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Mallesham Chintakindi, a weaver from Sharjipet village in Andhra Pradesh, has turned out to be a saviour for hundreds of weavers. Weavers making the traditional 'Tie & Dye' Pochampalli silk sarees used to undergo a painstaking process, moving their hands thousands of times in a day while weaving sarees. But not any more. Thanks to Mallesham's patented device to mechanise this process, hundreds of weavers in Andhra Pradesh now spend less time on making a variety of designs.


When he discontinued his education to take up the family tradition, his mother shared her pain and hardship in doing the asu process everyday. She used to complain to him about the pain in the shoulder and eye sight fading away. She also did not want his wife to go through the same ordeal through out the life. Mallesham was advised by her mother to pursue some other profession which does not demand such drudgery from women of the house.

This was the trigger for Mallesham to resolve for finding solution to his motherís problem sustaining the family tradition of weaving Pochampally silk sarees. He had the option to follow motherís advice and land up as labour as he does not have any skills or automate the asu process.


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