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Events done for the year 2012


Innovator Godasu Narasimha is engaged since November in cleaning tanks of GHMC. Creative Minds is coordinating the activity. RK Puram lake will be next in the list . The innovative machine, speed of removal of hyacinth from the lake, safety and simplicity, high standard of work ethics are the highlights of the cleaning operation

Bommagani Mallesh participated in the India International Trade fair in Delhi from 20-27 November 2012. His innovative remote for lights and fans, Solar sprayer have received excellent response. Business interests are being pursued.

Ch Mallesham attended the International Conference on Grassroots Innovations held at China from 3-5 Dec 2012 as an invitee

Brig P Ganesham and J Durga Prasad participated in the International conference at IIM, Ahmedabad from 6-7 Dec 2012