"Details on Bore scanner can be obtained from Innovator Girish contact ph: 9902133996,7204513694"

Dear Volunteers, 

Please spread the word in your networks for more people to derive benefit from these

webinars by getting connected to affordable and appropriate solutions developed by Grassroots innovators.

Webinars on Grassroots  Innovations
Every week commencing from October 2020
50 Webinars
97 Innovators
193 Innovations
50 Guest Speakers
Over 20000 views in Youtube and pqrticipqtion in Webinars

Innovators present their innovations and you can interact with them.
Every Wednesday from 7 PM to - 8.15 PM.

Google meet link:                                            youtube live

" President of India awarding "Padmashri" to grassroots Innovator Shri Chintala Venkat Reddy"

"Prime Minister in discussion with Innovator"

" Sri Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India conferring the RAITHU NESTAM award to

grassroots innovator Koppula Ashok".





Govt of India awarded PADMASHRI to grassroots innovators "Chintala Venkat Reddy" (Telangana)

and "Sundaram Verma"  (Rajasthan). It is a matter of great pride to Palle Srujana family and

Honeybee Network.



" Govt of Telangana, TANA and Ch Mallesham signed a MoU on 07 Aug 2019 for supplying 1000 Asu

machines to Pochampalli weavers in by March 2021 with Govt and beneficiary sharing 25% each and

TANA 50% of the cost of Asu Machine"


Palle Srujana was honoured with an award "Eco System Enabler" by Your

Story on 21 June at Hyderabad

November, 2021
3rd - 47th Webinar on Innovationlu
6th - Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
6th - Interaction with farmers at Gollakandukuru Rachhabanda By Subhash Chander
6th - Inauguration of labs at Kamareddy School
9th - Discussion on GRIPS @ Palle Srujana
9th - Interaction with PG Diploma students at NAARM, Hyderabad
10th - Meeting with an Entreprenuer
10th - Visit of an entrepreneur to acquire Grassroots Innovation
10th - 48th Webinar on Innovationlu
11th - Deep dive with GRIPS Team
13th - Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
13th - Virtual Core group meeting
14th - Virtual Inteaction with farmers of Kurnool dist
16th - KIMS Foundation meeting
17th - 49th Webinar on Innovationlu
17th -  Interaction with an Entreprenuer
20th - Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
22nd - "A Journey of Exploration " with students of IARE
23rd - Interaction with Faculty and students of Sphoorthy Engg College
24th - 50th Webinar on Innovation
26th - Interaction of students and Faculty at Sphoorthy Engg College
27th - Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
27th - Student interaction at Osmania University engineering College
December, 2021
1st - Interaction with students of MVSR Engg College
1st - 51st Webinar on Innovationlu
3rd - Interaction with students of MVSR Engg College 
4th - Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
8th - 52nd Webinar on Innovationlu
11th -Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
15th -53rd Webinar on Innovationlu
18th -Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
22nd-54th Webinar on Innovationlu
25th-Raitu Sadassu @ Palle Srujana
29th - 55th Webinar on Innovationlu
Schedule of Chinna Shodha yatra during 2021 is as follows:
36th Chinna Shodha Yatra - 26-28 February, 2021
37th Chinna Shodha Yatra - 31 July-02 August, 2021
38th Chinna Shodha Yatra - 01-03 October, 2021
39th Chinna Shodha Yatra - 17-19 December, 2021


1020 Internees from MVSR Engg College during Aug-Sep 2020
60 Interns from TISS, Hyderabad
4 Interns from TISS, Hyderabad
2 Interns from IIIT, Basara