Shodha Yatra 14th


Journey of 14 Chinna Shodha Yatra
7:30 AM : Simhapuri Express @ Kavali Railway station 5* waiting rooms waiting for yatris to freshenup ;)
8:10 AM : Unlearning Session @ Station waiting hall + Tea
9:00 AM : Breakfast @ hotel – nameless ;)
9:30 AM : Reached Bus station on foot, Bus to Ulavapalla
10:45 AM : Ulavapalla stop @ NH5 Pit stop before yatra started. Pamphlets and magazines handed over to yatris.
11:30 AM : Ulavapalla village Yatris interacted with villagers in different groups Brig. Interacted with Mr. S K Kaasi and Mr. E Venkata Subbayya @ Rachabanda below a tree. Akhila & co discussion with Mr. Dayakar near Tea shop, Naresh & co discussion with Mr. Aadi Sesaiah, 80+ old man @ his house.
12:10 PM : Felicitation of Shri Aadi Sesaiah for his knowledge and experiences with us.
12:25 PM : Met Shri. Tirupatamma, 85+ old lady on walker & Felicitation.
12:40 PM : Playing @ Checkdam and lots of Selfies ;)
12: 50 PM : Interaction with Madhavi, a happy young women on road with her buffaloes
01:30 PM : Interaction with Shri. Ramanamma and Mr. Gopalayya on road.
02:00 PM : Sriram Nagar Colony, Brig disussion with yatris on road next to fields.
02:07 PM : Discussion on waste/ plastic dumping in villages + water Hyacinth lake
02:13 PM : Singapeta village, Halt @ Govt. School
02:15 PM : Pre-Lunch interaction session. Brig. Stories about different tribal schools practices, about Shri. P D K Rao, and Sh  Manohar Prasad.
* How much govt. influences our decision making!
2:45 PM : Lunch @ School
3:20 PM : Interaction with school children @ Singipeta Govt. primary school
4:50 PM : Shri. Subbiramayya (90+ years) old man sharing his experiences and singing nice oldie songs and poems.
5:10 PM : Met Shri. Venkata Subbareddy, a man who met Gandhi ji.

Sharing Guavas by Subbiramayya and kids from the village with yatris.
5:15 PM : Temple visit, met Mr. Venkata Seshacharyulu, a sculptor.
5:20 PM : Group picture @ 2 local yatris  from Nellore Engineering college left
5:30 PM : Story by Brig on road-side.  Sritailam, our fav oil that saved us from mosquitoes. The story of Chandrasekhar garu, the innovator who made Sritailam.  Tea and Madhavi joining yatra
6:00 PM : Aaluru town
6:10 PM : Walking in the dark, Fireflies across the horizon both sides of the path and beauty of the night
NIT group joining yatra
7:20 PM : Tea Break on road, near a Rice/ Salt mill. Brig. Story about Air Seal Tube, Innovator Mr. Pandurang
9:00 PM : East Gogulapalli and walk back to West Gogulapalli ;)
9:20 PM : Meeting with farmers of West Gogulapalli near a small temple
Yatris giving dinner to Mosquitoes and Sritailam's rescue mission ;)
10:10 PM : Village meeting concluded and dinner served @ Gogulapalli Primary school
10:55 PM : Impressions session, where all yatris shared their view on the first day

Morning duties . To the arms and to the fields ;)
7:00 AM : Open washroom and bathing @ Water tank
7:40 AM : Brig. Walk in village
8:00 AM : Small gathering @ hotel, coffee break, Solar Sprayer demonstration
8:20 AM : little more exploration of the village
9:10 AM : Breakfast
10:00 AM : Salt mine visit, salt packing arena ;) + Interaction and visit hosted by Laxman – a young and versatile farmer.
11:00 AM : Salt farms + Prawn ponds + TEA break closer to Sea
11:10 PM : walking towards Purini village via our beloved East Gogulapalli
12:15 PM : Chandrasekhara puram, Brig. Story about Castor Oil engine innovated by Mastan Vali
12:35 PM : Over the rice fields. Brig discussion about Plastic usage in rural india. Met Mr. Rambabu, Sarpanch, Purini + our host
1:20 PM : Met Mr. Sri Hari – Elephantiasis patient @ on road. How can we help him?
1:35 PM : Purini Village, Meet @ Village hall & Lunch
Small shop: bananas, Badshas, playing @ School

2:15 PM : Brig discussion with Farmers . Bhanu with school kids + idea collection
3:20 PM : Gift session with Brig and kids
4:30 PM : Departure from Purini
5:15 PM : Purini village, below big tree meet with Brig.
5:40 PM : Bus shelter meeting, next to play ground. Story of Mallesham , Asu Machine
6:10 PM : Meeting on road, full of fireflies. Story of Narasimha, water Hyacinth machine
7:27 PM : North Mopur Village. Chairs for Villagers, yatris sitting on floor
9:30 PM : Impressions Part -1 ;)
10:15 PM : Dinner served
11:00 PM : Impressions Part -2 ;)

5:00 AM : Day started a bit early than expected for boys ;)
6:00 AM : yatris went for walk across fields and scouting around
7:30 AM : Breakfast served
8:00 AM : Ashram students from Kavali visited along with Mr. Venkateswarlu
9:15 AM : Departure from North Mopur
9:50 AM : Brick making experience, yatris making mud bricks + Brig question to yatris: how to reduce the pain of brick makers?
10:20 AM : Beramgunta village – Pass-by
10:40 AM : On-field discussion about inner-self. Stories of Chandrasekhar – Brick making machine, Story of Shri. Guraviah garu about his Zero-Trillage machine, Story of Pandiri Pulla Reddy - one motor – two bore wells innovation.
11:45 AM : North Amuluru Village: Pass-by
Farmers working in the fields, a farmer mixing fertilizers
12:40 PM : Welcome by students @ Ashram @ Golla palem
12:57 PM : Shri. Sarath – India scout, President award in 1994. Founder of the ashram. Explained the reason behind the Ashram, his story and experiences So many awesome, heart touching, inspiring and humorous stories. One such
example: 1class in Telugu and 5Class in Mathematics ;)
2:00 PM : Walk around the campus built, developed and maintained by students
2:20 PM : Thanks giving Prayer before Lunch is served. 

3:10 PM : Interactions with Ashram kids by Bhanu and Brig.
4:50 PM : Departure from Ashram and farewell
5:10 PM : Walk across awesome landscape views
6:30 PM : Final impressions @ Racharlapadu school
8:00 PM : Yatra conculded with Brig asking them to continue the Internal Shodha yatra.
8:25 PM : Waiting on highway for Bus to Kavali, Fun@ BUS. Fighting for Dosa @ Kavali bus stand hotel, Packing and selfies @ Railway station
11:35 PM : Bye-Bye Kavali, Depart @ Simhapuri Express
14 Chinna Shodha Yatra ends……….for a new beginning…….

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