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Innovations AP / Sri Chintakindi Mallesham



Sri Chintakindi Mallesham
Village Sarajipet
Mandal Aler
Dist. Nalgonda





Sri Mallesham comes from a poor weaver family. He had to discontinue studies after 6th class and started assisting elders in handloom weaving. While practicing the family tradition of weaving Pochampaly silk sarees, Mallesham passed 7th class privately and attempted 10th class also, which he passed it in 3rd attempt.

In weaving Pochampally tradition of silk sarees, the silk thread has to be spread on a pattern for subsequent drawing of designs and thereafter for tyeing and dyeing. The process of asu is conventionally done manually by ladies of weaver families and it takes almost five laborious hours for one saree. In a day a lady could only do for two sarees which takes away ten hours of day light and a severe pain in the shoulder as she had to take the thread around studs for 9000 times over a length of one meter. He was concerned about the motherís pain and also the rate of production due to this asu process. He was determined to automate the asu process. It took him three long years to make such device. He suffered the ridicule of family members, friends and relatives. He worked as a daily wage earner in Hyderabad to earn money for developing his idea. The Asu machine developed by Mallesham is very impressive and brought happiness and cheers for the families of weavers especially their women. It can make five patterns in a day without an attendant. Women can now spend ten day light hours usefully in taking care of the family or doing something else which fetches additional income to the family.

He redesigned the machine with electronic subassemblies but maintained the same price for the last five years. Mallesham sold almost 300 machines so far, and the demand is for almost 10000 more. Already his machines are there in Nalgonda, Warangal districts and contract district of Orissa. Central Silk Board is considering subsidy for the buyers of this machine as it enhances the productivity and State Bank of Hyderabad has consented to extend loans to them. A proposal for financial support for manufacture of Laxmi Asu machine is under consideration of TePP, DSIR.

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