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Mr. G. Chandrashekar was born in a small village i.e., Karakollu in Andhra Pradesh. It is a remote area surrounded by hills and forests. He finished the primary education in Karakollu and High School Education in a town, which is 15 KM away from his village. He completed his Intermediate (Bi.PC) and Graduation (B.Com) in the town Srikalahasti. He is the elder son of Mr. Munciah Naidu and Mrs. Jayalakshmi. They are small farmers. They worked hard to improve the lives of their children. The money earned by them was not sufficient for the studies of their children.

As a child he was a keen observer and tried to analyze what he saw. He was very humble and with pleasant manners. Teachers believed that he is very intelligent and different from the other students. While pursuing graduation, he went to a library for the first time. In the library, the autobiographies of Scientists attracted him. He liked Thomas Alva Edison. He was impressed by his patience and strong desire to make the impossible things to possible by Science. “Jagadeesh Chandra Bose” is the role model of Chandra Shekar. After the completion of graduation, he believed that the problems of society can be solved by science and decided to invent solutions to the problems resulting in suffering to the people.

In the last 20 years, he showed immense interest in innovation and finding solutions to the problems of his villagers. He could impress many people of all ages by his speeches about the scientists. Some of the villagers are attracted by his speeches and joined with him. He formed a group in the village with those who believed that science and the nature can provide solutions to the problems around. He initiated a path to make his dreams into reality.

A small village lab was made in a hut in the village and this group used to meet frequently to discuss the solutions to various problems and the methodology of trials. They listed the pain points of the village. Priorotized them and started finding solutions. First on the list was the Mosquitoes which are biting and causing a lot of pain to the humans and animals. They believed that the natural problems have solutions in the nature. They searched for a plant which can work against mosquitoes. They spent almost three years to locate a clean plant in the nearby “Nallamala Forest” which was the solution to the mosquito problem. The leaf excreta added with coconut oil provided much need relief to the people and animals. This oil today is held by each villager and they use it intensely. They also found another herb which kills larvae instantly.

The group led by Chandrashekhar also found herbal solutions for many other ailments such as pain relief, curing ulcer, burns, blackening grey hair, anti fungal, Anti bacterial etc. These are very popular among the villagers in proximity. Other solutions he provided to the villagers are: a simple mechanism to stop the motor when there is no water in the canal/well, a poor man’s refrigerator, metal removal using herbs, pesticide and weedicide with herbs, solution for nematodes,

The news papers evaluated his experiments. Most of the people praised him a lot. All the people understood that these experiments are valuable. His invention Angel – H is used in every house of his village and also in surrounding villages. It is the real success achieved by him.

The support of family is not very encouraging as they were not aware of science. The people of his age were doing the jobs and earning money. He was leading life differently. Family members, relatives and society opposed him. Chandra Shekhar pursued his mission with devotion and passion to help the society. He felt that this is the best form of living with a sole objective of making the life of his fellow villagers better.

Nominated for the Award by Palle Srujana
President: Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM

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