Innovations AP / Sri Venkata Krishnudu



Venkata Krishnudu

Post & Mandal Velugodu

Dist. Kurnool.


Venkata krishnudu is a creative young man who cares for environment and was concerned about extensive use of pesticides by the farmers. He worked on providing organic solutions to the plant growth problems of the farmers. After extensive work on his own, he prepared an organic herbal solution “Thunder”, which when sprayed on plants saves them from pests, makes them immune and also works as growth promoter. This has shown excellent results and substantial number of farmers around started using it for better effect. The innovative idea of Krishnudu, not only made the farmers avoid costly pesticides and growth promoters, but its use ensured their crops chemical free. In the long run, accrued would be immense in terms of in support of environment, and health to the people. NIF, SRISTI and Honeybee AP has been mentoring the innovator for the last two years and ‘Matrix Bio Technologies, Hyderabad is marketing the product and is recording good sales.


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