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Loves his wife Nazeer Ahmed Relieved her of daily pain by a simple device to sieve the chilly powder



Innovator: Nazeer Ahmed
Innovation: Pounded chilli sorter
Cell: +919885541400





Nazeer Ahmed and his family grind chillies for the villages of Gadwal, Dist Mahbubnagar, AP. He installed a machine to pound chillies and his wife sieves the pounded chillies to finally collect the powder required by the customers. The sieving of the Pounded chilly for sorting the fine powder was a very tedious job and also adversely affects the skin and breathing. For the last so many years his wife Akhtar begum suffered and continued this service to the people of their village as Nazeer Ahmed has no lands to cultivate and also do not have any other skills to earn. He is also deaf and dumb.

Nazeer loved his wife and they had two beautiful daughters. He was restless and decided to do something to resolve the difficulties faced by his wife in sorting the pounded chilli powder. Four years ago one day he made an attachment to the pounding machine which also provides sieving facility. Begm now has to pour the pounded chilli in this sieve and collect the fine powder from the bottom. This device requires no power and no additional infrastructure. Since the device is attached to the pounding machine itself, it was available whenever the Pounder was operated.

Akhtar begum acknowledges the improvement in quality of life after the device has been installed by her husband. One can see a glint of pride in her eyes when she speaks about the device as it was exclusively prepared for her by Nazeer Ahmed.

Spice board endorsed the device and appreciated the simplicity and its effectiveness.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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