31st Chinna Shodha Yatra


31st Chinna Shodha yatra

Area we walked was adjacent to the Nallamala Forest and  Mahanandi with its perennial water flow irrigates many acres of this region. Locals are fortunate to have KC canal in the  region providing irrigation to large farm lands. 39 yatries from various parts of the Country participated in this yatra organized in the hinterland of Kurnool dist.  The major crop is Paddy and the soil is mostly black cotton. Animals are few and farmers depend upon tractors and harvesters for cultivation. While the advantage of mechanization is evident, hidden losses caused by engaging heavy automation even for small holdings.  One unique feature which disturbed all the yatries was almost total absence of trees beyond village periphery. Our walk was painful as no shade was available and this is the  first experience for us among all the yatras so far.

Sodh Yatra