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Innovator: Boya Pedda Rajanna

Village : Golla
Mandal: Kalyandurgam
Dist Anantapur
State: Anadhra Pradesh
Age : 58 Years
Contact No: Sardar 09441903729
Father: Boya Madappa,
Wife: Boya Laxmi
Children : Three daughters – Akkamma, Obulamma, Varalaxmi





Pedda Rajanna saw his grandfather also treating animals using herbs. The family was involved in treating animals of the villages around for quite some time. There is no respite for them due to the regular need of treatment of animals. He learnt well from his grandfather and has been contributing immensely to the health animals in a big way in the Region. Most of the farmers in and around his village are benefitted by his treatment. Rajanna is also a farmer and carries a good reputation.

Farmers in the vicinity come to Rajanna to find out the characteristics of good animals and also tips for their maintenance in healthy way. Farmers when approach him for the treatment of their animals, Rajanna leaves his farming and treats their animals. Based on the symptoms, Rajanna prepares medicine and almost in all cases the animal gets fine within 2-3 days. He does not accept any remuneration for treating animals from farmers.

Farmers come to him and take him to their village to treat animals. This also brought lot of good name to him from many quarters and far places. This is the tradition he is continuing from his grandfather and father’s period. He can treat any animals and his medicines work very well on the animals. Broken legs can be joined by him. He treats the following diseases pertaining to animals (Mostly written in Telugu language):

• Kunti Kunda
• Chali Kunda
• Rakta Kunda
• Udu Kunda
• Sasala Apti
• Katta Rogam
• Podugu Vapulu (Swelling of milk source).
• Parukonudaniki (Motions)
• Kallu kuntlu (Leg pains)
• Blindness
• Back pain
• Stomach ache
• Kartam Ganchu
• Blood in milk
• No milk

He has been providing cure to all the aforesaid diseases for all animals. His practice is spread over last 30 years. He uses quality herbs and is curing all kinds of animal diseases with success. Those diseases which are beyond the cure of Veterinary doctors are cured by him. Some VETS take advice from Rajanna to treat some tough diseases.

Considering the intensity of cases of animal treatment and the time required to prepare medicines, he does not fine time to farm his own lands properly. He remains poor and continues to serve the animals generously with the skills and knowledge he developed over a period of time.


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