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Sri Kishan Pawar is a creative teacher from Medak district. Basically a keen observer. He noticed the difficulty of using the present Indian commode by pregnant women, aged persons, people with obesity and with problems of knee pains. Pawar improved the commode by an innovative modification and made it comfortable to all. Patent for this idea is under process. He also resolved the problem of children carrying a heavy load of books to School everyday. He designed a spiral text book. It will have only the specific lesson sheets from all subjects along with white paper. Students can simply carry that spiral book. Everyday the contents of the spiral book can be changed. He is a very keen user of herbals and made a face pack with them. He is an active and committed volunteer for Honeybee AP and scouted considerable number of grassroots innovations by visiting remote locations of the state of AP. He is now working on an automatic alarm for the down stream villages and people at bridges regarding the floods or water being released by opening gates of a dam/reservoir.

Sri Kishan Pawar



Dist. Medak, AP  

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