Narasimha at his village
12-18 June - 44th ShodhYatra, Gadchiroli, Maharashtra
14-16 June - 31st Chinna Shodha yatra
21 June- Release of "Mallesham" biopic
20-21 June - Participating the Akshay Krishi Parivar meeting at Nagpur
21 June - Participating in the curtain raiser for "TEDX 2019"  at "The Address" Narsing X roads, Hyderabad
21 - Palle Srujana being introduced as "Eco Sustem Enabler" by "Your Story" at Sheraton, Hyderabad
21 - Interaction with the Executives of Wells Fargo Ltd, Hyderabad
25 -  Interaction with the Executives of Wells Fargo Ltd, Bengaluru
26 - Interaction with the Executives of Wells Fargo Ltd, Chennai
27 - Innovator Ashok visiting Palle Srujana
27 -Visit of Team Inquilab
29 - Visit to Dusharla Forest created by Satyanarayana garu at Sangareddy
29 - Visit of 11 PG diploma students from Dayal Bagh Educational Institute 
19 June - 3 july - Internship for 20 Engineering Students from HITAM, Hyderabad.
May 2019
1 May -   Participation in AMSSOI Administrative Committee meeting
5 May -  Executive Council Meeting of Indian Social Science Academy at Delhi
7 May -  Meeting with Innovator from Tanuku and Jai Barat TV
8 May -  Meeting with SRIX, Huzurabad for incubating grassroots innovations
9 May -  Route planning for 31st Chinna Shodha Yatra
11 May -  Discussion with MLRIT Incubation Team for incubation of Grassroots innovations
13 May -  Innovator Saibaba from Proddutur  presented his innovation for incubation at AIC - SKU, Ananthpur 
14 May - Visit of Mr Krupakar from Vijayawada and Sri S K Roy from SYS, Pune 
16 May - Visit of Innovator Chinnikrishnudu from Nizamabad 
17 May -  TSIC Team visiting Palle Srujana. 
18 May - Visit to Tanuku for interacting with locals 
20 May - Interaction with 100 children at a Summer camp organized by SSY at Keesara, Hyderabad. 
21 May - Visit of ChinniKrishnudu a famer who ideveloped new paddy  seeds to Palle Srujana 
22 May - Visit Kurnool for route recce for 31st CSY
25 May - Visit to Innovator Narasimha Godasu 
26 May - Interaction with Parents and Children at Summer camp, Keesara
27 May - Participation in Seminar at IEI on Increasing farmers' income
28 May - Interaction with Team INEA for incubation of grassroots innovations
29 May - Launch of trailer of biopic "Mallesham
30 May - Half a day workshop for Goshala keepers  on "Products from Dung"
April 2019
08 April -  Interaction with Scientists of NIPER, Chandigarh
12 April - Core Group Meeting of and at Palle Srujana
13 April - Display of Grassroots innovations at HITAM, Hyderabad
17 April - Palle Srujana Interaction with SRIX at SR college, Warangal
19-21 April -  30th Chinna Shodha Yatra in Dist Srikakulam, AP
22 April -    Interaction with IIIT, Basara students for Internship
23 April -  Visit of Sr Srinivasa Rao, USA for promoting Modha Device and Nose filter
24 April -  Mini core group meeting
25 April -  Visit of 30 Foreign Participants through ASCI, Hyderabad
24-26 April - Participation of Grassroots innovator G Narsimha in a workshop at Lal Bahadur National Academy for IAS trainees at Mussorie
March 2019
1-3 March Participation in Organic Food festival at Shilparamam, Hyderabad
6 - Felicitation to two grassroots innovators by TALK at Hotel Westin for being chosen as top 10 Start up Entrepreneurs of Hyderabad and also display of innovationss.
20 - Participation in Conference on “TELANGANA 2.0 : The Growth Story Continues” Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad
25-30 March - Participation in a National Seminar at IRMA, Ananad by Volunteer Subhash Chander
February, 2019
3 -  Interaction with School children at SLEPC in Warangal
4 -   Meting with Team, TSIC
14 -   Participation in "Startupedia" at IPE, Hyderabad
15 -   Visit of Mayor of Ramagundam and PD along with MEPMA members to Palle Srujana
16 -   Presentation at the Conference of Senior Research Fellows from South India at NIMSME, Hyderabad
17 -   Visit of Principal, teachers and 60 students from ASK Academy, Hyderabad
20 -   "Vocational Excellence " award to Mahipal Chary by Rotary Club, Hyderabad Deccan at ITC Kaktiya, Hyderabad
24 -   Participation in Rural livlihood programme at Vill Lachampur, Nagarkurnool dist
25 -   Palle Srujana Team visiting Innovators in Krishna Dist
26 -   Vsit of Innovators in Guntur Dist by Palle Srujana Team
27 -   Palle Srujana team visiting Innovators in Prakasam Dist
January, 2019 Events
2 -  Visit of Innovators K Pandu Ranga Rao and Mahipal Chary to Palle Srujana.
4 -  Visit of 50 children from Pragathi school, Hyderabad
4 -  National Entrepreneurship award to Mahipal Chary at Delhi
5 -  National AwardeeMahipal Chary  visit to Palle Srujana
5-7 - Participation of grassroots Innovators in Innovation exhibition at RSC, Tirupathi
9 -  Interaction with parents, teachers and students of Govt High school, Jeedimetla
12-13-  Seed Conference at Nandurbar, Gujarat where two of our grassroots innovators are participating
16- Core group meeting.
19 -  Discussion on MoU with HITAM
21 -  Meeting with Team , TSIC
21 -  Interaction with PG diploma students at NAARM
22 -  Display of grassroots Innovations at Sphoorthy College, Hyderabad
23 -  Visit Araku and Vizag
24 -  Interaction with MDP participants at IPE, Hyderabad
23-27 Exhibition of Innovations at Agri Expo at Vijayawada.
24-26 Agri and Diary Expo at Vijayawada.
28-30 Participation of 6 innovators and 2 volunteers in International Conference on Crativity @ grassroots at IIM, Ahmedabad organized by Sristi.
31 -   Honeybee network meeting at Ahmedabad.
December, 2018 Events
3 -  Meeting with CEO ,  S R College Incubation Centre
3 -  50 School children visiting IDC @ Palle Srujana
4 -  Interaction with Scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
4 -  Innovator Shanmukha Rao visiting Palle Srujana
5 -  Visit Innovator Babu Rao at Parvatipuram, AP
5 -  Interaction with Students and faculty of Avanti Group of Colleges at Talapulavalasa, Dist Srikaulam.
10 -  Visit Innovator Panduranga Rao at Narayankhed, Telangana
11 -  Visit of Women scientists from ASCI,  Hyderabad
12 -  Interaction with Scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
12-14 - Gyan Shodh in TITLI affected tribal villages in Srikakulam Dist, AP
15 -  Visit Innovator in Warangal Dist
16 - Women conference at Hyderabad 
21-23 -  29th Chinna Shodha Yatra in Dist Mahbubabad, Telangana 
25 -  Visit of Innovators Pandurang Rao, Shiv Kumar and Koteshwar Rao 
27 -  Innovator Koteshwar Rao visit to Palle Srujana
28 -  Interaction with TSIC and Agnii at Palle Srujana
27-28 -  Visit of school children to Palle Srujana
28 -  Visit of Innovator Siva Kumar and Pandu Ranga Rao to Palle Srujana
30 -  Visit to Innovator Koteshwar Rao
November, 2018 Events
1 -Visit Mrs Aruna, CII for coordinating initiative Nurturing on creativity of school children
2 - Assessment of Projects for communities by students of MLRIT
2 - Visit of 15 girl students of Princeton College of education, Hyderabad to Palle Srujana
3 - School students from Pragathi School Kukatpally,Hyd visiting Palle Srujana
3 - Visit of Techride Team to Palle Srujana
3-5 -Grassroots Innovation display at Vijayawada, organized by ALEAP
5 -Palle Srujana Team visiting Social Welfare schools at Shaikpet and Narsingi, Hyderabad coordinated by CII, Telangana
9-11 -Makers Faire Hyderabad
10 -Panel discussion at Maker Faire, Hydrabad
10 -Discussion at IICT, Hyderabad with Director and team from Delhi
13 -Meeting with Teams TSIC and AGNiI at Palle Srujana
14 -Core Group Meeting
16 -Visit Innovators in Nalgonda and Suryapet dist
17 -Award ceremony of IGNITE 2018 @ Amrapur, Gujarat
17 -Social Innovation Conference at Pune
18 -Interaction with members of a NGO associated with Techiride
20 - Visit of 50 DPS Bolaram children to Palle Srujana
22 - Visit of 50 DPS Bolaram children to Palle Srujana
24-25 - Participation in a seminar on "Hand and Animal driven agri implements" at Surat
27 - Pragathi school children visiting Palle Srujana
27 -  Route selection 29 CSY
29 -   Visit of 100 school children from DPS Bolaram
October, 2018 Events
1 -  Visit Sangareddy to participate in Start up yatra and GRI display
2 -  Grassroots innovation display at MN G College, Nalgonda.
3 - Display of grassroots innovations at CMR group of Institutions Campus
3-4 - Participation of 8 grassroots innovators from Telangana in final pitching of their ideas to jury at Start up Yatra in JNTUH
5 -  Visit of Padmashri Mallesham to Palle Srujana
6 -  Interaction with Kiranmayi- writer, director
7 -   Raitu Nestam award ceremony to Innovator Galla Chandrashekhar and Joint editor P Veera raghava Reddy by Vice President of India
8 -    Ajay - a film script writer visited Palle Srujana to explore the possibility of writing Palle Srujana Story
9 -   Visit of B.Ed Girl students to Palle Srujana 
9 -   Interaction with Faculty and students of RGMCT, Nandyal
10 -   Visit of Palle Srujana team to an innovator Shaik Budesab at Village Inkollu, Prakasam 
12 - 14 -28th Chinna Shodha yatra
17 -Interaction of Ch Mallesham with 20 Corporate heads assisted by Volunteer Akhila at Hyderabad
19 -Meeting with Director and Faculty of Chintalapudi College of Engineering, Dist Guntur
22 -Meeting with  Fellow,TSIC, Govt of Telangana
25 - visit to Innovator Praveen near Sircilla Galam ramu at Damaracherla, Saidulu at Nelakondapally
27 - Interaction with women start ups at ALEAP 
28 - Interaction with Farmers at Tanuku, WG Dist 
29 -Interacting with DST scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad 
30-31 -Visit Vijayawada
Programme og Grassroots Innovation display and start up Boot camp organized by Govt of Telangana and Palle Srujana
15 Sep - UoH Hyderabad and Launch at Haritha Hotel, Begumpet, Hydeabad
15 Sep - Mahbubnagar
17 Sep - Mahbubnagar
19 Sep - M G University, Nalgonda
20 Sep - Khammam
21 Sep - Jayamukhi College, Narsamlet, Dist Warnagal Rural
21 Sep - NIT, Warangal
21 Sep - NIT, Warangal
24 Sep - Karimnagar
25 Sep - Jagtial
27 Sep -Adilabad
28 Sep -IIIT, Basara
29 Sep -Nizamabad
30 Sep -Sangareddy
3-5 Oct -JNTU, Hyderabad

For exact location and other details please contact PS volunteers

M Raju 9502855858, 0885119202

Kanaka raju 9121868548

September, 2018 Events
1- 26 Engineering students from HITAM, Hyderabad visit Palle Srujana
2- Meeting with e-commerce start up
3- ETV visiting Palle Srujana 
3- Discussion for participation in Maker Faire being organised by Telangana state
4-Interaction with Scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
4- Meeting with T works and an Innovator
5- Meeting with T works and an Innovator
5- Meeting with Scientists of CCMB for pursuing a patent of a grassroots innovator
6 - 40 Students from MLRIT visited IDC @Palle Srujana
7 - Interaction with Scientists at NIPER, Chandigarh
8 - CSY route finalization
10 - Interaction with 93rd Foundation Course of All India and Central Service officers at MCHRD, Hyderabad
11-13 - Visit to Vizag and Araku
14 - Core Group meeting 
14 - Visit of ETV team to shoot Palle Srujana activity 
14 - Hari from Bengaluru visit to Palle Srujana 
15 - Launching of "Start up Yatra" 
15 Sep to 05 Oct - Start up and Grassroots innovation yatra in Telangana organized by TS Innovation Cell and Palle Srujana
17 - Visit of NIF Team 
18 - Meeting with CCMB Scientists for validation of a grassroots innovation  
20 - Meeting with The Hans Foundation at Delhi  
21 - Interaction with scientists at NIPER, Chandigarh  
24 - Interaction with Faculty and students of RGMCET, Nandyal  
25 - Core Group Meeting  
25 - Visit of Faculty from CMR Institutes  
25 - Meeting with Social post  
26 -  Sri Mallesham and few volunteers visiting Palle Srujan  
27 -  Particiaption in "Maggam" Fashion Show of Handlooms and felicitation to Ch Mallesham by Mrs Smriti Irani   
29 -  Interaction with faculty and students of St Anns College of Engineering and Technology, Chirala    
August, 2018 Events
1 -Core Group Meeting (AN)
2 -Meeting with T works, Govt of TS (AN)
2 -Lecture at Stanley College, Hyderabad
3 -Interaction with freshers at OUEC, Hyderabad
4 -Display of Grassroots innovations at SR College, Warangal
8 -Visit of Innovator G CHandrashekhar
8 -Meeting with Hon Minister KTR garu at Pragathi Bhavan
8 -Meeting of volunteers to fine tune Herbal Healers Meet scheduled from 0-11 Aug
8 -Meeting with TSIC and V6 TV for telecasting grassroots innovations
9 -Addressing scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
9 -Interaction with freshers of KGRCET, Hyderabad
10-11 -Telangana Second Herbal Healers Conference at TSFA, Hyderabad
14 -Interaction with faculty and students of Vagdevi College of Management at Warangal
19 -Interaction with ETV team
19-25 -42nd Shodh Yatra in Kutch Region, Gujarat
20 -Visit of 40 Engg students from MLRIT, Hyderabad
23 -Interaction with students and faculty of NIT, AP and  at Tadepalli Gudem
24 -Interaction with school students at Vijayawada
25 -Interaction with students of college at Vijayawada
28 -Visit Vimla Labs , Hyderabad
30-31 Participation in RISC 2018 at NIRDPR, Hyderabad
July, 2018 Events
1 - Interaction with chinna shodha yatries​
2 - Visit of HITAM Faculty for finalizing the MoU​
3 - Visit Vimla Labs, Hyderabad​
6 -Signing of MoU with HITAM​
10 -Interaction with NE States Agri Dept Officers at ASLI​
11 -Distribution of Asu Machines at Jangaon Dist. by IFCI Ltd.,​
12 -Felicitation of Grassroots innovator Syed Subhani by NABARD, AP RO on their Foundation Day
13-15 -Visit Vizag and Araku​
17 -Visit of Children from Lotus High School Miyapur, Hyderabad​
17 -Grassroots innovator visit to Palle Srujana​
22 -Visit to Innovative farmer who grew apples at Amangal
23 Visiting Galam Ramulu Innovator in his village Nelakondapally
24 Interatction with freshers at CMRCET College, Hyderabad.
25 -Meeting of PS Team with TS HE Council 
25 -Addressing Freshers at Sphorthy Collee of Engineering
26 -Interaction with DR RU Reddy, US 
27 -Introducing Social engineering to freshers at MLRIT
27 -Participation of GRI in HYSEA Digital Fest at HICC, Hyderabad.
27 -Interaction with Freshers at MLRIT, Hyderabad
28 -Visit Vigyan Vihar school and ZPH School at Nutakki, Tenali
28 -Visiting two schools to interact with Children @ Vijayawada
29-Participation in "Amaravathi Mini Makers Fair" as Innovation Partner with GRIs.
30 -Interaction with school and college students of Vetapalem  
31 - Meeting wit
June, 2018 Events
1-3 -  "Sneh Milan" - Honeybee Network Meeting at Ahmedabad  
5 -  Meeting with Fellows, from Telangana Innovation Cell  
6 -  Meeting with eminent Scientists Dr Radhakrishna and Dr Bapuji for an initiative to capture children and women creativity in Patti Seema area.  
7 -  Panel Discussion on Village empowerment  
10 -  Display of Grassroots innovations at Guntur  
12 -  Interaction with 50 Sarpanches at AIC, SKU, Ananthapur
15 -  Panel discussion of village development at Raj News  
17 - Grassroots innovation display at RDT, Ananthpur  
27 - Visit of NE States Govt officers to Palle Srujana​  
May, 2018 Events
2 -Visit of Innovator Malleshama and script writer Sainath Garu
5 -Visit of National convener 3i STEM and adviser Butterfly fields
5 -YOUVA Team visit 
5 - Innovator Ishfaq visiting Palle Srujana
8 -Route finalization for 27 Chinna Shodha yatra
9 -Deliberation with Director, IICT on validation of herbal medicines
10 -Visit of Fellows from Govt of Telangana Innovation Group
10 -Display of grassroots innovations at  KKR and KSR College, Guntur
11 -Interaction at Atal Incubaion Centre, SriKrishna Devaraya University, Ananthpur
14 -Meeting with Coordinator MAA Lakshmi Foundation, Vijayawada
14 -Interaction with Team Butterfly fields, Hyderabad 
18 -Familiarization meeting for Internees  at Palle Srujana 
19 -Meeting to discuss social engagement of Engg students at MLRIT, Hyderabad 
20 -Visit of a team from Atal Incubation Centre, Srikrishna Devaraya University, Ananthapur to Palle Srujana 
21 -Core Group meeting  
22 - Visit to innovators in Karimnagar Dist  
25 - Interactive session for women on "Grassroots creativity and Entrepreneurship" at Palle Srujana  
26 - Familiarization workshop for Interns  
27 - Finalization of Script for a film on a Grassroots Innovator 
28 - Visit to innovators in Warangal Dist  
30 - Interaction with Lt Col (Retd) B Ankiah, Chairman, Bandla Basavaiah Educational Institutions Committee, Vetapalem , Dist Prakasam, AP. 
30 - Visit of Prof Bichhanna, Volunteer from B.ED Training College, Hyderabad  
29-30 -  To Vijayawada for establishing IDC  
31 - Faculty of HITAM visit to IDC at Palle Srujana
31 -  Visit of 13 trainees from New Life Foundation to IDC, Palle Srujana
April, 2018 Events
4 -Interaction of grassroots innovator with a farmer to address farming problem
5 -meeting of grassroots innovator with IICT scientists
11 -Participation in National Innovation Summit "Prerana" with grassroots innovations at ATI, Hyderabad
16 -Deliberation on validation of herbal medicines at IICT
17 -Interaction with Mr Paulo, a Cambridge Univ research scholar
20 -Innovation display and interaction with students and faculty at BITS, Kurnool
23-28 -41st ShodhaYatra in Andaman island
27 -Display of innovations and interaction with school children at Vikas The concept school, Bachupall, Miyapur​
March, 2018 Events
2-4 -Participating in the Innovation Festival at Tirupathi.
5 -Interaction with  students and faculty at Annamayya College of Engineering, Rajampet, Dist kadapa alongwith Ch Mallesham, Padmashri Awardee.
5 -Display of grassroots innovations at Annamayya College of Engineering, Dist kadapa.
12 -Interaction with students of  Visakha Technical Campus, Vishakhapatnam.
13 -Presentation to the students and college of Maharaja's Pharmacy College, Vizianagaram
14 - Display of Grassroots innovations at Sphoorthy College, Hyderabad
15 - Interaction with School Children at Inqi-Lab Foundation, Hyderabad
16 -Presentation by PG students of TISS, Hyderab
19-23 -Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapthi Bhavan, New Delhi
23 -Interaction with ISRO and Other scientists at ASCI, Hyderabad
24 -Presentation on Grassroots entrepreneurship to Faculty of RD at M G University, Nalgonda.
25 -Mallesham Padmashri awardee talks at "BIG Talks:, Hyderabad
27 -Interaction with Founders of Techiefest, Hyderabad
28 -Team IFSI Ltd visiting Palle Srujana
31 -Interaction with Faculty of IIIT, Basara
February, 2018 Events
2-4 -Local Seeds exhibition at Ramakrishna Matt, Hyderabad
3 -Meeting with Butterfly Edufields , Hyderabad
4 -Interaction with Farmers @ Ramakrishna Matt, Hyderabad
5 -Display of Innovations at VNR VJIET, Hyderabad
5 -Route finalization 26th CSY
6 -Visit of 30 students + Faculty from TISS. Hyderabad
7 -Core Group Meeting @ Palle Srujana
5-9 -Documentation of Grassroots Innovations by students pursuing graduation at TISS, Hyderabad
9-11 -Display of Innovations at Agri Tech South CII exhibition at Rajendranagar
11 -Interaction with Students, parents and teachers at DAV High School, Kukatpally, Hyderabad
14 -Visit of 24 women scientists from ASCI, Hyderabad
17 -Innovator Mahipal Chary to speak at TedX @ Waranagal
17 -Interaction with Children, parents and teachers at School in Kandi, Dist Sangareddy
21 -Interaction of Govt Officers from NE states with grassroots innovators organized by ASCI
23-25 -26th Chinna Shodha Yatra in Krishna District
27 -Display of grassroots innovations at Bhavan's College, Secunderabad
27 -Interaction with students and faculty of Bhavan's College, Secunderabad
January 2018 Events
3 -Interaction at IIIT, Basara with students and faculty organized by IB Hub
6 -Consultation with TV 9 Management
8-10 -Visit Manav Tirth near Raipur to interact with children, parents and teachers of Prerana Vidyalay.
8-12 - Participation in South India Science Fair 2018 at Hyderabad
11 -Jury at CYIENT, Hyderabad for Innovations with social Impact
12 -Interaction with budding entrepreneurs at NIAS, ISc, Bengaluru
15 -Deliberations with HM TV Team
17 -Visit Innovator David raju, Vijayawada
18 - Interaction with Teachers and students of The HEAL School, Kothapalli, Krishna Dist
16-18 At Vijayawada to interact with farmers, students and children of AP
19-Visit of Innovators to Palle Srujana
20-ETV shooting at Ramoji Film studios
21- Visit village near Kurnool to interact with farmers, teachers and School children.
22-Innovator Saida Chary visit to Palle Srujana
22-Visit of two former women scientists CSIR
23-Discussion on establishing Fab Lab @ Vijayawada
24-25 Interactive session for innovators organized by Titan at Bengaluru for Innovator Ch Mallesham
27-Innovator David Raju visiting Palle Srujana
28-Visit of Mahipal Chary Innovator to Palle Srujana
29-Interaction with Agri Scientists at NAARM, Hyderabad
29-Meeting with Dr Kalpana Sastry and her team at TISS, Hyderabad
February 2018 Events
2-3 Route recce for 26th CSY
2-4 Local Seed Festival @ Hyderabad
5 Display of Innovations at VNR VJIET, Hyderabad
17- Interaction with School Children at Kandi, Dist Sangareddy
20- Innovation display at BVRIT College.

December 2017 Events
3 -Visit to Warangal and Huzurabad to meet innovators
4 -Meeting with Secretary, TS PCB alongwith Ch Mallesham, Padmshri awardee
4-5 -IICT and Grassroots Innovator Patan saida working on windmill at West Gogulapally, Nellore dist.
5 -Interaction with EU team at IIIT, Hyderabad
5 -Padmashri awardee Mallesham receiving letter from KTR for supporting manufacture of asu machines and innovations for handlooms
5 -EU Team visitng Palle Srujana 
7-10 -National workshop at IIT, Benares
8-9 -Participation in an Exhibition for School Children at LB Nagar, Hyderabad
11-Visit of KVK, Jammikunta Scientists to Palle Srujana
12 -Assessing the progress of social projects undertaken by IICT, Hyderabad
15-17-25th Chinna Shodha Yatra in Dist Visakhapatnam
19-Jury for social hackathon at KITS Amaravathi.
21 -Interaction with former Scientists of IICT
21-23 -Exhibition for School Children at Residential School, Madikonda, Warangal
22 -Dr APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE award function at Amrapur, Gandhinagar
23-25 -Agri and Flower show @ Vijayawada
23-25 -Sattvik festival 2017 @ Ahmedabad
27-29 -Visit Araku and Vizag
November 2017 Events
01 November-Core Group meting
02 November - Interaction with team from Agastya
02 November-Visit of Team from CVR TV Channel
03 November-Visit of Innovator Amarnath from Anantapur
04 November-Presentation at a workshop at Hitex, Hyderabad organized by AYUSH
06 November-Interaction with Faculty and students of VISIT, Tadepalligudem
07 November-Visit to Challapali and Vijayawada
08 November-Interaction with a Team from Tata Cornell Institute - TARINA, New Delhi
09 November-Interaction with Script team
09 November-Visit of Sri D Ramaiah and Sri Ch Mallesham both PADMASHRI awardees, 2017 to Palle Srujana
10 November-Visit Innovator Saida Chary
11 November-Brainstorming of rural problems and their solutions with a young group
13 November-Route finalization for 25 CSY in Dist Visakhapatnam
14 November-Interaction with school children at Nizamabad
16 November-Visit Innovator in Nizamabad dist
18 November-Brainstorming at Osmania University
20 November-Lecture at T HUB on "Thinking Social"
21 November-Visit of European Union Team representative to Palle Srujana
22 November-Visit Innovator Ch Mallesham, Padmashri Awardee 2017
22 November-Interaction with Mr Phanindra sama, CIO, T-Works
25 November- Signing MoU with Sphoorthy College
26-28 November-Visit Araku and Vizag
28-30 November-Palle Srujana is one of the Places to be visited by Delegates of GES. 
28 November-Visit Innovator in Nalgonda Dist
29 November-Presentation at ASCI, Hyderabad

October 2017 Events

2 October-Mallesham, Padmashri Awardee launching "Zero Pollution" campaign at Pochampalli
10 October-Signing of MoU for a Film on Innovator
13 October-Presentation at India International Science Festival being held at IIT, Madras
14 October- Participation in Kisan Mela at Vijayawada
13-16 October- Four Innovators participating in India International Science Festival at IIT, Madras
22-23 October-Visit to Kurnool and villages nearby
24 October-Visit of 40 children from DPS, Shamirpet
26 October-Presentation to SERP staff
25-26 October-National Consultation on Adivasi Women at Visakhapatnam
27 October-Visit Innovator at Suryapet
28 October-Visit of 49 children from DPS, Shamirpet
30-31 October-Visit Vijayawada and Charlapalli

September 2017 Events

2 September-Interaction with Students of INIFD, Madhapur
4 September-Talking to Agri Scientists at NAARM, Hyderabad
5-6 September-Visit Pratyusha Girls Home, Araku
9- September-Visit to a tellapalli village, Krishna Dist
9-11 September-Innovators participating in India International Innovation Festival in Visakhapatnam
10-11 September-Participation by Grassroots Innovators in "Krishi Vikas Mela" at IIOR, Hyderabad
18-19 September-Visit Gadwal and Kurnool to meet innovators, Children and farmers
19 September-One day workshop at Sphoorthy Engineering College on Entrepreneurship at Grassroots
22-24 September-24th Chinna Shodha Yatra
August 2017 Events
2 August-Meeting with All India Radio Team
5 August-Interaction with Madam Almitra Patel at Bengaluru
8 August-Interaction with Students and Faculty at Nalla Malla Reddy College of Engineering, Hyderabad
9 August-Interaction with a Team from Gramonnati, Puduchhery led by Mr Ved Prakash Sharma
9 August-"Phone In" programme in AIR, Hyderabad FM stations for farmers of AP and TS from 10 -11 AM.
10 August-Two innovators visiting Palle Srujana from Karimnagar dist
12 August-Visit by a Team of Foreign Agri specialists from NIRD & PR, Hyderabad
14 August-Interaction with Faculty and Students of Shiv Shivani Institute of Management
17-18 August-Participation in "Agri Innovations" Workshop @ NAARM, Hyderabad
22 August-Visit Innovators in Karimnagar Dist
24 August-Visit Gadwal to interact with an Innovator
26 August-Visit Jingurthi to participate in the inauguration of Organic Agriculture Institute
27 August-24 Chinna Shodha Yatra route finalization
29 August-Addressing teachers from Govt Schools, Hyderabad on MANAK/INSPIRE
30 August- Invited to participate in T-Works meeting at GoTS/IT Dept along with Ch Mallesham
31 August-Interaction with faculty and students of Sphoorhy Engineering college
July 2017 Events
1 July-Grassroots Innovation exhibition at Ramayampet, Medal Dist
2 July-Presentation of Internees MLRIT
3 July-Core Group Meeting
5 July-Visit innovators in Karimnagar dist
6-20 July-Internship for OUEC students
7-8 -Grassroots Innovators participating in the Frugal Innovations Workshop at NIRD PR, Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad
8 July-Visit of a Team from BTR project -SELCO Foundation
9 July-One day Workshop for Volunteers / Inernees at Palle Srujana
11-13 July-Distribution of Sada bahar plants from Kota, Rajasthan to farmers from Telangana and A.P.
12 July-Core Group Meeting
17 July-Visit of team from SELCO and BTR
20-21 July-RESE 17 - International Seminar at Pollachi, Tamilnadu
22 July-Interacting with School children "Innovation Session" Gachibowli
25 July-Interaction with Scientists at ASCI,  Hyderabad
26 July-Presentation on Inspire/MANAK to schol students and Teachers of Telangana on "Mana TV"
27 July-Interaction with students of MLRIT, Hyderabad
27 July-Telephone interaction with CSR Team, Relainace Industries, Mumbai
28 July-Interaction with story writer from Mumbai
29 July-Visit Woman innovative farmer at Anantapur
28-30 July-Visit Anantpur, Madanapalli and Kalahasti to meet innovators
30 July-Visit Innovator Gurumurthy  at Madanapalle
June 2017 Events
02-04 June  -  23rd Chinna Shodha Yatra
05 June  -  Discussion for an MoU with CIDRF- Puduchery
7 June -  Mallesham interaction at INVESCO
8 June -  Interaction with Trust team and Mentors of Bharat Yuva Shakti Trust
9 June  -  Interaction with Children at Khammam
9 June  -  Visit Padmasri Daripalli Ramaiah in his village
10 June  -  Visit of 50 Forest officers from Telangana State Forest Academy
11 June  -  Visit of Village mentors to Palle Srujana
12-24 June  - Internship for Engineering Internees from MLRIT and OUEC
22 June  - Internees capturing children ideas in Keshav Memorial High School
23 June  - Visit of Internees to Mallesham Innovator
24 June  - Internees visiting a Village in Mahabubnagar Dist
26 June  - Presentation by Internees
27 June  - Meeting with Director CIPS
28 June  - Core Group Meeting @ Palle Srujana
May 2017 Events
01 May  - Honeybee network meeting at Ahmedabad
03 May  - Demonstration of wind mill at NAARM
03 May  - Interaction with Chinna shodha yatries at Palle Srujana
04 May  - Route Finalization for 23 China Shodha yatra
05 May  - Visit Innovators in karimnagar dist
06 May  - Meeting with Subrahmanya raju garu from Agriinfoindia
09 May  - Visit KVK, Jammikunta
11-18 May  - 39th Shodha yatra in Odisha
19 May  - Presentation of two NIF Internees ex IIMs
19 May  - Core group meeting
23 May - Presentation by NIF Internees
23 May - Interaction with a group of mentors from Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust
23 May - Visit of J2iC team
20-23   - Science Express​ @ Kothavalasa 
24   - Innovators from Sattenapalli visiting Palle Srujana  
24-26   - Science Express​ @ Gudivada  
27-30 May  - Visit Science Express - Miryalaguda
28 May  - Interaction with 400 Teachers of Telangana at SCERT, Hyderabad on Children Innovation
29 May  - Meeting with NSDC at CIPS, ASCI
30 May  -  Interaction of Innovators and Volunteers with Prof Anil K Gupta
April 2017 Events
04 April - Meeting with Mr Subrahmanyam, Ekalvya Foundation
04 April - Innovator Tirupathi rao visiting Palle Srujana
07 April - Woman Innovator Sridevi visiting Palle Srujana
08 April - Half a day workshop at Palle Srujana
10 April - Innovation exhibition at Kolanupaka for farmers
10 April - Meeting with Commissioner, Handlooms, GoTS with Ch Mallesham for Asu machine subsidy
11 April - Meeting with Padmaja, J2IC and a film maker
12 April - Visit nnovator in Mahbubnagar dist
13 April - Meeting at IICT to discuss the progress of MoU
15 April -Deliberation with Commissioner, GHMC on lake cleaning
16 April -Grassroots innovator Narasimha meeting with Commissioner, GHMC
16 April  -Melu  Kalayiaka at IICT
17 April  - Core Group meeting at Palle Srujana
18 April  -Visit Innovator near Zaheerabad
22 April  -Felicitation to Ramesh- Seed Innovator by CGR, Hyderabad
25 April   - Interaction with Balabadi Team at Achampet
27 April   - Address OU Alumni on Development of villages
28 April   - Core group meeting at Palle Srujana
29 April  -Signing of MoU with MLRIT

March 2017 Events
01 March - Innovation display at HITAM, Hyderabad
01 March - Visit to an innovator near Zaheerabad
04 March - Award function at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
05 March -Sristi Samman award function at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
06 March -Participating in a National Round table conference on "Innovation in Public service" at Rashtrapthi Bhavan, New Delhi
7-9 March -Participation in Agri Biz Agri clinic at Peoples' Plaza organized by MANAGE, Hyderabad
7-10 March -Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapathi Bhavan
20 March -Interaction with with Mr Kannan - Mikrospin
20 March -Visit of Innovator Patan Saida to Palle Srujana
21 March -Visit of Innovator Adigoppula Ramudu to Palle Srujana
22 March -Meeting with Commissioner handlooms, GoT with Mallesham
22 March -Visit of Innovator Ch Mallesham to Palle Srujana
22 March - Interaction with Commissioner, Handlooms, GoT
23 March -Participation in a panel discussion at NIRD in the Rural Incubator Start up Conclave
23-24 March -Rural Innovations Start up Enclave at NIRDPR, Hyderabad
24 March -Brain storming -I with Volunteers on "Social Enterprise'
26 March -Brain storming- II with Volunteers on "Social Enterprise'
28 March -Core group meeting
30 March - Interaction with Scientists @ NAARM, Hyderabad
February 2017 Events
01 - Mallesham talk at Hitachi Consulting Campus @ Gachibowli 
02 -Visit of 20 Women scientists from ASCI, Hyderabad to Palle Srujana
03-5 - 7th Gyan Shodh
07-8 -Visit to Pratyusha Girls Home
09 -Visit to Visakhapatnam
12 -Demonstration of an innovation for grassroots at Palle Srujana
11 -Conducting Creativity workshop at RSC, Tirupati
17-19 -22nd Chinna Shodha Yatra in Dist Bhoopala Palli, Telangana
21 -Interaction with children at School in Aler
23 -Second Follow up meeting  of 7 Gyan Shodh
23 -Interaction with farmers at NIPHM
24 -Visit of 40 farmers from all over Telangana
24 - Visit an innovator near Zaheerabad, TS
25 -Interaction with Students and Faculty and innovation display at VISIT, Tadepalligudem
26 -Visit Innovator at Parvatipuram, AP
27 -Visit of ITI, Kolluru students and faculty to Palle Srujana.
28 -Palle Srujana Kutumabam Mini Meet and Dinner at Palle srujana office.
28 -Innovations display at MLRIT with innovators.
January 2017
9-Visit innovators in Warangal dist
10-Visit of IIT, Hyderabad Students and Faculty to Palle Srujana
11-12-Participation of two teachers and four school students from Telangana and AP in a National workshop on "Creativity" at Ahmedabad organized by SRISTI
16-Visit RDSO, Lucknow
17-Validation trials of Mini tiller
18-Visit Herbal healer in Nizamabad dist
18-Meeting with Scientists of IICT-CSIR for discussing the progress of MoU.
18-Interaction with IICT-CSIR at Palle Srujana 
21-Route planning for 22 Chinna Shodha Yatra
23-Visit of Prof Gupta to Kakinada
25-Interaction with students and faculty of NIT, Warnagal
26-Flag hoisting and interaction with students of HITAM, Hyderabad
28-Participation and interaction of a poor children school near Jawahar nagar, Hyderabad
28-Felicitation to the two grassroots Padmasri awardees by NAARM,  Hyderabad.
29- Interaction with school children in an event organized by a young group from former Teach India group 
26-29-Participation in Science city Festival at kolkatta
30-Farmers Mela at Kazipet