20th Chinna Shodha Yatra

By Palle Srujana Hanimireddy Palli to Kambala palli,

District Ananthapur, A.P. September 23-25, 2016

@23rd – 25th September, 2016

Hanimireddy Palle to Lakshmam Palle, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh

A 3 days walk for about 50KM, close to the nature and closer to dear friends, gave a lot of memories to remember.

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A few snippets of CSY 20: Where, When, What we were doing, along with some pictures to recall the memories.




7.30 am : RDT regional office, freshup @Atmakur

8.00 am : Introduction & unlearning session by Brig. P. Ganesham

9.00 am : Interaction with Nallamma , women auto driver, who is a role model and inspiration for many. Her story

can help many. Followed by felicitation. And a talk with Mr Erisamy Reddy of RDT.


9.20 am : Awesome Pongal and Wada for breakfast @ RDT Camp Office:

10.30 am : Hanimireddy palli school.


10.45 am : meeting with villagers of Hanimireddy Palle

11.30 am : Villagers got RDT Seeder to show us


12.00 pm : Walk started towards next village: Yatra Started

12:10 pm : meeting RDO on road: Mr. Ramarao. 

Brig was talking about  the age of stone? And uses of stones, rock mineralization. How to utilize farm waste (95% – biomass)! Instead of burning. And also explained how Mr. Vijay Kumar, a organic farmer : needed a machine to chop the fame waste to small pieces that is easily degradable which may solve the problem of farm waste.


12.38 pm: story : wild boars and other animals problem at fields.


1:15pm : A critical Issue was discussed, sitting on road: why farming is unviable? Who made it so?


A random snap



1:50 : Venkatam palle Village: tea break. and met some Villagers.

3:15 pm : The inspirational story of Mr. Patan saida who made a mastless wind mill & also had a discussion on Salt farming.


4.40 pm : Reaching Mudinayini Palle. Where Birg interacted with Villagers


5.30 pm : Akhila playing with kids in village


6.00 pm : Yatra started; Moving forward to next village

6.20 pm : Few yatris visited a seed cultivation farm


6.30 pm : Interacted with Mr. Golla Narasimhamappa, Mudinayini palle, +91 9989099618, an 80yrs old man, who is a herbal healers and very smart with words


7.45 pm : A tea break where the story of Mr. Vijay Kumar, an inspirational and unique organic farmer and a organic farming promoter. And also another Story on  Mr. Mallesham, the amazing indian with his Lakshmi Asu Machine.


9.30 pm : Reached village Kodipalle, had a tasty Dinner @ premises of village temple

10.30 pm : reflections meet @ yatris11.45 pm : conclusion




8.45 am : Brig interacting with school children about IGNITE and showing ideas by students across India.


10.00 am : Brig interacted with few farmers in the village, and showed Grass Innovations and how they can solve their own problems using simple technologies.


10.45 am : Yatra continued to Next Village


11.30 am : Story on Sritailam & Nematode cure by Mr. G. Chandrashekar. and also had a discussion on,How to get Nematode into the market of needy


12.00 pm : tea break

1.10 pm : Bhattuvaani Palle village meet with children


Few snaps of painting found interesting on the walls of the classroom


1.45 pm : Akhila with kids playing the awesome, Idly-Dosa-Chapati-Wada-Coffee


1.50 pm : Brig interacint with farmers of Bhattuvaani Palle village

3.00 pm : Lunch on road side small hill


A snap during the walk


4.30 pm : A discussion on drip irrigation, effects on underground life. And also a Story of Mr. Panduranga the innovator, who made airseal tube.

5.20 pm : Palvaay Village : Brig interaction with villagers


6.20 pm : Yatra started as Walked towards the next village
7.30 pm : A discussion near a rail road.

10.30 pm: dinner @yarrampalle: with unforgettably tasty  Paapu, and Rasam



8.00 am : interacting with RDT personnel : Mss. Devika.


9.00 am : yatra commences as we walk towards the next village


10.15 am : walk across Paapampalle village
11.10 am : Interaction with RDT employee, Mr Erisamy Reddy, explaining about their organization and how they work for developing the community around.


2.00 pm : Brig interaction with farmers in Lakshmam Palle Village; while was being served at a school in the same village


3.00 pm : interaction with Mr. Gangappa. His unique style of having some crop to harvest every period of the year.


3.30 pm : interaction with innovator, Mr. Amarnath and getting to know his innovations.


3.50 pm : impressions


YATRA CONCULDED at 4:25 PM in Lakshmam Palle, where we boarded a bus to Anantapur.

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