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Breathe clean air through Nose Filter



T Bhoomiah Chary




With the rapid modernization of every sector of the Nation, environmental pollution is increasing rapidly resulting in plethora of breath related diseases to the people across the society. This is worse for those who operate in dusty environments, stand on the roads for longer hours, and work in potential pollution environment. At present to prevent breathing polluted air, various methods are used by people which are cumbersome, some ineffective and some are safety hazardous. There is no simple and effective device to protect the people from the air pollution substantially and provide relief to them from ailments.

Grassroots innovator, Bhoomiah Chary developed a simple NOSE FILTER which can be inserted in the nostrils with great comfort. It does not come in the way of breathing or performing any task. It is safe, secure and healthy too. The filters are made of safer substance and have been certified by a professional Doctor. The device is made with high hygiene standards. Whenever the person wearing the Nose Filter feels discomfort or difficulty in breathing, he must immediately remove it from the nose. This could be due to the dust accumulation on the external surface of the filter which must be clogging the passage of the air intake. The Nose filter is a “Use and throw” type of device and should be replaced by a new one.

Trials of the Nose Filter revealed that this device provides substantial relief from the dust and especially to the people who are suffering from respiratory related ailments. Wearing of such filter by healthy people would prevent diseases and provides sustained health. A simple device has a great potential to impact the health of people if they make it a habit to wear whenever they are likely to be exposed to dustier or polluted environment.

Priced at very affordable rate of Rs 25 for 5 nose filters, its cost outweighs the benefits it accrues. Each Nose filter could be used 6-8 hours depending on the degree of pollution and contamination of the environment in which the wearer is operating.

The Innovation is unique and has the potential to provide healthy times to millions of people across the society. While the reduction in pollution is not likely to occur at the rate on we desires, Nose filter will certainly keeps people away from the increasing pollution due the onslaught of modernization and developmental activity across the Nation.

Being a sustainable, hygienic and affordable device, which has the capability and potential to raise the health levels of the country, Nose filter deserves its place of recognition and appropriate respect.


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