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Semi Automatic cultivator





Innovator: Mahipal Chary

Innovation: Semi Automatic cultivator




Farmers are facing unique problems as a result of public policies. These problems adversely affect their productivity and hence their financial state is tending towards South. One such problem is the lack of sufficient labour in the villages for undertaking cultivation activity in the fields on hire basis. The acute shortage of helping hands to undertake weeding etc impacts the standing crops adversely if not attended in time. Erstwhile method of cultivation using cattle is no longer possible as the maintenance of oxen is a costly proposition. No affordable farm equipment to address this problem exists in the Indian Market. The suffering of farmers continues in the absence of a suitable equipment.

Mahipal chary provided the solution by developing a cultivator which can be used by farmers in fields with some moisture. The machine is mounted with 4 hp engine. Its width is 22 inches. This enables the farmer to use this cultivator in crops whose row distance is more than 22 inches. Accelerator is provided in the left hand grip and the machine is maneuvered by two hands with the handle provided as can be seen in the picture above. An average farmer can cultivate 3-4 acres per say with this machine. Diesel requirement is one litre/acre.

On demand from farmers, Mahipal made a version with 5 hp engine which can be used for light ploughing in the fruit gardens and other such farms. Price of this machine is Rs 35000 all other performance parameters remaining same.
Besides using as cultivator, Mahipal confirms that the engine on the machine can be coupled to an irrigation pump and can conveniently utilized for drawing water from a deep water source. In fact farmers prefer this machine use of the machine as cultivatorís idle time could be utilized for irrigating the crops.

A grassroots innovator with formal education upto 10 standard, Mahipal visualized the problems of the farmers and with no technological background and support, innovated a very appropriate machine at an affordable price of Rs 30000. This is remarkable and has a great impact on the millions of farmers if properly scaled up in manufacture and distribution across the country.
An innovation deserves recognition for bringing happiness to farmers by filling their dire need void and also the innovator and ward which could provide as an inspiration to many such unsung creative people in the backyard of our Nation.


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