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Room air cleaner


T Bhoomiah Chary




Dust is all pervasive and adversely affects the poor, and those who work or live in proximity to dust laden environment. When the breathed air contains liberal proportion of this dust, the health of the people affected would deteriorate thereby reducing their productivity, reducing the healthy days and increasing the medical bills .All these will directly influence the financial status of people and hence their happiness.

Bhoomiah Chary innovated a very simple yet very effective method of cleaning the air in the room one is living. His Room air cleaner is kept on the floor of the room and is connected to single phase AC supply. When the device is switched on, a motor operates and draws the air in the room into the device and forces it into a tub full of water. Dust laden in this air is trapped by the water in the tub and the clean air rushes upwards into the room. After some time, the air in the room gets cleaned up substantially and the inhabitants would start feeling the difference. When the air one breathes is not dust laden, there would be less strain on the breathing system of the body and thus a feeling of lightness and happiness is felt. Pulse rate slowly reduces and the inhabitants in that room feel better. All this is attributable to a simple and yet an effective device which provides clean air in a more effective way.

This Room air cleaner is efficient and affordable too. This device could be viewed as poor manís air conditioner as it is priced at Rs 1800. The tangible benefit directly and immediately is to breathe clean air with least strain. The indirect larger benefit is less respiratory related ill health issues, leading lesser medical bills and more productive and healthier time.
A healthy society is a happy society.

This innovative device coming from a grassroots innovator with very les education and has the potential to impact millions Ė a big cross section of the society in improving their health and happiness deserves due recognition and appreciation.


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