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Warts on the skin are major social nuisance and no easy treatment is for it. Konakanchi Srinivasa Rao has found some of his neighbors are affected by the warts. When consulted some surgeons recommended surgery, which is a painful and costly. Some were using horse hair to remove them and some others have burnt them with burnt end of Agarbatti. None of them were successful. He consulted few elders and tried an innovative solution. He used the sap of the raw mango after it is plucked from the tree. He has experimented five times successfully. All warts vanished in ten days. Initially, some boils have formed on the skin but all of them disappeared soon. With this simple idea, Srinivasa Rao innovated a sustainable and cheaper remedy for the warts. His friends and family members are very happy and he continues the treatment free of cost.

Sri Konkanchi Srinivasa Rao


Village Manchukonda


Dist. Khammam




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