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Something to Cheer………

During 2014-15, volunteers of Palle Srujana endeavoured to pursue the mission of nurturing and promoting creativity @ grassroots in both the Telugu states. While there are many achievements – small and big, we have highlighted some of them which impacted considerably some section of the society and mostly the grassroots innovators.
The credit for these achievements entirely goes to the VOLUNTEERS of PALLE SRUJANA

Social Internships for Foreign Executives
Nine teams of executive Internees from Japan and Korea socially interned with Palle Srujana. It involved a day with Innovators -  Chinthakindi Mallesham and Bommagani Mallesh in their respective villages to learn and assemble asu machine and solar sprayer respectively. They also spent half a day with weavers in a village to learn the process of weaving Pochampalli silksarees from thread to sari. It also provided them an opportunity to learn the conditions under which the weavers work and produce such artistic designs. Enroute they often interacted with school children of few villages. Assembled innovations are purchased by the foreign internees and gifted to the needy weavers and farmers. Innovators and weaver families were paid honorarium for guiding them to assemble the innovations. Palle Srujana with this initiative has provided recognition and financial benefit to the two grassroots innovators weavers’ families by displaying their knowledge and skills. These are likely to continue in 2015 with higher frequency and more strength.

Recognition to Innovators
Godasu Narasimha was adjudged the best “Agri Biz Idol 2014” for the southern zone by NAIP, ICAR, GoI at NAARM during August 2014. Pandiri Pulla Reddy, Syed Subhani, Bommagani Mallesham, Mahipal Chary and were honoured by local organizations. Volunteers of Palle Srujana who connected the innovators with the formal organizations desewrve all the appreciation.

One Million grassroots Ideas
With Prof ARK Prasad from JNTU, Palle Srujana undertook a project for collecting one million grassroots ideas by inspiring, motivating and involving 100 students of 100 colleges. One day workshops for initiating the academia was conducted by Palle Srujana at 10 colleges. Though initial response was encouraging, the student activity faded away as the College managements have not supported the project for long.

Palle Srujana magazine for each Telugu Village – “Gyana Yagnam”
An initiative to ensure each village of both Telugu states receive one copy of Palle Srujana magazine for a year, “Gyana Yagnam” has been launched. Contributions of Rs 200 each per village for 23000 villages was the target. DR C Nageshwar Rao and Dr Sudha were the first to volunteer to contribute for the 972 villages of Krishna District. Volunteers from far and wide supported the cause and as of now more than 2000 villages receive Palle Srujana for one year under this project.

Chinna Shodha Yatra
A pilgrimage to the temples of knowledge – Chinna Shodha yatra has been drawing a lot of attention by the executives, students, social activists, and women for the last three years. 14 Chinna shodha yatras were conducted in 13 Districts of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.  Palle Srujana website contains the reflections of the yatries on the webpage Shodha yatra. This is an ongoing activity and is well received by the society. A target of 5000 yatries for participation in Chinna Shodha yatras has been set by 2020.

Grassroots Innovators as consultants
A heartening activity which elated the volunteers of Palle Srujana has happened this year. Scientists of ICAR and a farm equipment manufacturer approached Palle Srujana for developing appropriate and affordable solutions to few problems faced by the farmers in SAF flower harvesting and weeding in SRI type of paddy cultivation respectively. Grassroots Innovator Mahipal chary designed and developed both the solutions and the trials were found successful. Both the agencies have expressed their delight in the simplicity of the innovations. Palle Srujana can now launch a consultancy of providing solutions to the problems of Society with the brilliant pool of grassroots innovators as their strength.

Book on Grassroots Innovators
National Agriculture Innovation project (NAIP), ICAR has funded a preparation and publication of a book on grassroots innovators during 2013-14. “RURAL INNOVATIONS@GRASSROOTS” was published by NAARM, Hyderabad during October 2014. This is first of this kind and is written by scientists for the scientific community. This book is not on open sale but Palle Srujana can provide the digital copy to the interested.

Festival of Innovations
Duting March 2015, “Festival of Innovations” was conducted at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi from 7-13 March.  Palle Srujana had the privilege of showcasing four Innovators in this first of its kind event in the world hosted by the President of India. Godasu Narasimha, Mahipal chary, K Chandra Shekhar, and Muvva Krishna Murthy displayed their innovations which drew appreciation and applause from high and mighty of the nation and also from the general public who visited the exhibition in thousands.  Innovators got connected to the people from across the nation and their innovations got visibility at national level.

President’s Awards
Palle Srujana is proud to celebrate the highest recognition to the two grassroots innovators of Telugu land. K Chandrshekhar was awarded by President of India Rs one lakh as appreciation to his efforts to make manual brick making highly productive. K Mahipal Chary won appreciation and Rs 10000 for his innovative weeder. Muvva Krishna Moorthy show cased his unique art of weaving a sari from paddy grass. President of India has gracefully accepted a kanduva from him weaved from the paddy grass.

Sristi Samman
This year two ordinary people form Dist Khammam and Mahabubnagar were conferred with “Sristi Samman” for doing extra ordinary things. These awards were given away by DR R A Mashelkar at Rashtrapathi Bhavan on 8 March 2015. Daripally Ramiaiah and Dama yadeshwari were the recipients. Palle Srujana is delighted to highlight the efforts of these two common people who delivered uncommon services to the society purely on their own efforts with passion and self motivation.

Incubation and marketing of Innovations
This year has proved to be a good year for connecting the grassroots innovations to the formal industry. Sri Tailam finally is being marketed by an eminent entrprenuer during 2015. All necessary agreements to the satisfaction of the Innovators and Palle Srujana have been signed.  Mahipal Chary sold over 75 weeders to the farmers of both Telugu states since mid 2013. Syed Subhani has made four types of sprayers – manual, motor cycle based, tractor based and sold over 80 units during the last two years. Demand is increasing and we hope both of them complete their 100 mark by the end of 2015. Bhoomiah Chary sold hundreds of “Nose Filters”   and Rajanna’s herbal medicine for Mastitis has been a real good seller. Other innovations such as Cycle hoe, coconut climber, Mitti cool, Tualsi- a growth promoter from Venkata krishnudu  also increased their sales during the year 2014-15. Over 70 asu machines recorded their sale and Mallesh sold over 100 solar sprayers and 500 remotes during the year. Pandurang established an effective sales network in three southern states and sold over 8000 units of his puncture less tubes in the last six months. Traditional medicines from two healers have also been under market research by a private Pharmaceutical company. We hope to add another dozen innovations to this list during the year 2015.

India International Trade Fair (IITF 2014)
Govt of India organizes an IITF every year in New Delhi at a very grand scale. Palle Srujana through NIF-India got an opportunity to show case three innovations from Telangana. Mallesh with his remotes and solar sprayer, Pandurang with his innovative ‘Air ceal” puncture less tubes for two wheelers made a good impact on the visitors to the Fair. They made good contacts and also sold few units which they carried.

Horizontal communication
Palle Srujana discovered something happening in the Telugu society. A horizontal communication between the common people and the grassroots Innovators and herbal healers introduced through Palle Srjana magazine has began. Thousands of people everyday communicate and share their knowledge through this new horizontal network. Karim got more than 1000 calls and hundreds called on him. Pandiri Pullla Reddy received calls from over 6000 people and he successfully installed his innovation “Two bores – one motor” in over 50 villages. Muniratnam Naidu visited over 100 villages and shared his successful experiments in organic farming. Syed Subhani was called by two farmers from Khammam dist to their village and were requested to develop a customized sprayer. Subhani stayed in their village for ten days and gave them the sprayer they wanted. Now the whole village is in need of such sprayer. The effectiveness of Sri Tailam and Rajanna’s herbal medicine for mastitis has spread far and wide through this lateral communication.  Our dream to initiate and sustain knowledge sharing at village level is now a reality. We are sure such knowledge transfer is cheap, effective and silently contributes to the individual productivity of each farmer and thereby of the whole nation.

International Conference on Creativity and Innovation at Grassroots
Palle Srujana was fortunate participate alongwith an innovator in an the third International Conference on Grassroots at IIM, Ahmedabad during last week of January 2015. 39 countries participated and it was an effective merging of minds of International people. No business, no baggage – but pure urge to make the world better. Mallesham and his asu machine drew lot of appreciation from international delegates.

Two young school children one from Hyderabad and the other from Nellore got IGNITE 2014 awards at IIM, Ahmedabad from former President DR APJ Abdul Kalam. It is pure delight to Palle Srujana.

Agri Scientists from Sri Lanka
A group of 24 senior agricultural scientists visited Innovation Diffusion centre (IDC) for a day to familiarize on the creativity @ grassroots. This was initiated by NAARM, Hyderabad.

Executives and Scientists from Public sector through ASCI
Administrative College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad has been engaging Palle Srujana by bringing the executives, Scientists and senior Govt officials to visit Innovation Diffusion centre for a day. The teams visit Palle Srujana and proceed to a village and an inn0vator’s location to see firsthand the grassroots innovations and their significance. More than 250 attended this programmes conducted by Palle Srujana. Thanks to the enthusiasm of ASCI, these visits have become a regular feature.

MIT Fab Lab Included Palle Srujana as public Innovation space
It is a delight to notice that Palle Srujana activity is recognized internationally. MIT Fab Lab, USA has included “Palle Srujana” as a public innovation space in their International List.

Growing of Apple Plants in Telugu States
Hariman Sharma from Himachal Pradesh developed a variety of apples which can be grown in temperate climates such as Telugu states. 60 plants as an experiment are given to six farmers during March 2015. Palle Srujana is monitoring the growth of these plants closely. Plants, if survive will yield fruits in third year.

Palle Srujana Magazine
Starting in May 2006, Palle Srujana magazine has entered its tenth year of publication. Originally it was a quarterly and since 2011, it is now being publishes every two months. We are finding it as an effective medium for farmers to connect directly with Innovators.

Visit by Delegates of World Women Forum
It was an unbelievable day for the women of Bachhannapet village when Palle Srujana brought 24 eminent women representing six nations from Africa, Latin America, USA and Europe. Both the hosts and guests relished the time spent. For a change, the village men folk were sidelined and the women of the village were in the limelight. University of Hyderabad approached Palle Srujana to organize a day’s visit for their International women delegates who were in Hyderabad attending the World Women Forum- a mega event. The visit started at 8 AM first spending few hours at Innovation Diffusion Centre at Palle Srujana premises then to the weavers’ village, visiting Innovator Mallesham and by the time the guest women returned to their hotel it was close to midnight. Such was the enthusiasm of the visiting women delegates.


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Team, Palle Srujana
April, 2015



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