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Events done for the year 2015

  • December 2015 Events
  • 01 December Meeting of conveners and co-conveners of subcommittees of Millet Cor Committee, GoAP at CSA, Tarnaka
    05 December Participation in exhibition at Miryalaguda, Nalgonda
    08 December Interaction with PG dip Technology Management course participants at NAARM, Hyderabad
    09 December Visit of Japan executives to Palle Srujana as part of Internship
    18 - 20 December Participation of grassroots Innovators in South Asian Agri Expo at LAM, Guntur
    23 December Participation in Farmers' day at Yanam
    26 - 27 December Exhibition at farmers gathering in Nellore

November 2015 Events

  • 1 November Participation in a Round table conference on R&D at IIIT, Hyderabad
    05 November visit to Khammam to interact with innovators
    07 November Grassroots Entrepreneur workshp @ Palle Srujana.
    08 November Participating in Raitu sadassu on Millets marketing at Anantpur.
    10 November Visit to village in Medak Dist
    11 November Interaction with Innovator at Palle Srujana
    12 November Visit of Innovator to Palle Srujana
    12, 13 November Visit West Godavari dist for route search for 17 CSY
    14 November Interaction with Spl CS GoAP as part of Millet Core Committee.
    18 November Visit of Japanese Intern to Palle Srujana
    21 November Innovators participation in "INNOFEST" at IIIT, Hyderabad
    25 November Interaction with Mr Harish Rao , Minister GoT on Hyacinth removal
    25 November Discussion with Mr Willian Oakes, Founder of EPICS, Purdue University at MLRIT, Hyderabad
    26 November Presentation in STEM about Mullapudi Satyanarayana’s new power tiller
    26-27 November Participation in STEM Annual Summit at Hyderabad to show case grassroots innovations.
    27 November Meeting with Asresh, Master's student in the International Development Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    28 November Interacting with Staff of SERP-Telangana at TSIPARD
    30 November Participating in APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Awards function at IIM, Ahmedabad.

October 2015 Events

01 October Visit to Innovator Narasinha at Muktapur, Nalgonda Dist
03 October Grassroots Entrepreneurship Workshop
08 October Interaction with Internees from Khammam
09 October Interaction with Faculty and Students at MLRIT, Hyd
09 October Brainstorming with Alumni NITW about involving students in community projects
10 October Inauguration of "Vision Centre" at Pedana - a Palle Srujana LVP Eye Hosp Initiative
11 October Interaction with youth at Ramkriahna matt, Hyderabad
11-13 October Team of Innovators visiting Buldana urban for handing over/installation of innovations
12 October Interaction with shodha yatries of 16 the Chinna shodha yatra
13 October Interaction witth 500 students at Kalwakurthy in Mahbubnagar dist.
13 October Meeting with organizers of "Innofest 15" at IIIT, Hyderabad on 20 Nov 15
14 October Visit of three scientists from NBPGR, Hyderabad to assist Ramesh - seed collector in documentation and validation.
15 October In memory of Dr Kalam - An event by vandematarm Foundation with Palle Srujana in Hyderabad
16-17 October Palle Srujana team visiting Buldana for handing over/installing innovations.
17 October Visit GangadeviPalli on the invitation of the its inspiring leader K Rajamouli.
19 October Participation in NCRI Foundation Day
19 October Inauguration of Manavata University at Kothapeta, Mahabubnagar Dist
22-23 October Visit Anantpur/Guntur Dist for route selection for 17 Chinna Shodha Yatra

27 October Visit of Prof Anil Gupta
30 October Visit Varla Ramiah at Khammam
30 October Visit of 70 Mgt students and faculty from MRIM to IDC, Palle Srujana
31 October Innovators' visit to Eluru to discuss with Pal growers' association

September 2015 Events

01 September -Interaction with an Entrepreneur at Palle Srujana
01 September - Deliberations of like minded voluntary organizations for villagers
01 September - Interaction with Civil service aspirants from Vandemataram Foundation
04 September - Interaction with Prof Anil Gupta
05 September- Interaction with Scientists at NAARM, Hyderabad
06 September- Visit of IITH team to Palle Srujana
07 September - Interaction with Faculty and students of MLRIT on EPICS Project
07-09 September - Visit of Innovators Team to Buldana Urban Cooperative, Maharashtra
08 September - Workshop on Entrepreneurship for sustainable growth" at Sphoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad
09-10 September - Visit Innovators in Warangal Dist
11 September- Presentation in a Seminar to 500 Engineering Students organized by TITA, Hyderabad
14 September- Invited to participate in Engineers day celebrations at IIIT, Idupulapaya
15-16 September- Participating in an exhibition by WASSAN, Hyderabad
19 September- Interaction with students anf faculty of KITS, Warangal
19 September- Interaction with KU professors
19 September- Brainstorming with students of NITW for EPICS
21-22 September- Visit of Team Grassroots Innovators visiting Buldana urban in Maharashtra.
22 September- Visit of first group of NITW students to a village to identify problems for EPICS
23 September- Discussion on publication of grassroots knowledge with K Suresh, "Manchi Pustakam"
24 September- Interaction of Mahindra farm Equipment interaction with grassroots Innovator @ Palle Srujana
25-27 September- 16 China Shodha Yatra in East Godavari District
27 September- Visit of second group of NITW students to a village to identify problems for EPICS
30 September - Interaction with scientists of ICAR on Nematodes

August 2015 Events

  • 4 August-Visit to West Gogulapally, Nellore dist to assess the efficacy of wind mill installed by Palle Srujana in a Salt farm
    06 August-Addressing the freshers at MLRIT, Hyderabad
    07 August-Visit Buldana Urban Society in Maharashtra for promoting innovations
    08 August-Interaction with Scientists on Herbal Nematicide developed by Sh Chandrashekhar at Palle Srujana
    08 August-Interaction with school children at Sixth Symposium on Popular Science 2015 @ NGRI Auditorium
    09 August-Interaction with Youth from across the country at NIRD
    10 August-Team from Infosys visiting Palle Srujana for collaboration in CSR activity
    10 August-Visit by Mr E Suresh,NJ, USA for promotion of GRI.
    11 August-Interaction with Asu machine beneficiaries at Gattuppal
    21-22 August-Participation in Agri exhibition at VIT, Vellore, Tamilnadu
    22 August-Interaction with Engg students, Osmania University
    22 August-Visit of two Innovators to Palle Srujana
    22 August-Two women entrpreneurs interacting with Palle Srujana for promoting handlooms
    23 August-Participation in "Mana kosam Mana Aaharam" - an organic farming Festival @ Vijayawada
    24 August-Finalizing the internship of Muffakamjha Engg students
    24 August-Student journalist from Villa Mary College visit Palle Srujana to publish Palle Srujana story for in their magazine.
    25 August-Interaction with Scientists at NAARM for furthering a women Entrprenuer
    25 August-Visit of entrepreneur for selecting Palle Srujana products
    26-27 August-Route planning for 16 Chinna Shodha yatra in Godavari Dists
    28 August-Interaction with Mr Prasad from Savodaya
    29 August-GRE Wokshop at Palle Srujana
    29-30 August-Display and demonstration of Grassroots Innovations at Jaggayapeta, Dist Krishna
    30 August-Visit of Faculty from IIT, Hyderabad
    31 August-Interaction with Prof Keshavulu, Horticulture University

july 2015 Events

  • 2 july - Visit of RD representatives from NCRI and NIRD to Palle Srujana
    04 julyInteraction with Innovators, Faculty and students at Vizag
    06 julyInteraction with Swamiji at Ramakrishna Matt
    08 julyInteraction with Innovators at Pale Srujana
    09 julyMeeting Dr Varaprasad and Dr Kalpana Sastry at NAARM, Rajendranagar
    10 julyVisit Village in Medak Dist for interaction with farmers
    11 julyGrassroots Entrepreneur workshop
    13 julyInteraction with Director, IICT, Hyderabad
    14 julyInternees from Japan visiting Palle Srujana and Innovator
    15 julyInnovators interaction with students and faculty of NIT, Warangal
    16 julyVisit NAARM fro Discussion on incubation of Grassroots innovations
    17 - 20 julyParticipation in Agri Exhibition at Coimbatore by four grassroots Innovators organized by NABARD
    19 julyInteraction with youth at Ramakrishna Matt
    21 julyInteraction with Scientists ASCI, Hyderabad
    22 julyInteraction with Engineers at IEI Chapter, Warangal
    22 julyDeliberations with Professors at Kakatiya University, Warangal
    22 julyMeeting a grassroots Innovator @ Warangal
    22 julyInteraction with Foreign students at NIT, Warangal
    24 julyGrassroots Innovator vist to Palle Srujana
    24 julyVisit by MD, Buladana Coop society, Aurangabad
    25 julyPalle Srujana team visiting asu beneficiaries in Nalgonda Dist
    26 julyInteraction with Innovation Groups of Vivekananada Institutue of Innovation and Knowledge, Ramakrishna Matt, Hyderabad
    27 julyPalle Srujana conducts One day workshop on "Innovation around you" at MLRIT, Hyderabad
    28 julyInteraction with 300 Teachers at Kazipet
    28 julyInteraction with 400 teachers at Mulugu, Dist Warangal
    29 julyInteraction with 400 Teachers and students of Mahabubabad division at Warangal
    31 julyInteraction with Teachers and students of DAV SChool, Safilguda, Hyderabad

  • june 2015 Events

    01 June - Participation in World Milk Day @ Vijayawada
    03 June - Interaction with Teachers of DAV Schools, Hyderabad
    19 June - Internship commences for IIIT, Basra students
    19 June - Interaction with Women Entrepreneurs at ALEAP
    24 June -Interaction with National Council of Rural Institutes (NCRI), Hyderabad
    26 - 28 June- China Shodha yatra in Vizianagaram Dist
    30 June - Visit of NCRI trainees to Palle Srujana

    May  2015 Events

    5 - 8 May          Visit to 15 CSY area for detailed planning by Volunteers.
    13 - 18 May       35 Shodha yatra in Tripura
    15 - 17 May       15 Chinna Shodha yatra in Vizianagaram Dist
    16 May Visit Village Bhoompally
    18 May Visit an organic farmer in Medak Dist
    19 May Visit Innovator at Warangal
    20 May Innovator from Amaravathi visiting Palle Srujana
    21 May Meeting with Management Committee, Pratyusha Girls Home, Araku
    Commercial launch of a grassroots Product @ Tirupathi
    23 May One day workshop on "Grassroots Entrepreneurship" at Palle Srujana
    26 May Innovator from Eluru visiting Palle Srujana
    28 May Visit Permaculture farm at Zaheerababd
    30 May Annual general meeting of Palle Srujana Sangham

    March 2016 Events

    • 2 - 4 March        Gyan Shodh at West Gogulapally, Dist Nellore
      7 - 13 March      Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi
      13 March           Signing of MoU with BITS, Pilani, Hyderabad on Honeybee Club
      16 March           Interaction with Students and Faculty of GITAM Univ @ Vizag
      14 March           Workshop for Grassroots Entrepreneurs @ Palle Srujana
      16 March           Visit of Prof Anil K Gupta