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Naturally powerful device for irrigation




Innovator: Dabbeta rajalingaiah
Innovation: Water turbine irrigation for small farmers
Cell No: +919396518078



Rajalingam is farmer and always tried to find solutions to the problems he encounters in his life. He was keen to provide a method to irrigate fields without waiting for electricity or diesel.

He found a canal flowing with water alround the year at various depths. He wanted to use the water of canal for irrigation to the fields next to it, but they were at a higher level. Rajalingam devised a method to lift the water to the desired height and with sufficient pressure for irrigation. This device is a sustainable form of irrigation for small farmers with no recurring costs. It pumps the flowing water from the canal (lower level) next to the field using the water of the canal itself to run the pump.

Depending on the gradient of the canal, a small quantity of water is tapped upstream and brought down for almost 200 meters and made to flow on to turbine fitted at ground level. The head and the kinetic energy of the water rotate the turbine. Turbine is coupled through a shaft to the pump of suitable size, which lifts the water from the canal and pumps it to the fields, providing water for irrigation.

The size of the turbine depends upon the pump capacity. Pump capacity is linked to the minimum water level in the canal during the year, the distance to which the water is to be pumped and the lift required. Innovator so far installed two such devices. One lifts water for 10 feet and pumps it to 260 feet. Farmers are happy as the water is available 24 x 7 and it has no costs, besides installation cost. The expenditure for this configuration was approximately Rs 15,000/- and is effectively working in Karimnagar Dist of AP. He also assisted IIT, Delhi in developing turbine for similar purpose.

Applications for such devices could be many including low cost power generation, use the power available for any agricultural works in the field, preparing animal green feed etc.
A green and sustainable method of pumping water at the desire of the farmer is an outstanding feat from a farmer who has no knowledge of technology and science.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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