Provide a Knowledge connect to your Village



Majority of us are Non-resident Villagers – NRVs. We feel a sense of belonging to our village, our childhood friends, grandparents, the land, lakes, fields, play grounds, schools, fields, streams, flowers, fruits, cattle animals etc. While we are busy in making our lives better and better in an urban environment, our people in the villages are stuck there struggling to make food for all of us. There is always an urge in us to do something for the village where I belong to.

A simple idea with no financial stress has evolved by Palle Srujana. All the knowledge captured by volunteers of Palle Srujana is documented and published as a bi monthly in Telugu magazine – “Palle Srujana”. It contains  the creativity @ grassroots and also the practices in all types of livelihood in which the our village people are engaged in. It is means to horizontally disseminate the knowledge  of people to people.

We as NRVs can provide such knowledge to our villagers in half an hour. Just follow the step below:

  1. As NRV identify another four NRV of your village.

  2. Explain the significance of horizontal dissemination of knowledge across villages through “Palle Srujana”.

  3. Seek Rs 200 from each – five including you as subscription of this magazine to your village for a period of 5 years.

  4. Suggest an suitable address in the village which ensures high accessibility of this magazine and also results in discussion and experimentation.

  5. Send Rs 1000 through bank transfer/DD/MO to Palle Srujana:

    Palle Srujana
    Syndicate bank, sainikpuri, Secunderabad
    SB A/C No: 30232200019150
    IFSCode: SYNB0003023

    67, Vayupuri, Post Sainikpuri
    Secunderabad - 500094

  7.  Do not forget to send an email about your contribution to your village through an email to


Do it now…
30 minutes of your time will ensure five years of Knowledge connect to your village.
You will be doing the maximum contribution to your village with least time and money..

Let us connect all our 30000 Telugu villages with the knowledge of other villages.