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Creative Minds


 In pursuance of promoting grassroots innovations in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Honeybee AP – a virtual and voluntary organization conceived “Creative Minds”. The objective was to provide entrepreneurial support to the grassroots innovations which were not appealing to the business entrepreneurs. Lot of effort had gone to find entrepreneurs for many innovations which are needed by the society but due to low margins none of the business entrepreneurs came forward to commercialize them. With the aim of marketing those innovations which are otherwise not acceptable to the business entrepreneurs, Creative Minds was formed. Its role implies refining the product for market acceptance, carryout engineering, and Provide marketing opportunity and ensures sufficient financial support exists throughout the process of commercialization.

Creative Minds is a Partnership firm registered under the Company’s Act. It has two Mentors namely, Brig (Retd) P Ganesham, VSM and Sh J Durga Prasad. Both have adequate experience in the Industry. Other team is hired based on the need. Volunteers from various walks of life contribute to its functioning. To start with, Honeybee AP coordinators have contributed an amount of Rs two lakhs as corpus which is being used a working capital for the various activities undertaken by the company. Innovator gets 50 % of the profits and no salaries are drawn by the Mentors. The company is run frugally with minimum expenses leveraging the volunteers’ efforts and products are marketed. Since its inception in 2010, Creative Minds has marketed four products and more are in pipeline. Sri Tailam, Remote switching of fans and lights, Gas operated iron, Hyacinth cutting machine, Motor operated Cycle, Solar lights, Miniature Models are the products Creative Minds ventured to commercialize in the past 18 Months with mixed success.


Creative Minds in Mentor Role

·    Provide professional views on production, marketing, pricing, product improvement, regeneration of plants, community benefits.

·       Monitor the production and marketing activity.

·       Involve in capital expenditure.

·       Monitor sales and revenues.

·       Link with scientists for validations.

·       Advise on healthy financial habits and practices.

·       Familiarize them with legal aspects of entrepreneurship.

Creative Minds in Marketing Role

·       Enable transfer of technology on mutually agreed terms

·      Involve the Innovator in quality production of the product, if he so    

·       Refine, reengineer the product for marketability.

·       Market the product professionally.

·       Set up good production facility.

·       Involve as many innovators as possible in production, marketing and

·      Pay royalty to Innovator as agreed upon.

·     Profits to be shared with all innovators who are part of the Creative

·      Plough back reserves into working capital for scaling up the production or
     expanding the product variety.

·       Build a sustainable and social organization which could be a Role model to
     the entrepreneur sector.

 Creative Minds has a dream. They intend to set up a place near Hyderabad, where any grassroots innovator can walk in and having discussed his ideas, undertake the prototype and validate his concept. Logistic support to such innovators and providing technical, financial and advisory facilities will be that of Creative Minds. We want grassroots innovators to nurture their creativity with less pain and hardship.  We want facilitate realization of their concepts and support their desire to serve the society.  Resultant benefit would be an innovative society with an urge in the people to innovate more and more for the benefit of society. 

We are sure of realizing our dream sooner than later…….



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