Gnana Yagnam


Connecting Village knowledge to Villages

Palle Srujana has completed 8 years of its service to grassroots innovations. In the process, we collected a lot of innovations, best practices related to health, animal treatment, farming and other livelihood tasks. This knowledge is being disseminated through “Palle Srujana” magazine bi-monthly in Telugu language. We are into eighth year of publication.

We feel that each village of both the Telugu states should know about such palle gnanam as it would make them think, experiment and share among the rural community. This would pave way for an effective horizontal communication from palle to palle , farmer to farmer and land to land. Imagine what a sharing and cross sharing of livelihood knowledge would occur if Palle Srujana reaches each village.
As part of this “Gnana Yagnam”, it should be our resolve to ensure each village of all 23 districts get palle Srujana magazine for atleast one year. That would make the villagers aware of a platform- Palle Srujana, tmke them conscious of their own knowledge and provoke them to experiment and share.

A beginning is made by Dr Sudha and Dr Nageswar rao from Vijayawada by subscribing for 972 villages of Krishna District.

What we need is Rs 200 per year per village for an estimated 1000 villages in each district of remaining 22 districts of both Telugu states. Estimated amount required is Rs 2 lakh per dist.

We need Champions per district to muster this amount for each district. Target date is 31 December 2014.

There are many ways of doing. Some suggestions are:

1. Spread the word to 20 NRI from a district. Let each contribute 340 USD (10000 INR). That makes Rs 2 lakhs per dist.

2. Identify and motivate 1000 students. Ask their parents to contribute for one village each. That makes Rs 2 lakhs.

3. Write to your alumni and ask them to contribute for 100 villages each. If you can connect to 220 alumni, the task is complete.

4. Approach PSUs, local big companies, Industrialists to subscribe for their district. Four such banks/ Companies will take care of Rs 2 lakhs with Rs 50000 each.

5. Approach generous individuals in each district and ask them to provide Rs 2 lakhs through their influence. That makes for one district.

6. SCCL can be asked to subscribe for four districts in which it operates. Similarly, Amaron, ITC, Navayuga, Lanco, PVP etc can be approached for subscribing for a district(s) in which they are operating.

7. And many more innovative approaches you may think of

The contributor may give the names of villages, mandals or district. Else we will select from the database available in Govt postal website/official district wise websites.

I am sure you believe that the above proposal is doable. Then, let’s do it. I also believe that if we decide it can be done by this year end.

Kindly nominate yourself as Coordinator for a district(s) of Telangana or Andhra Pradesh.

Let us all be part of this indigenous Gnana Yagnam.

Brig P Ganesham
Ph: 9866001678