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Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer

Innovator: Syed Subhani
Innovation:Tractor Mounted Boom Sprayer
Cell: +9848613687






Syed Subhani is carpenter by trade but assists the villagers in repairing farm equipment. Over the years, he watched silently the developments in the villages related to farming and observed that farmer was not able to maintain the timing required for various activity for the crops due to lack of appropriate equipment or non-availability of farm labour. This was resulting in loss to the farmer besides increasing input costs.

Subhani with his creativity decided to help the farmers by developing a device which delivers various inputs to the crops on time. He built a sprayer on a tractor with two booms which can be folded and unfolded, for spraying in the fields. One man operates the entire activity from loading of the liquid, move to the farm, spray in the field and fod the booms and return home. The device was ready for use by the farmers of the village.

The tractor mounted boom sprayer can cover one hectare in 5 minutes. It has a spread of 60 feet and the loss of crop is only 5%. The sprayer could be used for crops any heights. Millets, tobacco, cotton, grams, chilli, sugar cane etc are popular crops where Subhani’s sprayer is used mostly.

Subhani made the farmers happy and reduced their losses.

For his record making performance, His sprayer has been entered into the Limca Book of Records.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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