Virtual Scout for Palle Srujana


Palle Srujana scouts the grassroots creativity in both the Telugu states. In the last 10 years with the help of volunteers, over 300 such innovations have been identified. This is the result of volunteers spread all over the Telugu states. We should have scouted over 10000 innovations by now. Limited scouting is due to the dependency on physical scouting which involves lot of time and effort. While the physical scouting needs to be continued with the involvement of more volunteers, it is proposed that virtual scouting should be resorted to with a view to accelerate the scouting of grassroots innovations and reach thousands in a short span of time.

We need VIRTUAL SCOUTS. These are the volunteers who search for grassroots innovators in the web world. They can do this job from their comfort zone and from wherever they want.

Process of scouting for grassroots innovations in the virtual Telugu world is as follows:

  • Four Telugu popular news dailies – Eenadu, Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi, Varta – publish district based supplements which report grassroots innovations from that district. This is a perennial source for Palle Srujana for locating grassroots innovations as local reporters more often than not write about local talent and creativity in these district based supplements.
  • What the VIRTUAL SCOUT needs to do is to read these supplements belonging to a district(s) everyday and spot the news item related to grassroots innovators.
  • Send the link or the news extract to
  •  A step further is to obtain the contact number of the innovator or the reporter who wrote the story.
  • If possible send some of your friends/relatives who live in the vicinity of the location of the innovator and contact the innovator.
  • Lastly, one can send completed documentation on the innovation. Formats will be provided by Palle Srujana.


Each VIRTUAL SCOUT may do up to sending the link or further. You make the choice and the change the choice whenever you want.

Each VIRTUAL SCOUT may select a district(s) as his responsibility to scan the Telugu news papers of that district(s) and intimate the same to

Palle Srujana will publish the district wise responsibility on their website. We can have more than one VIRTUAL SCOUT per district.

Our target is to scout 1000 innovators by end 2015. We are sure it is feasible with the involvement of sizable number of VIRTUAL SCOUTS.

This is an opportunity to serve the society without compromising your location, work schedule, and family responsibility.

Palle Srujana is invites VIRTUAL SCOUTS.

Please send your consent with choice of district(s) to 

Good luck and Best wishes

Brig P Ganesham,VSM (Retd)
President, Palle Serjana