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Sustainable device for irrigation Cycle based Irrigation pump




Innovator: Vikram Rathore
Innovation: Cycle based pump for irrigation
Cell: +919440711195




Vikram Rathore is tribal who lives in Jaitram Thanda of Indravelli Mandal, dist Adilabad, AP. He is simple and good human being, a farmer primarily but also repairs cycles of the village. He had a small piece of land about 2 acres. He wanted to grow cotton but there was no water supply. There was a small pond in his field at a lower gradient than the field with sufficient water to irrigate his land but being poor, Vikram could not afford a diesel engine or an electric motor for irrigation.

He observed that the pump which finally lifts the water does not need power or diesel. What it requires is only rotation. Vikram thought that he can provide rotation from cycle as he is good at it. That is the spark. Vikram developed a long train of pulleys and belts. One end he linked to a cycle and the other end he connected the Pump. He pedaled the cycle and the pump operated in full swing. He managed to irrigate 2 acres with his sustainable innovation and harvested the crop after few months.

He also been awarded Patent for his innovation subsequently.

Vikram pursued a sustainable solution to supply surface water to his crops. His ingenuity and creative mind provided a beacon to the poor and marginal farmers to find solutions by themselves and make a better living.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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