Innovations AP / Sri Tejawat Rambabu



Tejawat Rambabu

Village.Bommana palli              (Billudi Tanda)

Mandal. Tekulapalli

Dist. Khammam

Sri Rambabu is a tribal youth from the Khammam district. He had to discontinue his studies after 5th class due to poverty. He set up an electronic repair shop without knowing formally or informally about electronics or its devices. He learnt while undertaking repairs the names and identification of resistors, capacitors, ICs etc. He developed innovative products to overcome the problems faced by the farmers in and around his village. With his ingenuity, he provided a remote operation device using the cell phone for irrigation motors for the farmers who had to walk all the way to the farms to switch on the motors whenever the power supply is available. There was safety problem too in the might doing darkness. The remote device was very useful to the farmers. Honeybee AP mentored him and arranged a demonstration to the students of local degree college. The response was spontaneous and he was felicitated by the college management and students for his innovative ability despite being not gone through technical education. Rambabu has become quite popular with his innovative devices for all sections of the society. Presently, he opened a shop in nearby town and is providing innovative products to the people.


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