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Stunning Creation of Mini Tractor




Innovator: Vali Mastan
Innovation: Mini Tractor
Cell: +919160742192




Mastan Vali is the only son to Pulla Saheb and Alla bee, who live in Village Ponnakallu, Mandal Tadegudem dist Guntur of AP state. He studied in the village school up to 2 standard, discontinued studies and undertook to repairing cycles. He worked for 10 years in the village cycle shop before he was sent to work in Lorry workshop in Guntur. Having worked for 6 years in Guntur Mastan returned to village and opened a cycle shop which he successfully ran for 4 years and thereafter took up farming till date. His both children are studying- one has completed MCA and the other is in B.Tech second year.

Ponnakalulu is an agricultural village with Cotton as major crop. While running the cycle shop, Mastan observed the need of Cotton growing farmers. During the entire life of cotton crop, farmer needs to do weeding periodically and this requires use of cattle or labour. Farmer finds it difficult to maintain the cattle and the labour is mostly not available, and even if available, do not come when he needs them. Mastan tried to evolve a solution to this impasse by developing a mini tractor. This tractor which is 31 inches in width and 3 feet in height is capable of working in between the rows of cotton crop with ease. All farming activities required for growing the cotton crop after its transplantation, this tractor will be able to do without any help from labour. It can also transport one ton material in its trailer. By adding various attachments, this tractor can be used for much other farming activity. The tractor is powered with 10.2 hp engine and uses mostly the parts of three wheeler auto and that of tractor. Operating the attachment is by driver alone, can be adjusted to any height and is very well controlled by good locking system.

There is good demand for this tractor especially for cotton farmers, as the availability of labour is becoming increasingly difficult and it is grown in millions of hectares in the country. If marketed well. It also has good export potential to agrarian nations.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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