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Frustrated with Chemicals damaging the Nature-
Venkata krishnudu switched over to making organic growth promoters for Plants



Innovator: S VenkataKrishnudu
Innovation: “Tulasi” – A growth promoter
Cell: +919985758013





“Tulasi” – A growth promoter

Hailing from a village Velugodu, in Kurnool dist of AP in the south, Venkatakrishnudu dropped from the school in 8th standard and joined a private firm in nearby town the as an electrician. This company was manufacturing chemicals which are used by local farmers. Watching the way they are made and their possible effect on the crops, soil, flora and fauna and the resultant adverse effects on the health of people, Venkatakrishnudu was restless. His conscious was not permitting him to work in an organization which is causing damage to the people and environment. He decided to resign the job as he no longer wants to be party to such negative influence in the society.

Venkatakrishnudu started understanding the importance of organic manure and made extensive efforts to learn from the elders of the village. He decided to help the farmers to grow crops naturally and avoid chemical based nutrients to crops. He set up a small production unit to produce growth promoters for various crops using purely organic materials obtained from the village itself. His growth promoter “Tulasi” has become a popular product for the farmers and the results were excellent. Farmers saw the benefit of using the organic manure and thus Venkatakrishnudu’s efforts to provide something useful to the farmers and also earn some living became a reality.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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