Sh Kongara Ramesh was honoured with "GYTI SRISTI SAMMAN" at Rashtrapthi Bhavan on 5 march 2017


Name:Kongara Ramesh
Address: Village Tarulvada, MandalAnandapuram, Dist, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh-531022 Contact No: 9849278889

Email: kongara_ramesh@yahoo.co.in


Innovation Brief: Mr Ramesh is an innovative farmer who has developed new varieties of chilly and mangoes. He has also developed an organic pest control. Apart from farming, Mr Ramesh is knowledgable in homeopathy medicine and gives free medicines to the needy. He has served lakhs of people sufferingfrom various health problems.

Conservation of plant varieties: A native of Guntur district, MrKongara Ramesh an 8th grade dropout took up farming to support his family after his father was elected as the sarpanch of their village. While farming, Mr Ramesh gradually developed a deep interest in agriculture. He started exploring the science of agriculture and started visiting Bapatla College of Agriculture to clarify his doubts, to learn about agricultural science and perform experiments. He would use equipments abandoned by Japanese scientists to carry out his experiments. Subsequently he moved toTarluvada in Visakhapatnam district and worked on the farm for decades. As a result of research and learning, he developed various hybrid varieties of mango and chilly. Three varieties of mango- Swagatham, Amrutham and Good bye and three varieties of Chilly- Pandav, Arjun and Arun have been registered by PPFVR&A (Protection of Plant varieties and Farmers).

Organic pest control: Mr Ramesh observed the growth of some unique bacteria in his farm. On carrying out many tests he found that they could be used to destroy over one hundred pests. His innovation was supported by Andhra University and plenty of research work has been carried out. He also developed a plant health testing portable kit which was tested and disseminated in Coastal Andhra Pradesh.

Homeopathy medicine: Mr Ramesh suffered serious head injuries when he met with an accident. He had to face lot of pain and misery. When doctors were unable to alleviate his pain, he turned to homeopathic treatment from a Homeopath practitioner at Guntur district. Homeopathy medicine helped him recover to a great extent. Being a person with an inquisitive mind, Mr Ramesh developed an interest in homeopathy and started reading books. He also consulted various homeopathy practitioners. He learnt to prepare homeopathy medicines. Having acquired adequate knowledge in that field, he started a health centre near Vishakhapatnam in 1993 where he treated people for free. This clinic continues to be operational and during weekends hundreds reach Village Tarluvada to consult Mr Ramesh. He has cured many ailments and serious diseases through homeopathy. His daughter was inspired to take up BHMS. DrPratibha, his daughter helps Mr Ramesh. For the last two decades, Mr Ramesh has treated several thousands of people. Thus a boy, who discontinued his studies in 8th class became farmer, turned into an agricultural scientist and then later a homeopathy doctor only through self-study.





- He has developed hybrid varieties of bajra, cotton, chillies, mango and millets and sold these seeds to National Seeds Corporation.

- In chilly crop he has developed a new hybrid 'Arjun'which is a dwarf variety and can be preserved for more than one month.

- Mr Ramesh has developed two new mango varieties 'Amrutham', 'Swagatam1   by hybridisation ofImam pasand variety.

- He has also developed Ice fruit mango, that can be eaten like an ice cream, just by inserting a stick and peeling the skin. This was appreciated by none other than India's President, the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam during an exhibition conducted at New Delhi.
- He has registered patents for his five hybrid varieties of ice fruit mango.

Social / Impact / Diffusion :Mr Ramesh has developed six varieties of mangoes which are yet to reach farmers. This year he finished grafting and proposes to distribute them to farmers. Over 100 Mobile Tissue culture kits developed by him are under use by farmers. Chilly variety is yet to be disseminated as the Patent grant is pending. He has helped an estimated one lakh twenty thousand patients free of charge based through homeopathy medicine. Apart from this, over 10000 animals have been treated with veterinary homeopahty so far.

Awardee's background : Son of a farmer, MrKongara Ramesh, a native of Kakumanu of Guntur district started his career as a farmer. He studied in a local school till 8th class but discontinued formal education in order to take up the responsibility of their farm after his father got elected as theSarpanchoftheirvillage.