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Alladi Prabhakar

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AlladiPrabhakar is already well-known amongst the readers of Palle Srujana as an article on his experiments has already been published previously. He is passionate about experimenting and innovating useful products for the society, especially for the farmers. Prabhakar, who belongs to Metpally of JagityalaDistrict, has designed a new tool for removing weeds in crops. Till now, there was a small scythe for weeding plants which takes a long time to weed and also fails to serve its purpose when the weeds grow tall.
       To solve this problem, he has designed a tool with three stakes and attached a weeding sickle onto it due to which the farmers can remove any kind of weeds very comfortably. Even around the younger crops, this tool can remove the weeds withoutharming them. Palle Srujana named this innovation as “Weedlabour Mitra”.
      Recently, this tool has been displayed in an exhibition in Vijayawada in which Prabhakar sold all the 20 tools he brought to the exhibition and received 100 more orders from farmers who registered their names for the tool. This is a clear example that farmers found the tool extremely useful to their work.
          “Weed labour Mitra” costs Rs. 250/- and one can order this tool by contacting Palle Srujana’ office and Innovator AlladiPrabhakar (Mobile No:  94400 37475)


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