33rd Chinna Shodha Yatra


Snippets of 33 ChinnaShodhaYatra
Prepared by Lakshmi

Dear Yatries , 
Hope Everyone is doing well. 
Here are the Snippets of the Yatra. 
Snippets help you to recollect the Memories of the Yatra. 

CSY- 33 RamachandraPuram to GanuguduPalli, Chittoor district  Andhra Pradesh.

Day 1 : 20/12/19 Friday

9.25am : Introduction of yatries at Mandal resource center, RamachandraPuram. 
10.45 : walk started at Mandal resource center
11.5 : Discussion about paddy crop in fields
11: 15 :Chinnikrishnudu story of 106 varites of native paddy variety
11:30 :PoduguVapu– Healer Rajanna story
11:45 Surat Innovator - sugar cane cutter story
11:50 Warangal first ChinnaShodhaYatra story
11: 55 Thumma  story ( Sarkarthumma) and Harvesting process discussion
12:20 Tea break, PandurangaRaoovatorinstory
12:15 Visit to dairy farm at Lakshmi nagar
12:45 Visit to Rice mill
12:50 facilitating Pasha- Operator oil extractor
1:10  Interaction and felicitation of a seller on a cart
2:00 Lunch in fields Lakshmi nagar
2:45 Discussion about marketing
2:55 Venkatkrishnudufrom village Velugodu 
3:30 Interaction with villagers at kammpalli
3:35 A team interaction with primary kids at kanikapuram DW school
4:10 Sri thailam story   (clean plant) 
4:25 Discussion about Nematodes 
5:20 Thangeeduchettu story
6:35 Mallesham story
7:10 tea break
8:20 End of the walk for day one at Appalaigunta
8: 30 Impressions of the day
9:20 Dinner at Appalaigunta function hall
10:00 Impressions of the rest of the yatries
Day 2  Saturday  21/12/2019

7: 30 Tea
8:00 Breakfast at Appalaiguta
8: 35 Story about MunirathnamNaidu sustainable and viable farming method (Village Kasturikandriga)
8:55 Walk started fromAppalaihgunta
9:20 Gyanshodhkolanpaka story
9:35 Interaction with villages at Appalaiahgunta
10: 00 Interaction with primary school kids
10:30 Felicitating AadiReddy garu farmer
11:30 Tea break
11:55 Interaction with chandrashekargaru Innovator. He shared his story with yatries
12:15 FeliciationofSampoorna
1:30 Ashok shared his story with yatries 
2:00 Discussion about firewood for cremation
2:30 Ignite competition for students of higher classes at Mamgadasira
7:00 Tea break at Rayalacheruvu
3:00 Lunch at school
7:20 Silent walk
7:40 Impressions of silent walk
8:30 Narshima Hyacinth story at Cchitathuru
9:30 Felicitation for Herbal healer Doraiaswamy
10:00 Dinner at ZillaparishadSchool Enarkampalli 
10:30 PalleSrujanaInnovations video presentation to yatries 
Day 3:  Sunday 23/12/2019

8:00 Breakfast at school
9:00 Interaction with MunirathnamNaidu ( organic farmer) and DrGangadharam  President, WORD.
9:30 Formation of “CSY”
9:45 Walk started from Enarkampalli school
9:55  Mahipal chary Innovation Story
(Adversity provides opportunity for Innovation) 
10:35 Discussion about Microfinance 
10:50 Kupambadur ladies experience about deliveries
10:57 Tuljama Story (zaheerabad ) about deliveries
11:00  Gurumurthy( innovator) Interaction with yatries.
11:55  Discussion about  Telugu/English medium in schools at Aanganwadi, Chandrapanaidukandriga. 
1:25 Tea break
1:30 Scout Rajuanna innovation story
1:40 Discussion about fundamental duties, rights
3:00 Lunch in mango field
3:35 Impressions of Yatra
6:00 Yatra concluded :)

Sodh Yatra