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For the sake of reducing his friends Pain…..Device to retrieve the stolen Bikes




Name of the Inovator: P Mahesh
Innovation: Device to retrieve the stolen Bikes
Cell No:+919553554832





Mahesh is from a low income group family from a village nearby Hyderabad. He watched his friends taking up small entrepreneurial jobs and making their living. To make their activity comfortable and efficient, these friends purchased Motor bikes on loan and pay EMIs regularly. The growth in their life was slow but surely coming.
The evil minds of society one day stolen such Bike from one of his friend. Police report and other efforts have not yielded any result. Poor owner of the bike is deprived of the facility and comfort but continue to pay the EMI. This was a greater pain and Mahesh could feel the depression of his friend. He asked “Why my friend should undergo such severe pain and stress for none of his fault.” He wanted to find a way where the stolen bike could be traced and returned to his friend.

Mahesh worked hard on the available technology and found a fool proof method. It works like this;

On purchase of a bike, a SIM card is obtained and fitted in a device discreetly on the motor bike, which is not easily traced back. It has its own power and is dormant always. The owner himself need not know where the device is fitted. What he needs to do is to remember the cell number of the SIM card fitted on his bike. The service provider will be providing life time charges for keeping the SIM card and its number active though it is inactive all the time.

In case of the bike gets stolen, the owner visits the nearby Police station and informs them the SIM card number of the device fitted on his bike. Police will approach the service provider to give a call to the bike and trace its geographical location. Once a call is made to the bike by service provider, the device gets active and makes noise and shouts “this is a stolen bike.. stolen bike..” the voice can grow louder and louder by proper programming. The thief will have no means to stop the audio as he does not know the location of the device. The social shame that causes due to the audio will make the thief to run away leaving the bike. In the meanwhile the Police can close in on the location and retrieve the bike to the owner.

An innovation emerged out of the desire to reduce the pain of the fellow humans. Inspiration came from the samvedana Mahesh had for his friends. The impact of the Innovation is tremendous and the socio- economic benefits to the young people who live in the lower rung of society will be more peaceful in pursuing their livelihood.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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