Reflections of Volunteer Prashanthi Annamraju





Prashanthi Annamraju is a volunteer of Palle Srujana. Her reflections on her volunteering experience are:

  1. The best thing about it has been being able to spend time with Brig Ganesham and learn.  He is very generous with his knowledge and time, We are all grateful for it

  2. The work that we're doing is helping us pick a lot of skills - whether its social media or working on the Palle Srujana magazine,  applying for awards for innovators. 

  3. Palle Srujana's principles of volunteerism are so exemplary- there is no hierarchy, expectations, negativity or failure. We feel so comfortable to step in when we have time and do our best and feel good about it

  4. This whole experience has also shaped the way I look at the world and especially at villages. I cannot explain how and why this happened,  but over course of time it definitely has changed my world view