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Innovator: Ishfaq Ahmed
Innovation: Safe gas operation



When he read about one more poor family succumbed to the burns due to the explosion of LPG, Ishfaq was highly disturbed. He has been reading in the news papers which reported death of families, children and women due to gas leak from the domestic gas system. He analyzed the problem and found that the main cause is the pipe connecting the regulator and the stove. People at lower rung in the society pay less attention to the quality of the pipe and that brings a grave danger to them. When they put off the stove, they invariably forget to close the regulator at the gas cylinder. This result in slow leak of gas from the pipe through micro cracks developed due to vintage. When the mother arrives at the gas stove and lights the match stick, the leaked gas instantaneously burns in the kitchen, engulfs everybody with flames and deaths occur. Ishfaq felt there should be a better way to save lives.

With sole aim to save lives, Ishfaq- an Inter drop out and helps his father in Sweet business, developed a small attachment which is fitted to the gas stove. The simple modification enables the gas regulator to be closed whenever the gas stove is put off and vice versa. There is no extra effort or operation for the lady who operates the gas stove. But she is safe and so as her family.

Ishfaq with compassion for fellow humans in heart, developed a life saving device for few hundred rupees with a simple device to save the lives of people.

It is simple things and simple people who do big things…always which benefit society.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM


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