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Challenge accepted and delivered by a humble farmer- T Guraviah’ Seed drill cum herbi sprayer

Name of the Innovator:  Tondapi Guraviah

Innovation: Seed Dispenser and Herbi sprayer

Cell No: +919989087931




Guraviah has seen over six decades of life and has been a devoted farmer. Though he fulfilled his family commitments and there is no need for him to continue farming, Guraviah has not stopped farming. He actively involves in the farmer community activity. In one such farmers’ meeting, an Agri Scientist challenged the group of armers present to develop a custom machine to dispense the maize seeds for zero tillage farming in the paddy fields immediately after farming. The challenge was accepted by Guraviah. He had a clear idea of the device which can meet the needs of the farmers for the purpose stated above. However, he did not had the requisite technical knowledge to make such a device. Nevertheless, Guraviah was sure that he would deliver the device.
He approached the nearest Agri Engineering College in Bapatla and sought technical assistance and fund support for the project. Some help came and he could prove the concept. He became more confident of the outcome. College could not help further due to its inability to support such projects. He was then supported by Palle Srujana and linked him to NABARD. With the fund support available and the mentoring provided by Palle Srujana, Guraviah set about making the machine.
He adopted a very novel method of developing the device. With the help of one young mechanic from nearby town, Guraviah made a device and invited many farmers in the village for its demonstration. He ensured that the mechanic is also present for each demonstration. Farmers provide free views on the device during the trials and make very significant suggestions based in their pain points. Guraviah quietly sit down and listen to all the suggestions and go back for improving it. He also provided the farmers a good lunch after every demonstration. Guraviah will improve the device further based on the feedback of the farmers and arrange for the next trials. He iterated the development of the device 5 times by public brain storming during the Public demonstration of the device. What came out finally was totally acceptable to all the farmers. The entire process took only 3 months. The device is now ready for freezing the design and takes up manufacture.
Guraviah’s device does five functions: Makes furrows, drops the seed, adds fertilizer, closes the furrow and sprays weedicide between the furrows.
Guraviah with his enthusiasm to serve the farmer fraternity, and decades of experience in farming evolved a new model of developing innovation by public brainstorming and ensured a quickest way of developing farm equipment.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd.) P Ganesham, VSM,, +919866001678


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