Innovations AP / G.Chandra Shekhar




Chandrasekhar was pained to see the mosquitoes are hurting humans and animals and affecting their health and productivity. He believed that Nature has a solution for the mosquito problem. A group of young enthusiasts from the village karakollu under the guidance of Chandrashekhar searched for a clean plant in Nallamala forests for three years. Tella Jumki (Passiflora foetida) was traced for its toxic nature. The juice of the leaves of this plant was then used on larvae and mosquito. The result was instantaneous and amazing. This process is is environmental friendly and is purely local. This idea was validated by SRISTI lab and the innovation is processed for patent. Innovator went on to find out various other properties of the leaves and used them with some processing as pesticide, insecticide, blackening the hair, pain remover, for burns, for effective metal removal etc. This innovation was demonstrated at NAARM (National Agricultural Research and Management Institute) Hyderabad and NIF, Ahemdabad. The idea is under incubation and serious efforts are being made to find entrepreneurs for marketing the product.


G.Chandra Shekhar


Village. Karakollu


Mandal. Thotamabedu


Dist. Chittor A.P.


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