Innovations AP / Sri Pattem Chandra & Madhava (Brothers)






Sri Pattem Chandra & Madhava (Brothers)

Rammurthy Nayar

Town. Kavali

Dist. Nellore A.P.


Brothers, Chandra (studied upto 10th class) and Madhava (upto ITI) were assisting their father who was selling plastic and steel utensils and other house hold articles on a push cart. They observed that much time was spent in pushing the cart in sun and rain and thus the time for selling got restricted. They thought of mechanizing their cart. They used a scooter engine and suitably modified the cart to be pulled by it. It costed them Rs 20,000 to mechanize the cart and the fuel consumption was 20 km per litre. Now the daily sales have increased to Rs.300 as they are able to cover the entire town everyday due to increased mobility.

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