Innovations AP / Sri Kodurupaka Venkateshwarlu




Sri Kodurupaka Venkateshwarlu

Village EellayaGudem

Mandal. Chennarao Peta

Dist. Warangal

Mr Venkateshwarlu has discontinued studies after 5th class. His occupation is to make and also repair brass utensils. He has good scientific temperament with excellent technical aptitude for conceptulising and working with hands. He saw many speed breakers coming up on the highway and main roads in towns and cities. The energy being absorbed by the speed breakers was going waste and he wanted to harness it. He evolved a method to generate power at speed breakers. Whenever a vehicle passer over the speed breaker, it presses down the spring and energy stored in it was utilized to generate power. This device facilitates local generation of power at hundreds of locations which could be put into the grid for use by the entire society.

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