Innovations AP / Sri T. Kotiram



Sri T. Kotiram,

Village. Pamidipavam

Mandal. Narasarao pet  and

Sri S. Srinivasarao                  Village Koyavarigudem              Mandal. Pethipada,                  B.S.C (find) najeti Gumuvaiah Degree College Dist. Guntur.

(April-June 2008 P11)


These two students were inspired by the ‘NANO’ car of Tata motors. They also wanted to design a mini car, Now they have got a car made out of waste material and spare parts. It gives 28km per liter and Diesel and reaches 50km speed. One person can travel they are improving the design to have 3seater car. They want to thing for a car which can travel on water also.

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